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Exciting Developments at ChrisWeb

Saturday, September 25th, 2004

Exciting only to me, however. This has been another one of those updates, where all the changes are behind the scenes. The site should look remarkably similar to how it did before, but after 8+ hours of messing with it, I assure you it’s much, much cooler.

What I did was finally convert the pics section to be database-driven instead of lots of static pages generated in Dreamweaver using templates. All the individual index pages for each of the galleries have been boiled down into one page that sorts out what page to view and pulls the relevant data out of the database. The hard part was getting it all into the database to begin with. I set it up so all I need to do is upload the images and the thumbnails to the server and then tell a web page where to look. It then prompts me to enter in captions for all the pictures, which it displays on the screen in a grid similar to the final version you see. I submit the captions and it’s all automatically added to the database with the filename locations and everything. Pretty slick. This allows for neat stuff like more flexible layouts and searchable content. I also changed it so the full-size images come up in their own window. Eventually this window will have little paging arrows for flipping through the gallery you’re in. All this database stuff allows me a lot more options in the future, so hopefully I’ll add more features more often. It also makes it a lot easier to create new pics galleries, so expect more of those, too.

In other news all is well down here in California. The weather has been quite warm, but it should cool off soon enough for the season that passes for winter in The Valley. It might actually rain!