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Big Bad Show

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

So last night Megs and I went out to go see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy perform over in Azusa. They put on quite an enjoyable performance much like the one we saw in Eugene last year. I was gonna buy their new live CD/DVD, but they didn’t take credit cards there at the show.

Today is Halloween, but since we don’t have anything better to do, we’re just gonna go over to Disneyland to hang out for a while. I’ll let you know how that went after it occurs. Sam and Gus, I hope you can find some Halloween fun over in Prague. I know how much you guys enjoy this holiday, and it’s hard to be in a country that doesn’t celebrate it.

Comedy in our Neighborhood

Saturday, October 30th, 2004

Friday night Megs and I once again returned to the Ha Ha Cafe up on Lankershim. There were quite a few good acts, but perhaps not as good as the first time we were there. My favorite was the Doctor guy. Maybe it’s all the Scrubs I’ve been watching, but doctor humor is funny to me.

Today is Megan’s birthday! Yay! We’re gonna go see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy over near where Jacques’ school is tonight. We thoroughly enjoyed the show they did in Eugene a year ago, so we’re looking forward to seeing them again. I’ll post more about it tonight when we get back.

In other news, I’m really seriously considering getting a new cell phone. The one I’m now most-interested in is the Audiovox SMT5600. This qualifies as a PDA type “smart phone”, but is not nearly as expensive as the Treo 600, which I was also looking at. It’s also more full-featured and cheaper than a BlackBerry. I’ll be sure to keep you posted about that. I should also be able to keep my phone number, so no worries there.

Say It Ain’t So!

Thursday, October 28th, 2004

The headline refers to last night’s episode of The West Wing, with which Megs and I have been slowly growing less and less fond. I’ve done some digging around the Internet today, and it turns out that the character in question is not dead, however that character will no longer be in their past position. Makes me feel a little better, if true, however I’m still nostalgic for the good ol’ days of the early seasons of The West Wing. I’ve been enjoying watching the repeats on Bravo, since it’s on, like, every day.

We also watched Lost on ABC. After five episodes I still enjoy this show quite a lot, so if you can find a way to get into it, by all means do so. This one had more of the quasi-mysticism that the others have had, but not quite as in-your-face as an empty coffin that should have held a body. I like that in each episode we get a bit more back story on different characters.

OK, Megs just called me a few minutes ago as I was writing this, so I have some news. Megs got a much better gig through the temp agency she’s currently staffing with. They called her at work to pull her off her current assignment for a better one. Not in the middle of the shift mind you, she starts tomorrow at the new place, even though she was supposed to continue at the old place until Tuesday next week. This new place is temp-to-hire and pays better than the old place. She’d be an administrative assistant at a mortgage company of some sort in Santa Monica. Still a bit of a drive, but worth it for what it offers. I’m sure Megs will have her own comments on the matter, so check out her blog for more information.

Found: One Orange and White Talking Fish

Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

Watched the visual commentary for Finding Nemo last night. They call it a visual commentary rather than an audio commentary track because in addition to the dubbed over dialog by the creators there’s also cuts to little video snippets of various stages of creation. Lots of people sitting in front of SGI machines talking about polygons and simulation vs animation methods. Obviously, I was fascinated by this. A good commentary, but on the whole I still prefer my Lord of the Rings commentary. It also felt a bit jerky to keep leaving the film/talking to go to the studio/talking. Not bad, though. Give it a whirl if you get a chance. Pixar is populated with absolutely brilliant people. Too bad TWDC and them decided to go their separate ways.

Megs got called in again to go work at the office she was temping at last week. they called about noon saying they wanted her over there ASAP. Nothing like a mad rush to get showered and get over to Santa Monica to start your day! Anyways, as you’ve most-likely surmised, Megs’ work situation is still up in the air, but at least the temp agency is keeping her busy.

I missed Scrubs last night. I was watchin’ the Boston Red Sox beat up the St. Louis Cardinals with Megs and then we got to watching Finding Nemo. Anyone happen to have the ep in some sort of digital format?

Enterprise and Housewives

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

Last night mainly consisted of fixing dinner and watching TV, as it often does, so now you get to hear about it. Megs and I fixed some beef stroganof (sp?), which came out really good if I do say so myself. We boiled noodles, browned beef, added seasonings and sour cream and there we have it. Not difficult.

After dinner we watched the most recent episode of Enterprise, which I guess was good. This should have been the season premier, not the random crap with the Nazis and time travel. I’m really not sure why they ended last season the way they did. It’s like they were saying, “Gee, we wrapped up this story arc just in time for the end of the season. Let’s fabricate a cliffhanger!” Oh well. This episode wasn’t bad, but I was hoping that Trip would end up fighting someone in an arena like in Amok Time. Problem with that is he’d probably lose, and with no tri-ox compound to simulate his death, he would likely not be as easily revived as Kirk.

We also watched Sunday’s episode of the break out hit ABC show, Desperate Housewives. I thought it was good. I still enjoy Terri Hatcher’s character, Susan, the best. She seems to be the nicest and a bit of an underdog. And was it me, or did Lynette have triplets and not twins before? I’m pretty sure she left three boys on the sidewalk in episode two, yet now she only has two boys and the baby. Quite odd. Also, I like how the older children (Susan’s daughter, Mike’s boy, and Rex & Bree’s son and daughter) are becoming actual characters and not just there, as is the case with children in a lot of shows. Of course, it seems I can’t actually come up with their names yet, but I’m sure that will change. Susan’s daughter is my favorite because she’s always got her mom’s back. Reminds me of the Rory/Laurelie connection in Gilmore Girls.

Pumpkins and Final Fantasy

Monday, October 25th, 2004

Last night was a good way to end the weekend, as Megs and I attended the 8th annual pumpkin carving party at drose’s place. There were a lotta people there, some of whom I knew from work, and the whole lot of us managed to carve up quite a lot of pumpkins. There should be pictures posted soon, and I’ll link ’em here as soon as I find out where they are.

After returning from the party, I decided to finally beat Final Fantasy X on the PS2. I’d been playing this game on-and-off for close to three years now since I bought it, so I figured it was time. After all the side-questing and building up I’d been doing over the past few weeks/months, the end of the game was pretty darn easy. I finished off the last guy and I was like, “Is that it? He’s just transforming into another, more difficult form, right?” It turns out that was it. I was done, and all way well with the people of Spira. Definately a good game, I’d say. Up there with FFVII as one of my favorites. Does anyone have an opinion on FFX-2? I have yet to play it, but I’ve heard it’s…different.

Chillin’ in the LBC

Sunday, October 24th, 2004

Well, today Megs and I went down to Long Beach to hang with family. This time no one was injured and we all had a good time. Dad, Uncle Paul, and Aunt Mary were there this time in addition to Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle John. We had El Pollo Loco for lunch and then Megs, dad, Paul, John, and I went over to John’s place to make use of his hot tub. We had a very relaxing time and were looking forward to placing cell phone calls back to Oregon from there in January. The weather today was fabulous, as always. =)

Tomorrow Megs and I are going to attend a drose’s pumpkin carving party over at his place. Should be fun to have Megs meet some of the folks I work with. I should bring my camera so I can post pictures. I need to remember to do my laundry and buy pumpkins tomorrow before we go.


Friday, October 22nd, 2004

I thought I posted yesterday, but I guess I didn’t. Oh well.

Work is going all right. Once again I’m trying to update the demo machines with the latest version of the project, but getting to compile and run is becoming a pain. I was trying to set up the machines so they had two version on them, a stable one and a current one, but that went all bad for a variety of reasons, some of which I’m not even sure of. Anyways, right now we’re focusing on just getting them running with the latest and greatest. Samir is working on some updates to check into the CVS repository right now, so when he’s done I’m gonna go get them installed on the demo machines and see if we can’t get them up and running again. After that, I’m gonna record another demo tape onto miniDV for internal purposes. That’ll probably be early next week.

In other news, Megs’ job search continues. Today is her last day of temp work in Santa Monica, so hopefully next week she can find something a bit closer. She’s going to call in active to the office in the Valley next week, which should land her work a bit closer to home. Still sending out the resumes to various employers. We’ll keep you posted. Oh, and before I forget, she’s also posted her Birthday Wish List on her LiveJornal page. Her birthday is the 30th of this month.

And in insurance news, I’ve almost got this all sorted out. I just need one more bill, this time from the ER lab guys and I should have all the paperwork I need to have submitted done. The ER was supposed to fax it over this afternoon, but they haven’t yet. Soon this will all be behind me.

Quick Bad News

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Just a quick note to those who’ve been asking. Megs did not get the job at the doctor’s office down in Beverly Hills. They apparently wanted to give it to someone who is not talented, resourceful, and charming. The people there are obviously dumb and have no standards. For more info, check Megs’ blog.

In other news, we got our ReplyTV today. Very cool device. Being able to pause shows and rewind while you’re watching is great! I’ve just finished queuing up all the shows I want it to record, so that’s all set.

Finally, Almost Done

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Well, I’m nearing the bitter end of my quest through Final Fantasy X. I bought this game when I bought my PS2 back in Feb of 2002. I just don’t have the sheer amount of time to devote to video games as I once did. Regardless, I’m almost done. Last night I finished Capturing at least one of every monster that can be caught in every area except Sin, which is probably where I’m going next. I managed to unlock the power of Auron’s Ultimate Weapon, the Murasame, which is pretty sweet. In order to unlock the remainder of my team’s Ultimate Weapons I need to chase butterflies, play Blitzball, and dodge lightening. No joke. All of these tasks are difficult or require a lot of time, so I’m not sure I’m going to bother. The advantage to having a team member’s Ultimate Weapon is that it allows that character to break the 9999 damage limit imposed by nearly all Final Fantasy games, with few exceptions. It would be nice to have Lulu able to deal more that 9999 with the Ultima spell, especially since she can cast two in one turn now with the Doublecast Skill. However, to do that I need to get her Ultimate Weapon, the Onion Knight, powered up with the Venus Sigil. To get the Venus Sigil I have to successfully dodge 200 consecutive lightening bolts without being hit once on the Thunder Plains. This is really, really hard to do because you only get about a half second warning that a bolt’s coming in which to press the X button. If you don’t, you get hit. The bolts strike at a rate of about one or two every five seconds. Not only is this hard, but it takes a while to get up to 200. The warning flash is so quick, that if you happen to be blinking at the time, you’re toast. I need Jacques to modify the Duck Hunt playing robot over at HMC to do this for me. =)

The other two Ultimate Weapons are about as tricky to get. For Wakka’s World Champion ball, you need to get the ball from someone at the stadium, which isn’t too hard. Just play a few Blitzball games and she gives it to you. The tricky part is getting the Jupiter Sigil to power it up. You have to WIN 50-200 Blitzball games before you are awarded it! That’s a lot of playing the stupid minigame. As for Kimahri’s Spirit Lance, getting it’s easy–just follow the Quactar ghost around until you get it. The tricky part is getting the Saturn Sigil to unlock the thing. You have to dodge down this path full of butterflies while touching all the blue ones and avoiding the red ones. The hard part is there are a lot more red ones. And the path is narrow. And you’re timed. I hate timed minigames.

So yeah, isn’t my life grand?