Home Again

September 7, 2004

Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend, which means I had a nice three-day weekend to play around in. Here’s the breakdown: Friday night Megs and I went to a place called the Ha Ha Café on Lankershim, and that was totally worth the cover charge. There were a number of stand-up comics and the entire […]


Forgotten Turnips

September 3, 2004

I’ve been reading through my old news archives from two years ago, when I came across something amusing that I think should be revived, especially now that some people are on the other side of the globe. Kim created something and then something else back in Nov of 2002 that sparked quite the epic debate. […]


Don’t Eat the Leftovers That Bit You

September 1, 2004

Yesterday sucked more than last Saturday did. I got no sleep Monday night due to stomach illness and since I wasn’t getting any better, by 9 am Tuesday morning I was on my way to the hospital with fears of appendicitis. This condition of mine wasn’t going away and I was really freaked out with […]