Final Fantasy Pisses Me Off

So I’m at this stage in Final Fantasy X where I need to dodge lightning to get a secret item. To dodge a lightning bolt in the game, one must press the (X) button immediately after the screen flashes and before the bolt comes down a half second later. To get the secret item I have to do this 200 times in a row without being hit once!!! This is really hard and surprisingly stressful. The bolts come down about 1 or 2 every few seconds. I got all the way up to 182 last night before I bit it, which I was in a foul mood, so I went elsewhere to go battle powerful monsters for a while. Too powerful, unfortunately, cuz they got me killed. This left me in an even more pissy mood then I was already in, so shut off the game. girrrr…

In other news, Sam and Gus have both updated their respective pages recently, so go take a gander. Sam’s side is a bit wider than Gus’ because of a really long hyphenated word in the first section.

Regarding the site, Megs was kind enough to identify a bug I was having with the new pics pager, so I went ahead and fixed that this morning. I doubt anyone actually encountered it, but all should be well now. Oh, and I also added a random pic of the moment to the sidebar when in the pics section. Eventually this will be on all the pages in place of the stupid counter.

Lastly, once again I’m looking for ideas on new stuff I can add to this site. If anyone has any new layout or feature ideas, please drop a comment off and I’ll see what I can do about implementing those I like.

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