My Paycheck is in Memphis

So yeah, as the headline suggests, I didn’t get paid today as I had hoped. Due to poor weather our paychecks are in Memphis, because our head office is in Texas and that’s where the checks are printed. Stupid FedEx and their lack of transporters.

So yeah, lots of chatter on my previous post. Nothing about what I wanted people to chat about (the LAN party), but that’s OK because plans have changed some. It seems that Carson Hall is going to be closed over the break, so we cannot use the Blue Room to host our little party. I’m going to try to secure another room over there, but if I cannot we’ll need a new place to play. The requirements are it must be a large space capable of holding close to 20 computers for network play, it should have a fast Internet connection, and it should be a place that we won’t get in trouble for sleeping at, i.e. large classrooms probably won’t work due to the overnight factor. If nothing else, dad has graciously offered his bonus room for our use, but it may not be big enough for the ammount of people I’d like to have. So, if anyone out there has a good space, lemme know.

In other news, things are happening in my life to force me to think of the future, so this is kinda shaking things up. I can’t really go into details here for job security reasons, but suffice it to say I’m working on things.

Lastly, I’ve started work on the forum. Right now it does nothing, but it’s a nice start on a nice skeleton. It’s all still test code and such right now, but I’ve got ideas and as soon as I get some more time, I’m gonna keep working on it.

5 Responses to “My Paycheck is in Memphis”

  1. Laura says:

    Woo! First Post!

  2. Gwang says:

    Yay! Second Post!

  3. Matt says:

    Still no comments about the LAN party? Whats up with that?
    Of course I can’t help with the location thing as I have no connections in that state, but I’d like to voice my support.
    That, and 20 people! That would be awsome!


  4. Kelly says:

    I think we should decorate the room we get blue so we can still call it Blue LAN 2.

  5. Bill says:

    Fifth Post!

    (you see how this is silly?)

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