Oh boy! New month AND new stuff!

Well, I’ve just spent the last three hours adding more content to this silly old page of mine. I’ve got the last batch of pics from the uk, some pics of my apartment, and some pics I took whilst camping with Megs, Karen and Emily last summer. It took a while to get all those up there, and they’re probably gonna be it for a while, since I’m about out of disk quota on my server. Enjoy!

As you may recall, my camshaft broke recently, so I’ve posted a ChrisCam shot along those lines. They let me keep my old camshaft.

And lastly but not leastly, I’ve come up with yet another survey, this time all on my own. I know it’s tempting, but I want you all to please answer this one honestly. I’m genuinely curious where my readership is, so I don’t want anyone to answer “E” unless they are genuinely out of the country.

That’s all from me for now. Take care everyone!

6 Responses to “Oh boy! New month AND new stuff!”

  1. laura says:

    W00! First post, although not first to do survey. Hmm, we have lurkers….
    Now must sleep….

  2. Matt says:

    Who you callin’ a lurker?


  3. Kelly says:


    *lurk lurk lurk*

  4. Dad says:

    Nice work on the pictures and captions!

    I sure wish I had a digital camera too… 😉

    Cheers from another lurker.


  5. Lainie says:

    One word. VOLVO. Yeah, it’s a Swedish tractor. But the little box I drive is amazing. 300k+ miles on her and still going strong. 30mpg (diesel). And crash protection like nobody’s business. Look for a used one- mid 80s are the sturdiest and if you can find a diesel grab it.

    This crass commercial announcement was not paid for by Volvo, but if they want to send me a clamshell I wouldn’t turn it down…

  6. Megs says:

    I’ve been eyeing Volvos a lot lately. Especially ones with turbo engines. Of course, I’ve also been eyeing BMWs, Hondas, Subarus, Jeeps…pretty much anything with wheels really…

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