I Just Wanna Write Something

January 31, 2004

Like the headline says, I just feel like writing something here. I didn’t really have much to say, but it’s near the end of my shift here at work and I’ve just cleared out the database. I suppose I could jump into the email end of things and start sending out messages, but since I’m […]


Gotta Change Something

January 27, 2004

Well, call it stealing from Matt, but I like the white background for the text. It needed it, I think. We here at ChrisWeb are always embracing change. Oh, and speaking of change, some Mudd-y Monkies out there better hop to it soon, or the next rant may just have a link some someone’s database […]


Half an Hour to Kill

January 25, 2004

Well, it’s 16:30 on a Sunday afternoon. I have no idea what the weather is like outside because I’m still in the freaking basement here at work. It’s been a fairly slow day here so I have time to update the world on whatever I feel like here on this page. I had a very […]


Great Line

January 24, 2004

“It’s like they made a huge cowboy hat with three holes in it in case a triceratops might want to wear it.” It’s cool metaphors like this that make me read Tycho’s rants in Penny Arcade.


Badger, badger, badger

January 22, 2004

I just got this link from Kelly’s side of Kimi’s page, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, it’s one of the oddest things I’ve seen on the net recently. I’m not sure if it’s cool or not, really. Some odd things on the net are considered “cool” for at least a little while–All […]


New peoples

January 19, 2004

My brother, Matt, finally has something up here worth showing off. He’s got the beginnnings of a new blog of his own. There’s not comments yet, and the date looks all wiggity-wack, but it’s something. I figure linking him would put some undue pressure on his creative talents, so I said why not? He can […]


This LAN is My LAN

January 18, 2004

Over the past few days I’ve been to two different mini-LAN parties. The first was at dad & Estelle’s place with Matt, Jacques, Molly and Megan. We played Command & Conquer: Generals for the most part. Cool game, it’s sort of like Starcraft, but less complicated. It’s also not in space. Still, we had a […]


Power Outtage

January 14, 2004

We had a couple of power failures here at ChrisWeb recently, so if you noticed a lack of ChrisWebbage, that’s why. Obviously, it’s up and running now, but if it’s gone again you’ll have some idea as to what may have happened.


Home on the ‘net

January 12, 2004

I’ve finally gone out and purchased myself a domain name. It’s www.chrisweb.us and it goes right here. Costs $4.95 annually and I go through a place Jacques recommended called GoDaddy.com, which I find to be a funny name. They are, however, a direct seller of domain names like Register.com, Network Solutions and VeriSign and not […]


And then some stuff happened

January 11, 2004

place with Matt’s computer and we got set up for that evening when Jacques and Matt R. joined us and we had a night of networking and web design. I gave the three of them a 5-hour crash course in MySQL and PHP-based web design. We had a great time and we were up until […]