Still here

March 31, 2004

My headline is two-fold in that I am indeed still online despite my lack of posting here, and I’m also still in Eugene. I’ve got my day job and it’s managing to pay the bills for now. Nuff said on that. In other news, I’m gaining some excitement in my upcoming trip to SakuraCon up […]


Happy Car = Happy Chris

March 10, 2004

I’ve been so busy posting about the site, I forgot to mention something very important. The other day I went over to dad’s and together we managed to both get my fog lamps working. They also are now much cooler looking and almost twice the wattage of before. =) F4@R MY L337 1uM1N4Nc3!!! But more […]


Totally not a Hoax

March 5, 2004

The new web cam thing is totally not a hoax. Just to prove it, I’ll leave it on for a few days, even when I’m not there. Ooooo! Feel like discussing the live web cam, or anything else for that matter? Check out the forum I worked so hard to set up for y’all. Usage […]


Experimental ChrisCam

March 3, 2004

I’m trying out an experiment of a live webcam in my apartment. I’ve got the thing perched up on top of my desk, which is very tall. Anyways, it should be set up to snap a pic and upload it every minute. Check it out. Now, this is only going to be interesting when I’m […]