Los Angeles at Fault

Ah, the joys of living on the geological fault lines of California. About 10:15 this morning there was a perceivable earthquake in our area. I didn’t notice it, but most everyone else did and the lights were swaying slightly for a bit. It seems that it was actually centered up in Central California, and CNN reports the magnitude at 6.0. No injuries or damage reported.

In Oregon, we have levels of rain that are not worth making a fuss over. For instance, you could be going out for a walk down by the river and say “Well, it’s not raining that hard.” or you could be going fishing and say “At least it’s not hailing at the moment.” In California, I just heard “Well, it wasn’t that big of an earthquake.” There’s safety protocols for earthquakes, and we’re supposed to gather at a location to check in after the quake’s over. However, for this one people were just “Meh. Not big enough to care about.” Boggles the mind.

I’ve recently gotten back into playing Final Fantasy X. I figure I should beat this thing someday, since there’s now Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy XII around. Anyways, I’m near the end, but there’s so many little loose ends to tie up before I go finish my biz for the main plot. Right now I’m gathering up all my character’s legendary weapons and other cool abilities. Kelly, did you ever beat this game? Anyone else?

Lastly, it seems that there’s actually activity going on in the forum now, so click the forum button there on the side to go check that out.

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