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So very, very slow

Saturday, April 17th, 2004

Today was a really slow day at work for me. I got so very bored. Oh well.

I got my kick-ass video card yesterday! It’s pretty sweet. I haven’t gotten a whole lotta time to play with it yet, but it’s definately cool. I’ve got my computer rigged up so I can output to the TV now whenever I want to, which is cool. I can also play all the latest games at really high resolution and detail. Cool stuff, cool stuff.

SakuraCon approaches this week. I’m really looking forward to it.

I came across this whilst reading a friend’s forum. Kind of a weird crossover if you ask me. Don’t think I’d ever use it, but somehow I’m glad to live in a world where such whimsical devices exist.

Another link for your enjoyment is this sequel to the popular Star Wars web game. It helped me kill 15 minutes here at the end of my day. This rant killed the last 15. Or so.

And now, your moment of Zen. Check out the movies.