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I Just Wanna Write Something

Saturday, January 31st, 2004

Like the headline says, I just feel like writing something here. I didn’t really have much to say, but it’s near the end of my shift here at work and I’ve just cleared out the database. I suppose I could jump into the email end of things and start sending out messages, but since I’m leaving in 15 minutes, I really don’t wanna get into that.

I haven’t really be up to much worth going into here recently, so you can breathe easy–I won’t be going into excruciating detail on the day-to-day activities that have made up the past few days. Just let it be that there have been good times (not at work) and bad times (ugh).

Problem with posting on the 31st of January here is that as soon as I post another article after today the page will switch over to February and this one will get buried. Not as many folks drop by here on the weekends so I should wait until at least Monday or Tuesday before I post again. Hopefully I’ll have some new forum news to post about by then. 😉

Gotta Change Something

Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

Well, call it stealing from Matt, but I like the white background for the text. It needed it, I think. We here at ChrisWeb are always embracing change. Oh, and speaking of change, some Mudd-y Monkies out there better hop to it soon, or the next rant may just have a link some someone’s database of cheeses. You know who you are… Same for you, stepping-wolf-guy. I’m not going to allow my MySQL/PHP lessons and sacrifice of monitor (coincidence, I know) to be squandered!

Anyways, I’m looking to add something cooler soon. How soon will depend on how motivated I feel. We’ll see. Oh, and Kim, if you can find someway to find me I’ll lend you an old CPU to test out your motherboard and figure out where the problem is. Remind me sometime.

See? Shorter than last time! Ciao!

Half an Hour to Kill

Sunday, January 25th, 2004

Well, it’s 16:30 on a Sunday afternoon. I have no idea what the weather is like outside because I’m still in the freaking basement here at work. It’s been a fairly slow day here so I have time to update the world on whatever I feel like here on this page.

I had a very good weekend, which for me was Friday and Saturday. Friday I met Megs, Mindi, Cindy, and Lisa for lunch over on campus and that was nice. I haven’t eaten at Common Grounds in some time, and it appears to have changed little since I left. After lunch, I took Megs to work and then tried to fix some stuff on my car. Tried is the operative word. Here is a list of the things I wanted to try to deal with: noisy bumpy-rattle comming from the back right wheel well area, inoperative right fog lamp, check on spark plugs, and go by Cluch Doctors and check on whirring sound coming from the transmission/clutch area. On the way to mom’s garage, I also noticed my windshield wipers were making noise, and not in the usual rubber on glass kinda way the wipers have. This was coming from inside the mechanism itself. Anyways, first I tried to figure out why the fog lamp wasn’t working, and failed. It looked fine, but I’m not sure it was even getting power to the leads. I need a new volt meter–mine’s busted. Consider that on the birthday list. I took the inside plastic panel off of the wheel well bump in the back of the car, and found the steel inner chasis, which didn’t lead to anything obvious, much less anything that could bump around. I can only deduce that the noise is coming from between the under chasis and the inner chasis. I need to find a hoist to check under the car sometime. So, strike two there. I tried pulling the spark plugs, but I couldn’t find the spark plug socket in the garage, and the little hand-twist one for the roto-tiller didn’t work. I couldn’t get enough leverage on it and it wasn’t long enough to put a big handle on it. And of course after all of this, I didn’t get by the Clutch Doctors. Four strikes for four original goals.

However, I did have this new project of the squeaky wipers, and after a hefty amoung of WD-40 sprayed into the linkage area, no more squeaks. Victory for Chris! Only drawback to this is that the wiper linkage is in the same compartment as the intake vents for the circulation system, so the inside of my car smelled like WD-40 for a couple days. A small pice to pay for VICTORY!! Oh, and while I was working in the back of my car, I remembered that I wanted to replace the light above my rear license plate. I didn’t have the proper tools at my place when I tried before at my apartment, but I was sucessful at mom’s place. Huzahh! VICTORY NUMBER THE SECOND!!

That night (still Friday) I went by Les Schwab’s to see if I could get my tires rotated and in the process have a look under my car to see if I could determine what was causing that noise. I failed on both counts. Apparently my front tires are legally bald and rotating them with the back tires would just ruin my back tires quicker, since they are also nearly dead. So, no rotating. I can’t afford new tires for the time being, so that along with new rear brakes will have to wait. They only lifted the car about a foot off the ground, so I didn’t get a good look under it either.

After the defeat at Schwabby’s, I went across the street to the parts place to get a new spark plug socket. Two bucks well spent. Just try to get a spark plug out without it.

That night I went to dinner and a movie with Megs, Kimi, and Jamie, one of Kim’s co-workers. The dinner was Applebee’s and the movie was The Last Samurai. Good flick. A bunch of my co-workers were at the showing as well, so we all had a good time making up the majority of the theater.

Saturday I slept a long time. That was great. In the evening I went over to mom’s place with Kim and Megs and we had some good food and watched some TV that mom had taped earlier in the week. I also managed to borrow the socket ratchet and checked on my spark plugs. Yup. Gotta get some of those. Good thing they’re cheap.

So now it’s Sunday, and I managed to run back out to the auto parts store and get some spark plugs, having purchased a new spark plug socket Friday night. I swapped them out during my lunch break and my brief test of the car sounded good. It was idling a little rough before. This should be better.

Tonight I’m goin’ to mom’s again for dinner and whatnot, and Megs is going to be hanging out with her aunt who is visiting from out of town.

Wow. I haven’t written a lengthy, detailed, and boring one like that in a long time. Sorry ’bout that. Glad you made it this far. You win… my undying gratitude. It’s now 16:53. Beep!!

Great Line

Saturday, January 24th, 2004

“It’s like they made a huge cowboy hat with three holes in it in case a triceratops might want to wear it.”

It’s cool metaphors like this that make me read Tycho’s rants in Penny Arcade.

Badger, badger, badger

Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

I just got this link from Kelly’s side of Kimi’s page, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, it’s one of the oddest things I’ve seen on the net recently. I’m not sure if it’s cool or not, really. Some odd things on the net are considered “cool” for at least a little while–All Your Base Are Belong to Us, for example–but this… I dunno. It has potential.

Tomorrow is my day off! Yay! I get Saturday, too, which is cool. Tomorrow I’m gonna try to meet some friends for lunch, fix a couple of things on my car, and pay a visit to my bank and my mechanic. Fun fun. Oh, and speaking of my bank, I’ve set up auto-pay on my student loans. I’m somehow excited about this. See how fiscally responsible I am! ^.^

New peoples

Monday, January 19th, 2004

My brother, Matt, finally has something up here worth showing off. He’s got the beginnnings of a new blog of his own. There’s not comments yet, and the date looks all wiggity-wack, but it’s something. I figure linking him would put some undue pressure on his creative talents, so I said why not? He can be found on this server by clicking here.

This LAN is My LAN

Sunday, January 18th, 2004

Over the past few days I’ve been to two different mini-LAN parties. The first was at dad & Estelle’s place with Matt, Jacques, Molly and Megan. We played Command & Conquer: Generals for the most part. Cool game, it’s sort of like Starcraft, but less complicated. It’s also not in space. Still, we had a good time with that one. Up far too late, but I didn’t have work the next day, so it’s all good. This was our last chance for a LAN-tastic time before Matt and Jacques go back to their respective respectible schools in California.

Last night, however, was a completely different group of people over at Char and David’s place. We played Unreal Tourneyment (original, not 2003) for the most part and again a good time was had by all. A lotta people there and we had BBQ burgers and chicken-ka-bobs. I should have left two hours before I did because I had work today and I’ve been tired for most of it. I didn’t wanna go, though, cuz it was a good group of people and we were having fun.

I feel like ranting and raving about something, if for no other purpose than to get folks chatting here again. Problem is I can’t think of anything at the moment that I really want to vent on. I could bring up the discussion that Megs and I were having the other night about customers being poorly trained, I suppose. The thing is, if you’re a good pleasant person who follows the rules, you end up getting screwed on the customer service issue. Rules like, “No Returns” or “No Refunds” are only a first line of defence to keep the nice people from dealing with us in the retail and service industries. It’s the loud, obnoxious, and abusive people who make the most noise who end up getting the free stuff just to get them to go away. Is this right? Definately not. The argument is “It only costs us $XX.XX to make this person happy and keep him/her as a customer, so why not bend the rules for them?” This argument blows, largly because it encourages people to be assholes to get thier way. If someone were to call up and ask nicely for a refund out of their refund period, we would say “We are sorry, but you cannot because you are out of your refund period”, and they’d say “Oh bother! Sorry for wasting your time,” and leave. A loud person would keep making noise and driving us crazy until someone gave in.

I hate people sometimes.

Power Outtage

Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

We had a couple of power failures here at ChrisWeb recently, so if you noticed a lack of ChrisWebbage, that’s why. Obviously, it’s up and running now, but if it’s gone again you’ll have some idea as to what may have happened.

Home on the ‘net

Monday, January 12th, 2004

I’ve finally gone out and purchased myself a domain name. It’s and it goes right here. Costs $4.95 annually and I go through a place Jacques recommended called, which I find to be a funny name. They are, however, a direct seller of domain names like, Network Solutions and VeriSign and not a reseller like some of them out there. They do offer hosting, but they don’t require it. All I’m doing is adding an entry into the DNS that maps to It’s all good, baby!

So yeah, Matt, Matt and Jacques, you can now use instead of the IP address I gave you to do your stuff. And be warned! You’d better put something good up there soon, cuz I’m gonna link your directories here in a little while! 😉

I cleaned my apartment last night. I know that’s not news, but I’m proud of it so I’m gonna mention it. Yay! Go me.

And then some stuff happened

Sunday, January 11th, 2004

place with Matt’s computer and we got set up for that evening when Jacques and Matt R. joined us and we had a night of networking and web design. I gave the three of them a 5-hour crash course in MySQL and PHP-based web design. We had a great time and we were up until 4am screwing around with webpages and computer games. At about 10:45pm, however, my monitor up and stopped working. Poof. Dead. Made it a bit harder to continue the lecture, but I managed. Kinda upset about the monitor, but it determined what I was going to spend Christmas gift checks on. Behold! My new monitor, in all its 3133t glory! It’s a 17″ flat panel LCD with built-in puny speakers! The speakers I can live without, but this thing looks absolutely beautiful bordering on outright sexy. It weighs 12.8 lbs. compared to my old CRT monitor, which weighs 50.6 lbs. That’s almost a QUARTER the weight! If you’ve ever tried to lift and/or move my old monitor, you’d understand why this is such a big deal for me. I need another LAN party just so I can have an excuse to move this thing with ease and so I can show it off to all my friends. =) I’ll post a picture of it here soon, but the link above should have a picture so you get the idea. In conclusion, thank you Grandma and Grandpas Brunner and Gallagher! You rock and much as my new screen. =)

So, as one may have inferred from the fourth paragraph, it’s Sunday and I am at work. It’s SOOO BORING!!! ACK! I’ve got an hour and 10 minutes left and I’m going to go STIR CRAZY here! All the primary work is done (bugs and the corresponding email), so now it’s just review new Toontown names and respond to the odd bug report as it comes in. Bleh. It’s a living, I guess. =)”