Oh my. A survey.

November 4, 2003

Well, well, well… it’s been recently brought to my attention that the survey section of this page has been lacking lately, so we bring you A NEW SURVEY! Go nuts.

In other news, work is slow, bills suck, I need more bread, and I stay up too late. Ciao!

7 Responses to “Oh my. A survey.”

  1. Ah ha. So you vote for all of them once then? Crafty.
    Gotta get back to the homework grind. Bah!

  2. For those of you uncool enough to have missed MY survey suggestion, check the last news post in October, down in the archives.


  3. Chris, dude, your post counter thing seems to be busted. I posted on this rant, but it still says there’s only one post and that Annie is the last that posted. What’s the deal?


  4. Oh sure…It fixes itself just AFTER I post a note complaining about it. Very clever…

  5. Nice survery! But I like sleep a lot, sleep is my friend. Unfortunately, sleep is a friend I would like to become better aquainted with.

  6. Gus: Hehehee, I liked your survey better! 😀

  7. Gus’ survey will be next, no worries. Give this one a few days.

    -= Chris

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