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Gah! Bwah! Girrr… Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2003

So that sorta sums it up. I’m at work. There’s a few little tasks here and there I could do, but I just can’t gear myself up for it, so here I am. Matthew’s on the road on the way home for Thanksgiving weekend, so he should be getting up here in a few hours. He’ll be staying at my place, so if you’re looking for him he may be there or at mom’s.

Let’s lay out the next few days for me. Tonight I’m going to see mom play flute in a concert and see grandma, grandpa, and later on Matthew. Tomorrow I’m going into Mortier Engineering to do some work there for a few hours before I go do a half day at work from 15:00 to 19:00. After that I don’t know what’s up exactly. There’s no West Wing on this week, but there is always Enterprise and The O.C. Yes, that’s right, I watch The O.C. I don’t know why, but I like it. I think it’s the enjoyable characters. I can predict the plot pretty acurately as we go along, so it can’t be that.

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, and I intend to spend the majority of it at mom’s place hanging out with family (mom, Matt, Kim, grandparents) and Megs. Lots of food and all that. I wanna play Nintendo with the sibs, too. Kim and I had a Super Mario World game going and I wanna see how long it takes Matt and I to beat Donkey Kong Country. I’ll keep you posted.

Friday I’m working. It’s a paid holiday, so I get double-time, so yeah! I’m there! I’m working Sunday, too, but at least I get Saturday off. This will make 40 hours of actual worked time this week plus two days of holiday pay. This should help with the ol’ camshaft problem. It’s only money…

Saturday, I’m going to be over at dad and Estelle’s place to have more turkey goodness over there. Not sure what (if any) activities are planned, but lounging in front of the fireplace may be sufficient. =)

So yeah, busy weekend. If I don’t post until next week, that’s why. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A couple of changes

Sunday, November 23rd, 2003

I’ve made a couple of changes to the site, but it’s new and fairly untested, so consider it in “beta”. Feel free to comment on the color changes, although I’d point out that the new color scheme was largely influenced by Kimi’s input. Also, I made a change to the comments page to make it so the input box always shows up, regardless of how you got there. This was just a quick hack, so it’s kinda buggy. After posting a comment, your post shows up in the input box with a lot of newline characters (\n’s), so just ignore that for the time being until I deal with it. I also changed some minor cosmetic effects here and there.

Anyways, life’s all right. Had to work on Sunday, which sucked cuz I was tired. I was tired cuz I was at Char and David’s place late the night before for a LAN party, which was fun and cool. Lots of people there including Megs. We all had fun playing Counter-Strike and Unreal Tourneyment. We also watched Office Space, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc, The Princess Bride, and Big Trouble in Little China. Quality films, all. We also had BBQ and beer, which was splendid. I took some pictures, and I’ll get ’em posted as soon as I get a working thumbnail generator. I’m waiting on the last of the UK pics for that because I am not going to create close to 80 thumbnails manually. I also have to resize the (big) pics, too. Ugh. So yeah, soon.

Like I mentioned, I’m tired, so I’m going to go to bed now. Have fun and drop a line about the site changes. List any comments on the design changes, and feel free to point out any bugs aside from the one I already mentioned. Cheers!

I still hate cars, but slightly less

Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

Well, my car’s fixed now. Broken camshaft. If you don’t know what that is, it’s more than $600. If you want to know how it works, check out this link on How Stuff Works. This is possibly the coolest site I’ve seen on the ‘net in quite a while. It explains how a lot of stuff works in easy-to-understand detail, and not just machines like cars. Cars, money, people, health, entertainment, etc. Very cool. I could just spend hours there learning how stuff works.

In other news, Megs and I just saw The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Extended Edition on DVD. Very cool. We just watched the feature, not any of the extras. I’m not sure if next we will see some of the bonus features on discs three and four, or watch the feature again with some kind of audio commentary. I really liked the cast commentary on Fellowship, so I’m looking forward to it.

Oh, and get this–IT FREAKIN’ SNOWED IN EUGENE TODAY!!! It’s been a while since this kind of meterological event has occured around here so it was quite the scene at work. Most of the office went outside for at least a little while this afternoon while it was going on. Most of the snow gone by now, but it’s supposed to continue to be cold this week so perhaps we will get more. The clouds are still here. =)

Well, I think that’s it. If you love me and more importantly if you love my car, you’ll send money! 😉 Take care!

I hate cars so much

Sunday, November 16th, 2003

Just a thought. I really hate cars. Contrary to popular belief, even.

So yeah, my car broke down. Again. Last night I was driving to go take Kim back to campus, and it just suddenly lost all power and shut down. I was barely able to coast to the side of the road on W. 18th Ave in front of Churchhill High School. I tried to restart it and it was sorta like “whirrr-rrr-rrrrrr-phub-phub-phub-phubphubphub-phub-phub”-nothing. Never seen/heard a car do that before. Leave to “Ol’ Reliable” to be unique. Anyways, had it towed to the shop and there it shall sit until Monday when I get the bad news. I just hope it’s under 4 digits this time.

So yeah, that’s really bringing me down a lot. Not knowing is the real kicker. Could be anything from something simple, i.e. free, to something major, i.e. car = totaled. So this has me majorly stressed out. Mom came and rescued me last night from the road and drove me home after the tow truck got the car. Had dinner with mom and watched TV, which was nice. Thanks again, mom! After mom took me back to my place, I played Counter-Strike a lot longer than I should have, but I felt a bit better after that. May have something to do with the glass of Scotch I fixed myself to go with it, but I needed to blow some steam. So yeah, played too late so I was totally dead and useless at work this morning for the first hour or two. Luckily I only work a half day today so I can go home and sleep in a little bit. Problem is I’m not tired anymore. Go figure. I wanna sleep today, cuz it’s better than sitting around with time to think and worry. I hate cars.

In other news… I forget. Oh! That’s right! I got a new hard drive. BEFORE the car died, mind you. About an hour before. Given my luck, I would make a semi-major purchase right before an unexpected major cost. Wasn’t that much, though, so I’m not too worrired. $139 gets me a 120GB Hitachi Deskstar HDD, so it’s all good. I’ve now tripled my storage capacity at home, which is a good thing–I was down to 600MB the other night, so it was time. I’m glad I bought it, actually, because it’s something happy for me to shift my thoughts to when I start worrying about that damn car of mine. I’ve already transferred over all my mp3s and various video clips (~20GB), so my primary drive (60GB) has some breathing room again. The new drive has a LOT of breathing room still. Just in time for a LAN party I’m going to this coming weekend. I always manage to aquire more stuff to fill the drives at LAN parties, so this makes the space. I need a good LAN party so bad.

Well, I think that’s it for me for today. I hate cars.

Moving around and making a living

Wednesday, November 12th, 2003

There’s been some buzz at work about a new position as a Senior Lead for our little Disney group. I’m not qualified for it, having never been on phones, but it got me thinking about where I’m going. I’ve only been working here for about three months now, so I feel safe in staying where I am in my “paying the bills” job for a while longer now, but for how long? I certainly don’t want to be doing this forever, and I don’t think anyone here expects me to. The work is minimally challenging, but it’s better than fast food and it pays all right for what I do. I still want a job where I get some freedom to do some more free thinking and actually create something. I just start thinking about coding, working on a project, and I get all excited. This web site is a fun distraction for me to code on, but by the end of the day after 8 hours in a wedgical I don’t really feel like sitting in front of a computer and putting serious energy into anything. The best I can manage is a little mindless gaming. I want to be stimulated and excited about work, and with things so slow here (I can update my blog, I’ve got that much downtime) it’s not that exciting.

There’s things to do here, so yeah, technically I shouldn’t be doing the blogging right now, but it’s those trained monkey tasks that I can’t stand. From what little time I’ve spent in the workforce, I’ve learned that a lot of jobs have this “busywork” concept to maximize employee time when the real work gets lean. The “real work” is the only part of the this job that’s challenging, so it’s too bad there’s so little of it. I don’t mean to bash the job–it’s not bad for a first job outta college–but I just don’t want to be doing it forever. The work environment is great, I really enjoy my coworkers, and the dress is fairly casual. I feel appreciated here, even if underutilized. I guess I’m just not sure how hard I should be looking for something more.

I think that’s it for today. Oh, before I forget, there’s a new survey up, and it’s all KELLY’S IDEA! Also, I’ve been told I should come up with some kind of Christmas list for folks, especially since I have a brand new apartment lacking in some key items like a vacuum cleaner and such. I’ll try to get to that sometime in the next week or so.


Monday, November 10th, 2003

anage to beat the audience over the head with Christian imagery for the last half hour of the film, but that got old real quick. I didn’t much care for most of the fights with Neo, however. When Neo is fighting Agent Smith, it felt like I was watching a DragonBallZ episode:

Badass1: I am a large powerful person with amazingly impressive moves, prepare to die!
Badass2: I am also a large powerful person with amazingly impressive moves! This will rock hardcore!
Badass1: You die!
Badass2: Bwarrr!!!

And then they proceed to one-up each other back and forth with Ultimate Power moves in the sky. OK, I just forgot if I was still talking about DragonBall, or if I’d gone back to Matrix: Revolutions. Eh, doesn’t matter. The dude on the ship with the Agent Smith impression was pretty cool, though.”

Wow, go survey go

Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

Well, it seems that you were all just dying for a survey. I had no idea. I’ll post the other survey suggestion in a few days.

This post is largely to take up space so that one post doesn’t look so lonely there up by itself, howeve I suppose I could talk about something so it’s not a total bust. Today is one of my random days off. Since I work some weekend days, I have to not work some days to make it come out to be 40 hours per week. This week, since I worked last Sunday and I’m working this Saturday, I’m not working today (Wednesday) and Friday. I’ve discovered a downside to this mode of scheduling and I’ll tell you why. See, with a normal Monday thru Friday kinda job, you get Saturday and Sunday off automatically, both back to back. So, if you take Monday or Friday off (time off without pay is an option at work) you get a nice three-day weekend. I DON’T HAVE THIS OPTION! I rarely get two days off in a row, so this kinda blows for me if I wanna take a quick jaunt off somewhere like Cali for a couple days. I have to schedule my “weekend” so it’s two days off in a row, and THEN I have to make sure I can take ANOTHER day off. It makes it sound like I’m asking them for a favor, when it’s really just asking for one day off.

Of course, on this flip side of this, if I can get my “weekend” to stradle two pay periods, I can get more than two days off in a row without having to resort to Time Off Without Pay. My pay period is Sunday thru Saturday, so for instance I take off Friday and Saturday in week 1, and Sunday and Monday in week 2, that’s four days in a row off with no missed time on the paysheet. I just have to work ALL the other days in those two weeks.

Hmm… upon further reflection my situation is not quite as bad as it first seemed. It’s still a pain in the ass because for most situations it’s uncommon to get two days or more off in a row, but it does leave it open for those special cases when I gotta go somewhere. Eh. I’ll make it work as much as I can.

Oh my. A survey.

Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

Well, well, well… it’s been recently brought to my attention that the survey section of this page has been lacking lately, so we bring you A NEW SURVEY! Go nuts.

In other news, work is slow, bills suck, I need more bread, and I stay up too late. Ciao!