Couple of Things

First thing, tomorrow morning Mom and Kim head out for yet another world tour. This time they’re going to Prague in the Czech Republic. They will arrive Sunday night and they have to change planes in London. Problem with that is that the planes are in different airports! They have a matter of hours to get from Heathrow to Gatwick to make the connection. Please wish them well.

Also, my Internet connection at home is back up! Yay! It was down for almost 24 hours! Anyways, this allowed me to post some more pictures for your entertainment. I’ve added some more apartment pictures to the ones already there, so scroll down to see those. Also, I posted the Crestline pics as promised. These are some of my earliest childhood memories brought back to life. It was really weird. The picture quality is only so-so because I had to take these using normal 35mm film and the digital copies that Fuji film processing generated for me aren’t that great. The prints look nice, though, so if you’re ever visiting ask and I’ll show ’em to ya.

Lastly, Matt’s site is back. Go check it out and see if he’s posted anything.

That’s it for now. Please enjoy the pictures and wish mom and Kim well in their travels.

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