Welcome to the World of Warcraft

January 31, 2005

As Megs has already mentioned, we have joined the ranks of the Alliance in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. This is quite possibly the world’s more popular MMORPG at the moment, and I must say it’s really fun, engrossing and quite pretty. I’m a level 9 Human Paladin named Sesal on the Hyjal server, in case […]


Tax Time Again

January 27, 2005

Once again I received my W-2 forms in the mail, which signifies it must be time for taxes. I did them right away this year because I’m expecting a decent refund. I’ve already e-Filed my federal taxes through H&R Block’s online self-help web site (free) and mailed off my paper forms for Oregon and California […]


Her Name is Isis

January 26, 2005

First off, I’d like to let everyone know that we named the cat. Her name is “Isis” after the Egyptian Goddess of Magic, and because it sounded cute. I believe Isis was also the name of Catwoman’s cat. I hope to post more pictures of her up here soon, but it’s taking a while because […]


We’ve Got Cat!

January 23, 2005

Today, Megs and I got a cat. We have yet to name her, but she’s really cute. She’s about 4 months old and a Siameese mix. We got her from a cat rescue program at PetCo. There will be more pictures as our relationship progresses. Right now she’s totally cosy and friendly as long as […]



January 20, 2005

e to be getting up–my apologies to Megan who does this every day. The reason for this was to get to the DMV early enough that I could get new plates for my car and still be on time to work. After much filling out of forms and writing a $122 check, my car is […]


That Damn Car

January 19, 2005

I figured it’s been too long since I last bitched and moaned about my car, so I’m due. This time it’s under $500, but only just. I got an oil change for $61 the other night, which costs more than your average change because they also flushed out the system and replaced the oil with […]


Napa’s Got Internet

January 17, 2005

I am currently waiting for my car to get an oil change at the NAPA place, and I’m surprised to find that they have an Internet station here in the waiting area. California is oh-so posh! I’m told that there’s been freezing rain up in Oregon. I hate to say it, but it’s been over […]


Ah, The Weekend

January 14, 2005

I do love Fridays. Something about being the beginning of the weekend, the most time until the work routine resumes. Not that I dislike work, but a weekend’s a weekend, ya know? Sundays are always dampened by the fact that Monday’s coming soon, however this weekend is different because Monday is a Company holiday for […]


Bright Sunshiney Day

January 13, 2005

The weather here in Southern California has finally resumed it’s usual state of sunshine and clear skies. It’s still relatively cool outside, if you can call 58 degrees at 10 a.m. in January cool. Folks here wear coats and sweaters in this kinda weather. I’m diggin’ it, however. Lately at work I’m coordinating getting some […]


Water Worries

January 10, 2005

As folks may know, it’s still stormy and rainy here in So Cal, but it’s supposed to let up by Wednesday. The road conditions continue to worsen with various freeways closed due to flooding and mudslides. This has yet to affect me directly, however Megs is concerned that the I-405 won’t be cleared up by […]