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Still Here

Thursday, December 30th, 2004

It’s been good being back in Eugene these past few days. Too little time, really. So far I’ve hung out with lots of family and friends, exchanged gifts, watched all three extended Lord of the Rings movies, and played video games. All-in-all a relaxing time. Everyone else seems to have something going on to worry about over the break except me, which is kinda odd. Last spring/summer I was all stressed out about my employment situation, but now that that’s worked out things have settled into comfort for me, which I’m thankful for.

Today Megs and I are gonna hang out with Marshal for a bit, then we’re coming back to dad’s place to have dinner for Rachelle’s birthday. Megs and I might go out again to visit with Sara, but she hasn’t contacted me yet, so I don’t know what’s up with that. Tomorrow afternoon Megs and I are heading back up to Portland for New Year’s Eve with some friends and then we’re spending the next few days with Megan’s family. We fly back to Burbank the night of the 4th and then it’s back to life as we knew it.

Kim should be catching a train south tomorrow evening for LA. She starts school at her new institution on Monday. I’m looking forward to having her live in the LA area with me. Hopefully we can hang out often and stuff. Megs and I wanna take her to this cool sushi place in our neighborhood.

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

Sunday, December 26th, 2004

Here we are up in Eugene, Oregon. Megs and I arrived safely in Portland the other night and have since enjoyed several Christmas celebrations with various groups of family members. Our thanks to Megs’ parents, and my parents for hosting our stay in Oregon. Also, my thanks to all the friends and family who gave us such nice things for Christmas.

It’s kinda odd being back. It feels like I never really left; it’s like the usual visits to mom and dad that I used to make back when I lived in town. It’s just been a bit longer between visits this time. Anyways, it’s good to be back and I will try to continue to post here with updates of what’s going on.

Megan Hates My Headlines

Thursday, December 23rd, 2004

Megan says I’m mature, however I think she’s being sarcastic. We’ve just been debating what to headline this thing and she disliked my suggestions. I’ve since come up with a mature compromise.

Anyways, enough nonsense. We’re catching a cab in an hour to the airport, and from there we’re Oregon bound! If all goes to plan, we should arrive in Portland at about 23:00. Our flight doesn’t leave until 21:00, so hopefully getting there before 19:00 should allow us sufficient time to check in and get some food. We don’t want to prepare anything to eat here at the apartment because then we’d have to do the dishes again. The last thing we want is to come home to a sink full of rotten, rusty dishes.

Hope to see a lot of you soon!

Big Stompy Robots

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004

This is probably the coolest news article I’ve read in a while. Part of me wants it to fall into the wrong hands…

In other news, I’m trying to get a hold of Marshal. The phone numbers I have for him don’t seem to work anymore. Morgan, if you still read this, can you email me his phone number or at least have him call me? Thanks.

I can’t believe I’m flying up to Oregon tomorrow night! Time flies when you’re busy with a real job and stuff. I’m almost done wrapping all my gifts; The last package I’m expecting from arrived this afternoon, so now I’ve got three things left to wrap before Megs and I get to try stuffing everything into a suitcase. I’m gonna try to take a picture of the tree with all the gifts under it before I pack ’em all up. I’ll post it up here when I do.

[EDIT:] I’ve also uploaded a new ChrisCam shot. This one is Grandma holding her new kitty, Toby. Too cute.

Wrap It Up

Tuesday, December 21st, 2004

I’m almost done wrapping all my gifts for everyone. Had to finish getting a couple more things last night, but aside from two things from that have yet to arrive I’ve got all I’m gonna get. I still need to wrap up five more things I have at the apartment and then those two things in transit, but that’s it. I just hope Megs and I can fit all this into an auxillary suitcase for the trip up. I’m glad the airlines let you check more than just one bag per person, cuz we’re gonna need it. It was either that or we bring no clean clothes with us. I need to get some tissue paper or something for padding on a few items, cuz I just know they’ll get broken en route otherwise.

I think Megs and I have decided to leave the tree up while we’re gone rather than take it down tomorrow night. There’s nothing sadder than taking down a Christmas tree on the 22nd of December, especially since we have no where to put it. It should be fine while we’re gone anyways.

I should start some kinda list on what I need to remember to take with me up to Oregon. Any ideas?

More Detailed Time

Monday, December 20th, 2004

OK, I think we’ve finally got some details sorted out for the trip up to Oregon, so let’s see if I can sort this out. We’re flying out of Burbank about 21:00 on Thursday night, arriving in Portland at about 23:00. Megs and I will be staying with her folks that night with a family brunch the morning of the 24th. Sometime in the early afternoon Kim and Matt are driving up to Portland to pick us up and take us back to Eugene in time for Christmas Eve dinner at mom’s followed by Mass at church. Christmas morning we’ll be at mom’s and then going over to dad’s that afternoon, I think. On the 26th I believe former high school senior president Morgan Munroe is trying to organize some sort of unofficial 5-year mini-reunion, so I’ll probably go to that. Monday the 27th Megs and I have been kindly invited to visit with Shelby and Eric at their new home, so we hope to do that then. The 28th and 29th I’ve got some family plans at mom’s place. The 30th and 31st are as yet unscheduled. Is anyone throwing a New Year’s Eve party in Eugene that Megs and I could crash? =) On the first we’re traveling back up to Portland to spend some time with Megs’ family and do Portland-y things. We fly back to Burbank on the 4th, leaving PDX at about 20:00 and arriving home at 22:00.

Now, it might seem like a full schedule, but it’s really not. Most of these things aren’t all-day events, so please feel free to drop a line to say hi! I’d love to hear from folks, and I’ll do my best to look people up when I’m up there. It’ll be nice to be back, even though it’ll probably be raining. It was 78 degrees and sunny yesterday afternoon here. =)

Party, Shopping, Google

Friday, December 17th, 2004

Megs and I had a nice time in Pasadena last night was the WDIG Holiay Party. There was music and food to be had at the Twin Palms restaurant, as well as an open bar. Lots of people attened the event and it was good to finally be able to introduce Megs to a few of my co-workers. The Twin Palms restaurant a very nice establishment and they actually have two giant palm trees growing up through the tent-like ceiling on the expansive outdoor seating area.

I’m starting to get my Christmas shopping together, finaly. I’ve ordered a few things off the ‘net, I bought a few things Wednesday and today, and I only have a few more things to see to. I’m running out of money, so this will be near the end regardless. I just hope I can fit everything in my luggage!

Know how I posted the other day that my site came up second in a search on google when doing a search for “Chris Brunner”? Well, I seem to have improved that statistic. This should make it easy for people who know me (or at least my first and last name) to find my presense on the web.

Half Life 2 Problem

Wednesday, December 15th, 2004

I think I have a problem with Half Life 2, much like I have a problem with Coca-Cola and cheap frozen pizza’s. I beat the game a week or so ago, but I’m still playing it. Two hours last night and two hours the night before. I’m playing it through again on the “Hard” difficulty setting this time, so it’s a bit more challenging, however my previous experience with the level design from playing through the first time makes this second romp seem easier. As I’ve said before, I haven’t been this inthralled with a video game in a long time. If you’re at all interested in a “thinking person’s shooter” as it’s been labeled, I highly recommend this game. There are a lot of interesting puzzles to solve in addition to fighting eerily intelligent bad guys as you make your way through the environments to accomplish various goals. The vehicles are a lotta fun as well. There are 14 chapters, and last night I finished up “Water Hazzard”, “Black Mesa East”, “We don’t go to Ravenholm”, and I’m currently on “Highway 17”. Ravenholm was a lot more challenging the first time I played it because I kept getting lost and alway had to figure out how to get past various sections. This time I could get more into the creepy aspects of the level. Another point that makes it more challenging is the fact that the zombies and aliens don’t drop ammo. I was constantly on the verge of having to beat things down with my crowbar or gravity gun.

Today I also came to the shocking realization that Christmas is in ten days. I need to get my ass in gear and get shopping like the rest of California. I knew all those cars were out on the freeway on a weekend for a reason! I’ve got a list of what to get folks and I’ve ordered a few things off the Internet, but this weekend’s gonna be busy. I also need to remember to get stuff that I can pack in my luggage for the trip up north. Just a reminder–Megs and I will be in Oregon from Dec 24th through Jan 4th. Most of that time will be in Eugene, but there’ll be some Portland time at the end. I don’t know more specifics than that, so give me a call if you wanna hang out or something. My cell phone number is still the same. I’ll also be checking email and (of course) posting here. It’s what I do. =)

Catching Up

Tuesday, December 14th, 2004

I finally mailed off what I hope was my last check to Sherman Oaks Hospital. I’ll be glad to put this mess behind me. It’ll be nice to be able to pay off my usual debts again in January.

The past couple of days I’ve been working on a secret project with Kim, but hopefully we’ll be done soon and you can all find out what it is then. It’s no big deal, but we’d like some feedback when the time comes.

Last weekend was quite enjoyable. On Saturday Megs and I went out and got a Christmas tree as well as some ornaments and a few housewares and groceries we needed. It’s a nice little tree and you can see a picture of it in the ChrisCam section. Since this picture was taken in the dark with my cell phone, it’s not too hot, so I’ll try to take a better one later with a real camera. Still, you can see it’s about six feet tall and it’s got lights and stuff on it. I like how the apartment smalls like a fir tree. =)

Sunday afternoon Megs and I needed to do some shopping and take some pictures, so once again we headed out to Venice Beach. I got yet another pair of sunglasses as well as a gift for a friend. Megs bought a whole bunch of stuff for various family members, so I guess this counts as a successful venture out of The Valley. I love the 70-degree sunny Decembers we get down here.

Later this week is the Walt Disney Internet Group Holiday Party over at the Twin Palms Restaurant in Pasadena. I’ve been told this is quite a nice fancy place to go, so I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be fun to introduce Megs to a good number of my co-workers.

And Then There Was Stuff

Friday, December 10th, 2004

o call back after Nov 20th (the end of my billing cycle) to get the charges removed. I called back a couple days after the 20th and the person there credited my account the amount neccessary. A few days after that I happened to again check on my account on the web site and it showed a balance of about $31 but that I would be billed $167. This conflicting information made no sense, so again I called up customer care and asked, literally, “How much will my credit card be billed when my auto payment date comes up?” and the guy said that I would be billed $31. Naturally I was billed $167 a couple days later. I called up AGAIN and the person there said I’d have to call back when their chargeback people were there to get the credit put back on my credit card. So I called back ONE LAST TIME (yesterday) where I was presented with two options: one is that I can just leave the credit on my account and in effect not pay my phone bill for a few months until it’s all used up, or I could have them charge back my credit card, however that could take up to 30 days to take effect. I just took the credit. Girrr…

Some good news for dad is that SCT got the contract with the University of Victoria! Yay! I’m not sure of all the details, but I know it’s good for the company, good for UVic, and good for dad. Kudos to all your hard work on this contract, dad. I know this year has not been the best for you, but perhaps you can kick 2004 a good one at the end.

Today was a beautiful day out! I love the balmy, sunny days of December in Souther California!

Lastly, I wanted to end on a high note with some even better news. I just received word this afternoon that Rachelle is finally out of the hospital! It’s been over a month and with various complications and extensions, we’re all so very relieved and glad that she’s all right and headed home. She should be on her way back up to Eugene for the holidays in a week or so.

In conclusion, here are some kitties. Now go post comments.”