Gah! Bwah! Girrr… Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2003

So that sorta sums it up. I’m at work. There’s a few little tasks here and there I could do, but I just can’t gear myself up for it, so here I am. Matthew’s on the road on the way home for Thanksgiving weekend, so he should be getting up here in a few hours. He’ll be staying at my place, so if you’re looking for him he may be there or at mom’s.

Let’s lay out the next few days for me. Tonight I’m going to see mom play flute in a concert and see grandma, grandpa, and later on Matthew. Tomorrow I’m going into Mortier Engineering to do some work there for a few hours before I go do a half day at work from 15:00 to 19:00. After that I don’t know what’s up exactly. There’s no West Wing on this week, but there is always Enterprise and The O.C. Yes, that’s right, I watch The O.C. I don’t know why, but I like it. I think it’s the enjoyable characters. I can predict the plot pretty acurately as we go along, so it can’t be that.

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, and I intend to spend the majority of it at mom’s place hanging out with family (mom, Matt, Kim, grandparents) and Megs. Lots of food and all that. I wanna play Nintendo with the sibs, too. Kim and I had a Super Mario World game going and I wanna see how long it takes Matt and I to beat Donkey Kong Country. I’ll keep you posted.

Friday I’m working. It’s a paid holiday, so I get double-time, so yeah! I’m there! I’m working Sunday, too, but at least I get Saturday off. This will make 40 hours of actual worked time this week plus two days of holiday pay. This should help with the ol’ camshaft problem. It’s only money…

Saturday, I’m going to be over at dad and Estelle’s place to have more turkey goodness over there. Not sure what (if any) activities are planned, but lounging in front of the fireplace may be sufficient. =)

So yeah, busy weekend. If I don’t post until next week, that’s why. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!