Small Changes

February 28, 2005

s space, decreases load time, and uses CSS instead of JavaScript, which I consider an improvment. I’ve also cleaned up some code elements behind the scenes to remove (now) unused JavaScript functions and some unused files. Lastly, I recompressed all the images still used on the front page to about 5-20% of their original size. […]


Not A Screenwriter

February 25, 2005

My time as an epic screenwriter has ended just as quickly as it began. And yes, I think the previous news rant sucked as much as you do. Moving on… This weekend is The Academy Awards, which is a big deal in this town. In preparation, Megs and I are going to go see The […]


Written Into a Corner

February 24, 2005

I got five comments in less than 24 hours on a news rant that was by-and-large less than accurate. I even managed to fool some of you into accepting that my life really is that exciting. I should be a screenwriter or something. [ SCENE OPENS ON CHRIS IN HIS OFFICE PLAYING WORLD OF WARCRAFT. […]


Need to do Something

February 23, 2005

I’m feeling pressured to get out more. It seems that I get more comments here when I leave the apartment and see the world than when I stay home and watch Babylon 5 and play World of Warcraft. I don’t know how Tycho does it. Maybe I’ll just start making stuff up… So yeah, today […]


Perfect Storm

February 22, 2005

Last weekend was fun. Kim stayed over Friday night and we went down to the Brunners’ for Grandma’s birthday Saturday morning. We had a nice gathering of family and we all ate various forms of deep-friend seafood. On Sunday Megs and I went down to Hollywood for pancakes for Reg’s birthday. We ate at The […]


The Weekend Happens

February 18, 2005

Tonight Kim is staying up in NoHo with Megs and me. I think the big plans are to play video games. Then tomorrow Megs, Kim and I are going down to Long Beach for grandma’s birthday for lunch. Uncles Paul and John and Aunt Mary should be there. I believe it’s simply lunch and socializing, […]


Couple of Links and Stuff

February 17, 2005

So, today Jacques IM’s me with a link to this kinda odd web comic that features a bunny. Check it out, but be prepared for a string of randomness. Also today, Megan sent me a link to a complete backstory of the world of Warcraft. An interesting read if you’re into any of the games […]


It’s Just Too Much News

February 14, 2005

I know I already posted today and I rarely go for the multiple posts a day, but there’s more to write about. First off: a recap of last weekend. Last Saturday was my 24th birthday, and I think it went pretty well. Megs took me out to a very nice seafood place on Friday and […]



February 14, 2005

Since some of my friends have been showing what search strings lead visitors to their sites, I thought I would do the same. According to the logs of this web site, here are the most commonly used search strings to find this site for the first part of this month: eagle pics chevy camaro pics […]


Welcome to Paradise

February 10, 2005

Believe it or not, but that’s the first time I’ve used the word “Paradise” in any of my blogs. I only used that headline, cuz I’m listening to a Green Day song of that name, however. Fun stuff. So yeah, last night I almost got up to level 19 in WoW. I finished up another […]