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New webserver!

Wednesday, December 31st, 2003

Long and the short of it, I’ve got a new webserver of my very own! It’s made from old parts and it’s running Linux on an AMD K6-2 400MHz with 128MB of RAM, and a 1.6GB hard drive. It’s sitting here on my desk right next to my big computer and it’s name is “Spyder”. I’ve got a picture if you wanna see. I’ve been trying to get the hardware working for the past week or two and tonight I did the software install. I installed the OS, got the web server working, and then the database. That took a bit and there were some hitches involving database keys and timezones. Very weird stuff. Anyways, this thing is running out of my living room so we’ll see how that goes. On the plus side, I now have quite a lot more disk space than I used to. Problem is that I’m not sure how static this IP address is and I have no permanent DNS entry. I was wondering if my pal Bill had any advice on this.

Well, that was nice and technical. Hope it all works out. In other news, we had a LAN party over in the good ol’ UO dorms and it was totally sweet. The word to descibe the Starcraft game was “Epic”. It lasted about 3 hours or something. Very cool. I’ve got some pics of the event and I’ll post here again when I get ’em up. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and Kim’s thowing a party over at dad and Estelle’s place, so that should be fun. A good portion of my readership will be there, so I’ll try to get some pics of y’all and post ’em here so everyone can see themselves. =)

That’s all from me! Enjoy the snow, Eugene!!! (Yeah, it snowed. Talk about burying the lead!)