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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

So last weekend Megs and I went to Ikea and got some more furniture. We got a bookshelf and something called a “buffet”, which is basically a little freestanding cabinet/counter. We put it next to the fridge and it holds all of our Tupperware-like stuff, plus our dishtowels. The fun part was going to Ikea, which if you’ve never been is an experience unlike other furniture stores. See, they make you walk through this big showroom floor by following arrows on a path. Here you can look from side to side and see nice little rooms the Ikea people have put together using their wares. After going through all this and noting the stuff you want, you go downstairs to the big-ass warehouse and get some of your stuff. Then you pay for this subset along with the rest of the stuff you want at the checkout, at which time they give you a slip for the remainder and you get to wait for a while as someone goes to find it in–I’m assuming–another warehouse! And we had to wait for, like, 20 minutes!!!

If I didn’t create some adventure out of buying a bookcase, it would sound really boring down here.

So yeah, I haven’t been hanging out at the Sunset Strip, or taking day trips down to Malibu. I did drive out to Glendale yesterday for work. Got to flip though a bunch of old books! Field Trip! Ha!! (Old Joke)

In other people’s news, Kim and Kelly seem to be doing well over there in Prague along with my mother. Also, I think I’ve fixed Matt’s page so that he actually can post something new now that it’s up. It was broken before, so don’t give him TOO much of a hard time for not posting sooner. Also, there’s some goings on in the forum if you wanna go check that out.

That’s it for me. If something interesting happens, I’ll be sure to inform you here. If something boring happens, I’ll be sure to inform you here, too, but I’ll make it sound more impressive than it really is.