Rockin’ and Rollin’

Once again, it’s earthquake time again down here on the fault line. This time it was a 5.0 about 23 miles east of Bakersfield. I actually felt this one, but it just felt like someone walking heavily nearby in the building. The lights and exposed circulation ducts swayed slightly and that was about it. California’s going to break off from the mainland to go hang with Hawaii. Alaska can come too.

In ChrisWeb news, I’ve updated the pics section a little more. Now, when you click on a picture thumbnail a new window will come up with the picture, the caption, “next” and “previous” arrows, and some other information. This should make quick browsing easier. Also, I’ve just run some quick and dirty stats, and Annie is the Top Comment Poster by a fairly wide margin. She is followed by my brother, Matthew, and then myself in 3rd place. Fun facts for all.

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