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Small Changes

Monday, February 28th, 2005

s space, decreases load time, and uses CSS instead of JavaScript, which I consider an improvment. I’ve also cleaned up some code elements behind the scenes to remove (now) unused JavaScript functions and some unused files. Lastly, I recompressed all the images still used on the front page to about 5-20% of their original size. Blah, blah, blah, like I’m sure you care.

So last Friday Megs and I saw The Aviator as previously reported. I thought it was good, if a little depressing as the lead character lost his mind. Still, it was interesting and I’m glad I saw it. It’s too bad the Spruce Goose isn’t still down here in Long Beach Harbor. I would have liked to see it after seeing the film. At least it’s still in existance, but I think it’s up in McMinnville now.

Saturday Megs and I were going to play World of Warcraft, but the server Gods were against us. Our server, Hyjal, was down all damned day! Girr. Since we had no WoW available to us, Megs and I went to Sears where I used the gift card mom got me for my birthday to get some new clothes. Thanks mom! The rest of the day Megs and I watched a bunch of Babylon 5 episodes and got caught up on Lost.

Sunday was good. Hyjal was back and I was able to get the last signatures I needed to create our guild, Pirates of Science. It takes 10 signatures from 10 unique accounts to create a new guild, so I had to pester some of my awesome co-workers into helping me out, mission accomplished there. Sunday wasn’t totally spent playing WoW, though. I did manage to scrub all the soap scum out of the bathtub/shower. It was getting kinda icky, so after much Lysol Tub Cleaner and bleach it’s now good as new. We also watched the Oscars, had dinner, and saw a couple more B5 eps. The next one is Into The Fire, so to all of you who know that one… =D. Don’t spoil it!”

Not A Screenwriter

Friday, February 25th, 2005

My time as an epic screenwriter has ended just as quickly as it began. And yes, I think the previous news rant sucked as much as you do. Moving on…

This weekend is The Academy Awards, which is a big deal in this town. In preparation, Megs and I are going to go see The Aviator tonight, which is up for 11 Oscars on Sunday. We’ve already seen Million Dollar Baby, which is up for 7. I’d like to see Ray and Sideways, but there’s not the time. If one of them wins Best Picture, I’ll see it afterwards. Other than going out to the movies, you can guess what I’m going to be up to this weekend. =)

I’d write more truthful news if I had anything more to say. Oh, and in case there was any misunderstanding I’ve never been wine tasting in the Napa Valley, nor have I been slain by an Orc. Those were complete fabrications mostly for my own amusment, if the for the amusment of my audience at large.

So yeah… uhh… I’ve learned that I can fly if I flap my arms real fast. And I can shoot lasers out of my tonsils, but only on Thursdays. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

Written Into a Corner

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

I got five comments in less than 24 hours on a news rant that was by-and-large less than accurate. I even managed to fool some of you into accepting that my life really is that exciting. I should be a screenwriter or something.


CHRIS: Just one more quest and I can level.

MEGAN (entering from doorway): Are you still playing this? I’m going to fix dinner.

CHRIS: Uh-huh. I’m almost done. Be right there.

MEGAN: Is it your turn to clean out the catbox?

CHRIS: *non-comittal-sound*




CHRIS: Ah crap. I have no axe.



ORC (looking at computer): Oooo! World of Warcraft…



Need to do Something

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

I’m feeling pressured to get out more. It seems that I get more comments here when I leave the apartment and see the world than when I stay home and watch Babylon 5 and play World of Warcraft. I don’t know how Tycho does it. Maybe I’ll just start making stuff up…

So yeah, today instead of going to work I went for a drive up north to the Napa Valley to go wine tasting by myself. I found some very good Pinot Noirs I liked, but after a few hours of tasting I found I had painted myself into a corner by becoming so intoxicated I couldn’t drive south again. As I was pondering this dilema one of those big flatbed trucks stopped next to where I was parked on the side of the I-5. He said his rig had room for one more car, and being intoxicated I said “Sure!” Of course, as soon as I loaded my car on the back, he took off saying something along the lines of “So long, sucker!” He actually used more swear words, but since this is a family web site I took some liberty in editing.

So there I was stranded on the I-5 and getting more livid by the moment, if not more lucid. As luck would have it there was a road race starting nearby and they were heading south. I managed to talk this one kid into letting me ride with him in his white 1986 Toyota Celica GT-S and we took off down the freeway. We managed to gain some ground on the rogue trucker due to the curvy nature of the roads in the pass and the drifty nature of the driver I was with, but I never did see the truck again. After the race, I got dropped off in Van Nuys, which I figured was close enough to home that I could make my way from there.

Van Nuys is kinda sketch in parts, with lots of auto shops on every major street. This is why I wasn’t surprised to see my car parked in some dark garage about to be chopped for parts, I assume. I didn’t want this, so I snuck in and started her up–luckily I still had the keys in my pocket. This caught the attention of the shop owner from the office, so I peeled out as fast as I could and took off east down Sherman Way. I got about three blocks before I hit major traffic, but I figured I was far enough away that the angry man would give up. Still, I was pretty nervous for a while until I made it to the Hollywood Freeway and could get up to a modest speed again. I checked my rear view mirror frequently. Luckily at 17:00 all the traffic on this freeway is heading northbound (out of LA) and not southbound like I was, so it was smooth sailing the rest of the way home.

And then I played World of Warcraft. I’m level 26 now. I’ll let you figure out which parts of the above blog hold more truth than others. It’s generally safer to stay home, but you never know…

Perfect Storm

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

Last weekend was fun. Kim stayed over Friday night and we went down to the Brunners’ for Grandma’s birthday Saturday morning. We had a nice gathering of family and we all ate various forms of deep-friend seafood. On Sunday Megs and I went down to Hollywood for pancakes for Reg’s birthday. We ate at The Griddle on Sunset Blvd., which is apparently a popular place to eat. We saw an actor from Everwood, an actor from Charmed, and Mr. Kevin Costner!! He was eating with his son. This is a weird city to live in.

The rest of the weekend Megs and I spent at our apartment doing laundry and–you guessed it–playing World of Warcraft and watching Babylon 5. Since it was so stormy down here last weekend, we kept losing our Internet connection, which was our signal to watch more B5 until it came back. All told we watched 15 episodes of the show and played WoW for untold hours. I honestly lost track of how long we played, but I’m now level 25. Megs went from level 18 to 22, which is quite impressive. We played the game with Matthew, Jacques, his girlfriend also named Megan, and our newest recruits, Shelby and Eric.

One of our coolest accomplishments last weekend was defeating Van Cleef together in a group instance dungeon. That link there was provided by Kelly in a comment on my last post, and I found it terribly apt. We also explored some new territory north of The Wetlands and I managed to get all the parts I needed to have this blacksmith make me this really cool weapon. Quite productive, I’d say. Three-day weekends are great for getting stuff done!

The Weekend Happens

Friday, February 18th, 2005

Tonight Kim is staying up in NoHo with Megs and me. I think the big plans are to play video games. Then tomorrow Megs, Kim and I are going down to Long Beach for grandma’s birthday for lunch. Uncles Paul and John and Aunt Mary should be there. I believe it’s simply lunch and socializing, so that should be nice. Megs and I might go to Sears in the afternoon, but I’m not sure yet.

On Sunday Megs and I might be going to brunch with some friends. That should be fun as well. People give us crap for playing World of Warcraft all the time, but this shows that we can be social and get out of the apartment for more than just work once in a while. Of course, after brunch we’re probably going to play World of Warcraft all afternoon… =)

I’m level 23 now, by the way. About half way to level 24.

Monday is still up in the air. Thinking about going to do something fun, but I’m not sure if it’ll work out yet.

Couple of Links and Stuff

Thursday, February 17th, 2005

So, today Jacques IM’s me with a link to this kinda odd web comic that features a bunny. Check it out, but be prepared for a string of randomness. Also today, Megan sent me a link to a complete backstory of the world of Warcraft. An interesting read if you’re into any of the games in that franchise.

Last night Megs and I went out to San Bernardino to go see a live production of A Chorus Line. I’d grown up listening to the soundtrack from this show, but this was the first time I’d seen it live. It was quite an entertaining show, and there was more dialog between songs then I thought there’d be.
Megs got us the tickets as a Christmas present, so my thanks to her! =)

Tonight I think it’s just dinner, “Srubs”, and World of Warcraft. I’m level 22 now, and about 2/3 of the way to being level 23. I’m gonna take yet another swing at that instance dungeoun in Westfall again this weekend, and this time I’m gonna complete it! I’ll be sure to let y’all know how it goes.

It’s Just Too Much News

Monday, February 14th, 2005

I know I already posted today and I rarely go for the multiple posts a day, but there’s more to write about. First off: a recap of last weekend.

Last Saturday was my 24th birthday, and I think it went pretty well. Megs took me out to a very nice seafood place on Friday and I had some of the best salmon ever. We also shared a very nice bottle of Pinot Noir from Firesteed vinyard, which happens to be in Oregon. All-in-all it was quite a splendid night out.

Saturday we went down to Long Beach to visit with my family there: Kim, Grandma and Grandpa Brunner, and Uncle John. We had a wonderful lunch of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and brocolli, with cake afterwards. After lunch Kim, Megs, John, and I played Lord of the Rings Risk, which is an interesting–if slightly confusing–take on the classic board game of world domination and conquest. Megs, Kim and I went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Gallagher where I had an excellent steak dinenr. We had a nice time chatting with them before returning back to the Brunners’ to watch some episodes of Babylon 5. I got some nice gifts from all in attendance as well as from my folks who sent me nice things as well. Thank you to everyone for making my birthday a happy one.

Sunday morning was church and brunch with the Gallaghers and then a brief shopping venture with Megs and Kim. After taking Kim back to the Brunners’, Megs and I returned home and played a round of DDR, followed by World of Warcraft. I played from 15:00 until midnight, which works out to about NINE HOURS of WoW. Megs bowed out about 22:00, so she scraped by with only seven. On the plus side, I am now level 21. =)

This afternoon I finally got around to uploading some pictures of Isis the cat. I will be uploading more over time as more are taken. I’ll post here when I do.

Lastly, in addition to today being Valentine’s Day, it’s also Dad’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!


Monday, February 14th, 2005

Since some of my friends have been showing what search strings lead visitors to their sites, I thought I would do the same. According to the logs of this web site, here are the most commonly used search strings to find this site for the first part of this month:

  1. eagle pics
  2. chevy camaro pics
  3. camaro pics
  4. dodge daytona pics
  5. 8-bit theater
  6. pics of mexico
  7. chevrolet camaro pics
  8. dodge daytona pic
  9. talum mexico
  10. wild parties
  11. wild party pics
  12. 1987 ford taurus station wagon
  13. chris brunner
  14. ecuador pics
  15. haircut pics
  16. matthew eagle
  17. mexico beach pics
  18. mexico pics
  19. pics of ecuador
  20. teagan pics

I would have liked to find out what strings were used to find my site over the past year, but my host only provides a month-by-month breakdown of these details and I didn’t feel like parsing the data myself for something so silly and pointless.


Welcome to Paradise

Thursday, February 10th, 2005

Believe it or not, but that’s the first time I’ve used the word “Paradise” in any of my blogs. I only used that headline, cuz I’m listening to a Green Day song of that name, however. Fun stuff.

So yeah, last night I almost got up to level 19 in WoW. I finished up another set of quests in Westfall, which gave me most of the XP for that. I’ve still got one more quest to do in that area, but it’s Elite (trans: REALLY REALLY HARD). Those of you who’ve done the Westfall quests will know which one I’m talking about: I’ve gotta “take care of” VanCleef, or “VC” as he’s called in game. The problem is that he’s deep in that instance dungeon I ventured into the other day. I’m gonna wait a couple of levels before I try it again. I’m also gonna take a bunch of people with me, who are all much more powerful than I am. =)

So yeah, tonight’s plans don’t involve much hardcore WoW’ing. Tonight it’s dinner, Alias, Lost, and The O.C. on the telly. Recorded the former two last night and the latter is on tonight at 8. That should take us up to when Megs goes to bed, at which point I may finish off those last few XP for level 19…