My Stomach Wants Me Dead

August 29, 2004

Ugh. So yesterday totally sucked. I woke up at 6am with a stomach bug that wouldn’t die. It was a completely miserable day. I won’t go into all the graphic details, but it lasted all damn day I haven’t left the apartment since. I’d say good thing it was on the weekend, but now I […]


We Have Normality

August 26, 2004

OK, I think I’ve got the web site back to full normal functionality. Please feel free to test out all areas and let me know if anything’s wrong. This does not include stuff that just hasn’t been updated in a while (Schedule, ChrisCam, Surveys, etc.) Just make sure nothing’s not outright broke, K? First thing […]


Making Progress

August 25, 2004

As you can see, I’m making some progress in restoring the site. Comments now work, as do the news archives. Please note the news post a couple days back where I give some thanks to those people that helped with the move. I’d hate for that to get overlooked, you all are awesome people. I […]


Chrisweb is up… sort of

August 23, 2004

Well, as you can see, the front page of ChrisWeb is up, however nothing else works at this time. This includes: the comments, the archives, and any other page here. Consider this just a read-only placeholder for now. The situation is that Adelphia, my new cable ISP, blocks incoming connections to port 80 among others, […]


Back Online

August 17, 2004

As you can see by reading this, ChrisWeb is back in business! What this means is that Megs and I have managed to put the office together enough to get the computers up online. I had to change the DNS entry for my server of course, because I’m on Adelphia instead of Comcast now, but […]


The System is Down

August 13, 2004

This server will be going down for the move this weekend. Please do not be alarmed–ChrisWeb should resume normal operations Sunday afternoon if all goes well. If anything goes amiss, I will post information in comments on Sam and Gus’s web site, since I think most of you check that too. The other day I […]


A Few Things of Note

August 7, 2004

Where to begin? Well, first off I have a new place to live. It’s a very nice apartment very near work. I’ve even got pictures! It’s in great shape and has A/C, gas, a garbage disposal, a dishwasher, and secured parking. All things my previous apartment did not have. Anyways, it’s quite spacious and I’m […]