The link

September 30, 2003

Here’s that link I was referring to in the previous post. It’s got all the classic Flash animations out there: stick figure fighting, All Your Base, the Star Wars Rap, and the picture of the Indy car with the “bringgg-ding-ding-ding” sounds in the background. There’s more, so check ’em out. I recommend Pong, too. =)


Not quite dead yet

September 30, 2003

Yes, I’m still alive, and so’s the site. Sorry for the random downtime we’ve been having here, but the monkey’s were on strike, so the site goes down. What can you do? I had another rant all typed up and ready to enter, but due to some sort of black witchcraft, it went away and […]


Moving again

September 15, 2003

I sure seem to move a lot these past few years. However, this time it’s more for real, since this time I’m not just changing rooms in the dorms. I’ve got an apartment coming and I can move in perhaps as soon as October 3rd. This is very exciting for me, and I’m both impatient […]


Slow, slow day

September 5, 2003

Well, on the bright side I can say that all of us on the Toontown team here are very good at what we do. We’re consistently keeping the BugDB cleared of new messages and keeping the email queues empty. We’ve even managed to keep the requested name db empty, which considering it was up to […]


It’s September, but there’s no school

September 2, 2003

It’s September, but there’s no school. This is a new thing for me. As long as I can remember knowing the names of the months, September has always been synomonous with the beginning of a new year of school. The three summer months–June, July, and August–were always the seperation between one year and another; January […]