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The link

Tuesday, September 30th, 2003

Here’s that link I was referring to in the previous post. It’s got all the classic Flash animations out there: stick figure fighting, All Your Base, the Star Wars Rap, and the picture of the Indy car with the “bringgg-ding-ding-ding” sounds in the background. There’s more, so check ’em out. I recommend Pong, too. =)

Not quite dead yet

Tuesday, September 30th, 2003

Yes, I’m still alive, and so’s the site. Sorry for the random downtime we’ve been having here, but the monkey’s were on strike, so the site goes down. What can you do?

I had another rant all typed up and ready to enter, but due to some sort of black witchcraft, it went away and I just didn’t have the heart to type it all in again. I don’t even remember half of it now, but I’m sure it was really cool. I had a nifty link in it to for your enjoyment, but I don’t have it handy here at home (it’s at work), but I’ll post it when I can.

Work’s goin’ good. Keepin’ busy there doing the this and that. Not much to tell really. Go play Toontown if you haven’t already. See if you can figure out how to submit a bug report. If you do, chances are I’ll see it.

So yeah, I’m movin’ on Friday. Exciting that. I know a number of people said they’d help me move, and I’m totally feeling all warm and fuzzy by that. I’m not sure how many people I’ll need and what that will entail, but I’ll try to give some warning if I need ya. If I don’t contact you, don’t worry I still love ya, and count yourself lucky that you don’t have to haul my crap.

I’m spending the rest of my free time this week gathing my stuff together and getting it ready to move. I have a lotta crap, and I have the feeling I’ll be diving back and forth from here (mom’s place) to there (my place) a lot over the next few weeks as I remember things I need.

I got a red Swingling stapler at work today as a gift from Reg, our trainer for the Bug DB. It’s quite possibly the coolest piece of office equipment I’ve ever had. It’s made out of solid die-cast steel, not wimpy plastic like lesser staplers. This will be the last stapler I’ll ever own. Oh, and if you don’t get the significance of why it’s a cool gift, shame on you.

School started today, for those who care. Although some of you have alrady been going for a month now.

If I missed anyone is that last paragraph, let me know and I’ll add you.

Well, it’s 1:30 am, so I gotta get going–got work in the mornin’. I know I forgot to mention this or that, but I’ll try to get it next time.

Moving again

Monday, September 15th, 2003

I sure seem to move a lot these past few years. However, this time it’s more for real, since this time I’m not just changing rooms in the dorms. I’ve got an apartment coming and I can move in perhaps as soon as October 3rd. This is very exciting for me, and I’m both impatient and apprehensive about it. It’s kind of an experiment to see if I can live within my means. The first few months we’ll call an Experiment in Budgeting until I can figure out what it’s really gonna cost me out there in the Real World.

In other news… yeah, I dunno. Let’s just type fast. Uhh… last night I went to see Molly perform at the Actor’s Cabaret Eugene (ACE). She was great and so were most of the other comics. Good stuff, glad I went. After that we went to get food and I eventually ended up at home where I watched the Conan O’Brien 10th Aniversary Special. Good times. Other stuff… I’m gonna call Comcast at some point to schedule an appointment to hook up cable Internet access in my soon-to-be-home. I don’t wanna move there and then make the appointment, cuz then it’ll take longer. If I call now, I can have them there days after I get moved in. Problem is that cable guys work the same hours I do and someone has to be there when they do their thing. I may have to miss work. Girrr… My computer’s been acting up lately, and I’m not sure why. This bugs the hell out of me. I’m SMRT, damnit! I’ve got a freakin’ degree in COMPUTERS!!! Why am I such a dumbass sometimes. girrr… Oh well. No doubt I’ll get it worked out, but in the meantime I must feel less l33t. Oh, and speaking of football, Kimi got me and Megs tickets to the Duck game against Washington! w00t! Go Kimi! You rock hardcore! Good luck with RA training! Also about computers, I want a new video card (that card of mine has been causin’ problems for a while now), and a new hard drive. And while I’m at it, I wanna new clutch and a subwoofer w/ amp for my car. heh heh.

OK, that was fun. One last thing before I go: keep an eye on this site over the next few months, as it is likely to be MOVING soon! I can’t keep my CIS account forever, so it’s gonna go somewhere eventually. I’ll let you know where just as soon I get it there. I’ll have two mirrored for a bit, but eventually this place will cease to be.

Take care!

Slow, slow day

Friday, September 5th, 2003

Well, on the bright side I can say that all of us on the Toontown team here are very good at what we do. We’re consistently keeping the BugDB cleared of new messages and keeping the email queues empty. We’ve even managed to keep the requested name db empty, which considering it was up to 40,000 names up for review a week and a half ago, that’s pretty good. Bottom line is that we have nothing really to do right now, so I’m gonna write here. I hope that Disney steps up their ad campaign and does their big rollout thing that they’ve been planning soon, or we’ll become redundant around here.

In other news, no word on an apartment yet. I was looking at one place, but they don’t have any singles available right now, so I’m still looking. No time for that this weekend, though, as I’m going camping with Megs, Karen, and Emily. That should be cool–I love camping. We’re leaving in just a few hours to go out Hwy 58 to Oakridge. Karen says she knows a place a few miles from there. We bought food, junk food, beverages, and beer last night, so we’re all good to go. I just need to remember how to attach the car carrier to a vehicle so we have sufficient storage in/on Karen’s car, thus allowing us to take a single vehicle instead of two. Not much planned in the way of activities, but I plan to sleep, read, and do nothing for most of it. We’ll have a fire and be sleeping in tents (cabins and trailers are so not camping!) It’s not supposed to rain, but we should probably bring some tarps and twine anyways in case we need to create some kind of rain shelter like we did last time. This time we’re not going to be over a mile above sea level, so it hopefully won’t be so gosh darn cold.

Not much else to talk about. Been working all week and trying to sleep enough at night so I don’t die. Hopefully I’ll get a later shift soon, which would be wonderful! I am so not a morning person!

Still trying to decide whether or not to get cable internet access now. It costs $25 to move service, so if I get it at the house now I’ll have it sooner, but I’ll have to pay to move it when I get a new place. On the other hand, that might be a while and I’m an impatient man when it comes to 56k modems. I’ll keep you posted.

It’s September, but there’s no school

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003

It’s September, but there’s no school. This is a new thing for me. As long as I can remember knowing the names of the months, September has always been synomonous with the beginning of a new year of school. The three summer months–June, July, and August–were always the seperation between one year and another; January may be the start of the calendar year, but September was always the beginning of my year. But not anymore. To quote a good musical (again), “and now life really begins.” I keep hearing that in my head. Like, “so this is the rest of your life that you always knew would come.” Kinda weird, really, but also kinda comforting, like I’ve passed all the tests and I’ve made it now, so I can relax a bit and get down to it. Not sure what “it” is yet, but for now it’s my job, Monday thru Friday, eight to five.

Work’s going all right. The work itself isn’t bad and my coworkers aren’t bad–actually quite good, actually–but management has until today really bugged me. They still bug me to a point, but at least now I realize they’re trying. To quote another good quote, “I’m not even supposed to be here!” See, the Eugene office of ece wasn’t originally supposed to go live with the Disney tech support until the end of September, but due to some factors I’m not really sure of, we went live last week. So they’re sorta scrambling to figure out stuff including payroll. Before you worry, I am getting paid, but it’s not what I was originally told. At any rate, I shant being going into too many details here now, but the good folks at ece and Disney are really working hard to do right by us and things should be straightened out by the end of September one way or the other. I hope posting things like this won’t get me in trouble at work or anything. I doubt anyone there reads this page, but you never know. =) Did I mention they’re good people who work hard to do the right thing? Some of my coworkers are a little jadded by the past, but I’m certainly willing to trust first and see how it goes. I don’t want to be bitter.

Shifting topics drastically, tonight I went and hung out at Peter’s place with Megs where we watched The OC on FOX. It’s a new teen drama, but I really like it for some reason. I’ve only seen the pilot and tonight’s episode, but I like the characters. It’s fun. The guys there at Peter’s were playing Magic cards, for those of you who recall what those are. They still exist and they still make ’em! Who knew? Before anyone asks, yes I still have some of mine, and no they’re not worth much of anything now. Still, I should play again sometime… 😉

This weekend Megs and I are planning on going camping with Karen and Emily. I haven’t been camping since going to the SCA event, Egils, with Kim and Co. last May. I so love camping. It’s gonna be great. I’ll try to take some pictures like last time. Come to think of it, I don’t know that I’ve posted more pics since LAST YEAR when we went camping! *sigh* Just wait ’til I get some more ‘net space… Oh, and I did I mention I plan on getting an apartment really soon? I think I’ve just made up my mind. Let’s see how often my folks still check this… 😉