Gah! Bwah! Girrr… Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2003

So that sorta sums it up. I’m at work. There’s a few little tasks here and there I could do, but I just can’t gear myself up for it, so here I am. Matthew’s on the road on the way home for Thanksgiving weekend, so he should be getting up here in a few hours. […]


A couple of changes

November 23, 2003

I’ve made a couple of changes to the site, but it’s new and fairly untested, so consider it in “beta”. Feel free to comment on the color changes, although I’d point out that the new color scheme was largely influenced by Kimi’s input. Also, I made a change to the comments page to make it […]


I still hate cars, but slightly less

November 19, 2003

Well, my car’s fixed now. Broken camshaft. If you don’t know what that is, it’s more than $600. If you want to know how it works, check out this link on How Stuff Works. This is possibly the coolest site I’ve seen on the ‘net in quite a while. It explains how a lot of […]


I hate cars so much

November 16, 2003

Just a thought. I really hate cars. Contrary to popular belief, even. So yeah, my car broke down. Again. Last night I was driving to go take Kim back to campus, and it just suddenly lost all power and shut down. I was barely able to coast to the side of the road on W. […]


Moving around and making a living

November 12, 2003

There’s been some buzz at work about a new position as a Senior Lead for our little Disney group. I’m not qualified for it, having never been on phones, but it got me thinking about where I’m going. I’ve only been working here for about three months now, so I feel safe in staying where […]



November 10, 2003

anage to beat the audience over the head with Christian imagery for the last half hour of the film, but that got old real quick. I didn’t much care for most of the fights with Neo, however. When Neo is fighting Agent Smith, it felt like I was watching a DragonBallZ episode: Badass1: I am […]


Wow, go survey go

November 5, 2003

Well, it seems that you were all just dying for a survey. I had no idea. I’ll post the other survey suggestion in a few days. This post is largely to take up space so that one post doesn’t look so lonely there up by itself, howeve I suppose I could talk about something so […]


Oh my. A survey.

November 4, 2003

Well, well, well… it’s been recently brought to my attention that the survey section of this page has been lacking lately, so we bring you A NEW SURVEY! Go nuts. In other news, work is slow, bills suck, I need more bread, and I stay up too late. Ciao!