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anage to beat the audience over the head with Christian imagery for the last half hour of the film, but that got old real quick. I didn’t much care for most of the fights with Neo, however. When Neo is fighting Agent Smith, it felt like I was watching a DragonBallZ episode:

Badass1: I am a large powerful person with amazingly impressive moves, prepare to die!
Badass2: I am also a large powerful person with amazingly impressive moves! This will rock hardcore!
Badass1: You die!
Badass2: Bwarrr!!!

And then they proceed to one-up each other back and forth with Ultimate Power moves in the sky. OK, I just forgot if I was still talking about DragonBall, or if I’d gone back to Matrix: Revolutions. Eh, doesn’t matter. The dude on the ship with the Agent Smith impression was pretty cool, though.”

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