Christmas tidings!

Ho, ho, ho! It’s December now, so I can cope with all the decorations I see about town, some of which have been up since October. At anyrate, I’ve got a couple of holiday-related announcements to make, and this seemed the obvious location to do so.

First off, is my Christmas List. People have been bugging me about this, so here it is. There are a few links in there for easy online ordering. ^_^ Also, I know a lot of you don’t know where Megan’s new web site is, so there’s that, and for quicker access, here is a direct link to Megan’s Christmas List in case anyone requires that information. I should point out that Megs’ web site is in an early draft mode, so rest assured that it will look much cooler in the future.

Lastly, I’ve actually got the next THREE weeks figured out for my schedule here at work in case anyone wants to know where I am and what days I have off.

All right, I think that’s it for now. Oh, and lastly if anyone’s interested in a kick-ass LAN party over the break, leave a note in the comments here. It’s gonna be so schw33t!

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  1. Kimi says:

    Heh,heh… yeah… someone’s gonna have to talk to Drew about that LAN party, huh?… ^_^;;
    First post!

  2. Gus says:

    lurk lurk lurk

  3. Annie says:

    Hey there kids,
    Anybody got a reason to be in Portland sometime between the 19th and the 21st? Because Iso and I need a ride from P-town to good ol’ Eugene for Christmas Break- I can’t take Iso on the greyhound unless I can convince them she is a seeing-eye cat. I can chip in for gas money even! Can somebody come rescue me?? *sad Annie face*

  4. Annie says:

    Oh yes, and as many of you may recall, Iso is incredibly cute and as good as gold while riding in cars. Not that I can really say the same for myself.. Mwahahaha- uh, wait. Sad Face! Saaaaaddd Faaace!

  5. Lainie says:

    I know that sad face! It is very sad! Very sad indeed!

    If someone wanted to come up to get Annie and overnight and go to Powells or something I could arrange crash space here at Chez Wanda. So long as you can tolerate cats…

  6. Laura says:

    I’ll ask the family about borrowing the car for day in question. There’s also something of a rave/house marathon in good-‘ol downtown P-town on the 20th; am interested in going so long as cover charge is very cheap or non-extant. I’ll try to look back online within the next couple of days, but try not to depend on me, as I am not very dependable. I still luvs ya, though, even if I forget to check back online occasionally.

  7. Annie says:

    Call me up! Do you have my number?
    Also I don’t have an answering machine. So if I’m not there then I’m really not there..

  8. Laura says:

    Should be fine to come and get you. What day would you prefer to leave? I also need a map of how to get to Wanda’s place. If I have the address I can put it through map-quest and find it there. Want to do a bit of exploring while I’m up? I don’t usually get a chance to wander around Portland; would like to do so. I’m not sure if I have your number, so post it here. Bye!!!

  9. Annie says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much Laura!
    I told my Dad I’d be there on the 20th. Which gives me a day to spend in Portland (the 19th, in case anybody is like me and can’t count), since I’ll be pulling in across the Columbia late night on the 18th.
    Email me or phone for the addy and/or directions. And my number, so that all the cute boys can call me, is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Bleah!

    Oh meester webdude Chris, I’d like to put in a whiny suggestion, if I may..
    I want the forum back. Wah! I miss it so. And it was a more private venue for this sort of thing anyway.
    Damn it, why won’t the whole world run at my convenience? I shake my fist! *shaking fist*
    And why is it that I will check this website every chance I get, but I’ll only check my email if I durn well feel like it?

  10. Chris says:

    First of all, thanks for the complement on the web site. I’m so popular, yay!
    Secondly, I’d recommend against posting your phone number on a public Internet site, such as this. Granted no one more than a dozen or so of my friends read this site, but anyone *can*. After Laura gets the information she needs, I’ll delete that comment.
    Lastly, guess what? I was working on a new forum last night. =) I’ll keep y’all posted on how that comes.

    -= Chris

  11. Annie says:

    Excellent.. *tents fingers*
    Thanks! Someone will give you a headsup when we’ve established contact.

  12. Laura says:

    Hi Annie, just got the message. Will call you tomorrow (being Sunday)about directions and arrangements. Merry Christmas! BTW, does anybody here know of anybody that has tickets to the 12:10 showing of ROTK as opposed to the 12:05? I was planning on getting there several hours before my little sister (like 6pm) to do the waiting in line thing, but then I realized I wouldn’t have company, and now am looking for people I will have a good chance of knowing in that particular line, as all the official waiting in line festivities will be across the hall and 5 minutes ahead of us lowely non-first showing folk…, am I a geek.

  13. Annie says:

    Contact is established! My great invasion plans are now approaching full fruition! Mwahahaha!

  14. Annie says:

    Hey, now my number is x-rated! Hahaha!

    Also this doozy I thought up the other day..

    What’s happened when bean paste makes a tragic end?

    Hummus Hubris!

    Oh, I just slay me..

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