Final Fantasy Pisses Me Off

September 30, 2004

So I’m at this stage in Final Fantasy X where I need to dodge lightning to get a secret item. To dodge a lightning bolt in the game, one must press the (X) button immediately after the screen flashes and before the bolt comes down a half second later. To get the secret item I […]


Rockin’ and Rollin’

September 29, 2004

Once again, it’s earthquake time again down here on the fault line. This time it was a 5.0 about 23 miles east of Bakersfield. I actually felt this one, but it just felt like someone walking heavily nearby in the building. The lights and exposed circulation ducts swayed slightly and that was about it. California’s […]


Los Angeles at Fault

September 28, 2004

Ah, the joys of living on the geological fault lines of California. About 10:15 this morning there was a perceivable earthquake in our area. I didn’t notice it, but most everyone else did and the lights were swaying slightly for a bit. It seems that it was actually centered up in Central California, and CNN […]


Mom is home now

September 27, 2004

I’ve received word that mom is back from Europe as of 1am last night. We are all glad the trip was uneventful and we look forward to hearing all about her trip. She took lots of pictures with her digital camera, so we’ll see if we can’t post some of them somehow so folks can […]


Exciting Developments at ChrisWeb

September 25, 2004

Exciting only to me, however. This has been another one of those updates, where all the changes are behind the scenes. The site should look remarkably similar to how it did before, but after 8+ hours of messing with it, I assure you it’s much, much cooler. What I did was finally convert the pics […]



September 21, 2004

On Monday Megs and I went down to Hollywood to go see a taping of Last Comic Standing. Weird thing is the NBC show was taped at CBS Television Studios. I also thought the show was taped at a real theater, but actually it’s just a big studio set made to look like a theater. […]


Ah, the Sun

September 17, 2004

For those of you living in Pacific Northwest–say Eugene, Portland, or Seattle–I’d just like to observe that it is currently 78 degrees and sunny out here in Southern California. Been told it’s rainin’ up there. Damn shame, that. 😛 In other news, this weekend is the Eugene Celebration. I won’t be there. That’s a first […]


More Home Stuff

September 15, 2004

So last weekend Megs and I went to Ikea and got some more furniture. We got a bookshelf and something called a “buffet”, which is basically a little freestanding cabinet/counter. We put it next to the fridge and it holds all of our Tupperware-like stuff, plus our dishtowels. The fun part was going to Ikea, […]


Couple of Things

September 11, 2004

First thing, tomorrow morning Mom and Kim head out for yet another world tour. This time they’re going to Prague in the Czech Republic. They will arrive Sunday night and they have to change planes in London. Problem with that is that the planes are in different airports! They have a matter of hours to […]


Had Something, Then It Was Gone

September 7, 2004

Today was a Thursday much like any other Thursday, I suppose. I went to work, I did stuff, I’m still there now. Tomorrow is to be Megan’s last day working for Radio Shack, the end of an era. She’ll be glad to be gone and I’ll be glad to have her be less-stressed out and […]