So very, very slow

April 17, 2004

Today was a really slow day at work for me. I got so very bored. Oh well. I got my kick-ass video card yesterday! It’s pretty sweet. I haven’t gotten a whole lotta time to play with it yet, but it’s definately cool. I’ve got my computer rigged up so I can output to the […]


Weekend, My Weekend

April 14, 2004

Well, it’s Wednesday night, so that means it’s my weekend! Yay! Working Saturday and Sunday pays off eventually. Not sure what all I’m going to do with my ‘weekend’, but it will probably entail staying up late screwing around on the computer like I usually do. Tomorrow I’m gonna go see Kill Bill: Volume 1 […]


Cannons and Student Loans

April 10, 2004

It’s intention to use this space to kill time while at work so I plan on writing bits and pieces of it throughout my day here in the office. We’ll see how that goes. Chances are I’ll just finish it all up here in about 20 minutes and go back to being bored. Thursday night […]


Ahh, the smell of April!

April 7, 2004

ore major scenario portions to Final Fantasy VII, whereas I have a sligthly fewer in Final Fantasy X. I intend to play out some optional side-quests for a while before finishing off the game, but it might be a bit before I can, as Megs has taken over my game console to play her game! […]