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Home Again

Tuesday, September 7th, 2004

Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend, which means I had a nice three-day weekend to play around in. Here’s the breakdown:

Friday night Megs and I went to a place called the Ha Ha Café on Lankershim, and that was totally worth the cover charge. There were a number of stand-up comics and the entire show lasted easily three hours. They were all very good, of the level of folks you see as the 3rd guest on some television late shows or specials on Comedy Central. In fact, some of these folks had been on said shows. Good stuff and the food wasn’t bad either.

Saturday Megs had to work, but I went down to LBC to visit with the Brunner family as they were having a low-key get-together for Uncle John’s birthday. I had a good time hanging out with Grandma, Grandpa, John, Uncle Paul and Aunt Mary. We had steaks and talked about school politics. John and Paul are both in primary education as a career; third grade teacher and principal respectively. After the late lunch, I went over to John’s place and made good use of his hot tub. Very relaxing.

Sunday was the first day Megs and I both had off together, not counting the day she took off to take me to the hospital. We decided to get out of the valley since it was about 100 degrees outside, so we went up to the San Bernardino Mountains, back to Crestline where some of my earliest childhood memories are from. I lived in Crestline with my family from age 3 to age 8, when we moved up to Eugene. It was weird being back; everything was much smaller. Megs and I visited my old home, my old school, Lake Gregory, my old church, and my favorite pizza place there, Capaletti’s. What I’m amazed at is how little has changed. Still population of about 4300 people, and not a whole lot of new development. Small Town, USA.

Monday Megs had to work (retail jobs suck), so I spent most of the day bumming around the apartment watching the Monk marathon on USA and the West Wing marathon on Bravo, with bits of a Seinfeld marathon on TBS thrown in during commercials. Eventually I got off my ass to get something done and started sorting more boxes of stuff around the apartment. I was at it when Megs got home at 20:30, so she helped and together we got a lot done. Almost all of our stuff is put away now, but we still need a couple more pieces of furniture in order to store it all. We need another book shelf and some sort of rolling counter/cabinet for the kitchen/dining room. It’ll look good when it’s all done.

I took pictures up in Crestline and around the apartment mid-clean, but my digital camera was out of battery power so I need to wait until I get the film developed before I can post the pictures here. I’ll post another news column when I get them uploaded.

Oh, and before I forget, I have a LiveJournal now in addition to this page. There’s not much there now ‘cept a link back here, but it helps me keep track of my friends’ LJ’s and lets me leave un-anonymous comments on their pages. Enjoy!

Forgotten Turnips

Friday, September 3rd, 2004

I’ve been reading through my old news archives from two years ago, when I came across something amusing that I think should be revived, especially now that some people are on the other side of the globe. Kim created something and then something else back in Nov of 2002 that sparked quite the epic debate.

I love it when someone posts a comment in the archives, even when it’s a year old.

Since people are still asking, yes I feel fine now, thank you. It seems food poisoning goes away after about 24 hours. It’s was a hellish experience, but it’s in the past and I learned a hard lesson about unknown take-out food.

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend, which is cool cuz that means three-day-weekend! Yay! I didn’t used to care about Labor Day because when I was in school it was that holiday that fell during summer vacation and symbolized school about to start. Now it means my first holiday at the new job! Not sure what I’m gonna do, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

Time to go to Burger King. Talk to all y’all laterz!

Don’t Eat the Leftovers That Bit You

Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

Yesterday sucked more than last Saturday did. I got no sleep Monday night due to stomach illness and since I wasn’t getting any better, by 9 am Tuesday morning I was on my way to the hospital with fears of appendicitis. This condition of mine wasn’t going away and I was really freaked out with the possibility of having a serious medical condition in a city I was still fairly unfamiliar with.

Megan drove me to a hospital with no ER (thanks Yahoo! Maps. girrr…), but they kindly told us where to find a real hospital up the road. We hung out there most of the day as they checked me out with various tests to make sure I wasn’t going to die. Turns out it was just food poisoning, but in the process of making sure my appendix was OK, I had to have a cat scan of my digestive system.

Now let me be really clear here when I strongly recommend not having this procedure done if at all possible. The reason for this warning is that in order to get a scan of my appendix, they had to put a lot of some special fluid into my colon. INTO. MY. COLON. I won’t go into more details than that, but let me say that I have never been so painfully uncomfortable in all my life. And then they had me hold my breath for 40 seconds while they did the scan. THREE TIMES! All this while I already had stomach aches and nausea, which didn’t help matters.

OK, wasn’t that fun? Aren’t you glad I shared that previous paragraph with you? Maybe I should have put a disclaimer before it… Meh. I suffered, now so did you.

Anyways, after determining that my appendix was fine, they said I had food poisoning, which make sense looking back on things. I had Chinese take-out Friday night before I got sick Saturday, and then I had the leftovers of said take-out Monday afternoon before I got sick that night. A dumb move in hindsight, but at the time I didn’t know it was the take-out that got me. After all, Megs had the same entrée as I did and she was fine. Oh well, lesson learned. I did enjoy putting the little menu from the place through the paper shredder. The name of the place was Little Mandarin in Burbank. AVOID THEM!!!

I was feeling better by the time I got home from the hospital, so Megs and I rented The Road to El Dorado and A Bug’s Life last night. Good to watch some familiar, fun, light kid’s movies after a hard day like that.