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Mom is home now

Monday, September 27th, 2004

I’ve received word that mom is back from Europe as of 1am last night. We are all glad the trip was uneventful and we look forward to hearing all about her trip. She took lots of pictures with her digital camera, so we’ll see if we can’t post some of them somehow so folks can see them.

Last weekend I went with Megs and Reg to a pancake place called The Griddle down on Sunset in Hollywood. There was good food to be had there. I had the Oreo Cookie Pancakes. After brunch, we went to Burbank and saw Shaun of the Dead, and I must say it was actually quite an enjoyable film. Definitely a spoof on the horror genre, much like the Scary Movie franchise, but I liked it a good deal more. For one, everyone’s British, which just adds to the coolness factor. People tend to be very suppressed in odd situations–“Oh, I say, are the zombies still outside?” “Why, yes, it would seem that they are.” “Oh bother.” Great stuff.