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The Cat Came Back

Tuesday, March 29th, 2005

I had to get up early today to take the cat back to the vet’s office to have her stitches removed. The procedure took about 5 seconds, and if I knew it was that easy (snip-snip-snip, yank-yank-yank), I would have done it myself. Anyways, the vet guy said she was healing up fine and to be on my way.

Last weekend was Easter Sunday, so Megs and I went down to LBC as planned to spend time with some of my extended family. Saturday we went down to the Brunners’ where we celebrated Uncle Paul’s birthday with Paul, Mary, Grandma, Grandpa, and John. After lunch and socializing Megs, John and I went out to run some errands at CompUSA, Circuit City, and Tower Records, followed by a trip to the AMC theater to see Robots. The film was no Incredibles or Shrek, but it was enjoyable. Quite a few funny moments.

Sunday Megs and I went to morning Mass with Grandma and Grandpa Gallagher over at Our Lady of Refuge. After services we went to brunch with the Elks over at the local Armory where we had some good waffles, bacon, eggs, etc. Following lunch, Megs and I went back home and (you guessed it), played a bit of World of Warcraft. We also got started on Season 5 of Babylon 5.

I was going to have some interesting thoughts on the subtle differences between absolute and relative truth, but I can’t remember my examples anymore. Someone remind me to keep a pad of paper by the bed someday. I really need to write down these ideas I have, since I seem to keep forgetting them when I want to write a new blog entry.

Quit Stalling, Slacker!

Friday, March 25th, 2005

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while now, but I keep putting it off. Yeah, I know I just posted Monday, but I have standards, you know? I was gonna give people a hard time for not posting, but I realized I wasn’t the most-current out there.

First off, here’s an amusing short article Megs sent me about that robotic vacuum cleaner, the Roomba. It’s only a quite three-page thing, so give it a whir. I made me chuckle.

As I previously mentioned, I went to Disneyland again recently. Here’s a picture I snapped of Megs and Kim trying on hats at one of the many hat vendors there. Sorry it’s so dark, but what do you want from a cell phone camera?

This weekend is Easter, and my immediate family is all scattered around. Kim’s no longer down here, and is in fact up in Eugene, as are mom and dad. Matt was gonna go up there, but his ride didn’t pan out so he’s stuck in Berkeley. Meanwhile, I’m down here in North Hollywood, but I plan on visiting the grandparents and uncles down in Long Beach this weekend. Plenty of family members to go around. =)

In World of Warcraft news (yes, I’m sure that you care), I’m now level 36 and have started two other characters on two other realms. In addition to my Paladin Sesal on Hyjal, I now have an Undead Warlock named Thryller on Dunemaul and a bald Gnomish Rogue named Queueball on Stormscale. My two “alts” are levels 6 and 7 respectively.

Other than that this week has been pretty ordinary. The office is pretty quiet; while we don’t get today off for Good Friday, a lot of people have taken PTO. I think LA Unified is on Spring Break next week, so folks with kids are taking some time for that. Of course, there’s also Easter on Sunday, which is cause for a lotta folks to visit with family. I remember when it was called Easter Vacation and not Spring Break. This was before MTV bought the franchise. Somehow “MTV’s Wet and Wild X-TREME Easter Sunday” just doesn’t work.

Happy Easter everyone. Be happy for what you have.

UO Housing to Disney

Monday, March 21st, 2005

The other night I was reflecting on how the past few years have brought me to where I am now. I’m going to start with college, specifically with University Housing. I decided to move into the dorms even though my family lived in Eugene for a few reasons, one being that the dorm rooms had high-speed internet. This wasn’t the most important factor, but it was in my consideration. Another reason was the semi-independant life that living on campus would leave me. Now, I had good relations with my folks so I wasn’t aching to get out, but I wanted to the excitement nonetheless. My last reason, and I think the most important, was to join the community. I realized that my favorite part of high school was the people and the hanging out, and that living on campus would bring me closer to campus life and the people in it.

The first person I met in the dorms was Lauren, my Resident Assistant. Aside from being an excellent person, she also got me interested in being an RA myself, which as you know I eventually attained. Another person I met early on was Megan. Back then she lived in the same Hall as me, along with Lauren, Carl, Hilary, Emily, Pratt, Bill and others I still keep in touch with to this day, although some more that others. My apologies to those of you I don’t talk to as often as I should.

After graduation I was looking for work when I happend to post on Lauren’s blog a comment along the lines of being jealous of her job at Symantec. She replied saying I should go to Personel Source to get a job as temp at Symantec. I took her up on her suggestion, however there weren’t any positions available working for Symantec. They offered me a job doing Disney support, which I took. Working Disney support gave me the opportunity to meet some good folks, including folks down here in North Hollywood. When a position opened up here in California, I expressed my interest and after much back and forth here I am with Megan. Quite an adventure.

There was something else I was going to write about today, but of course I forgot what I was. I really should keep a notebook by the bed or something so I can write this stuff down when I think of it. I hear that’s a good thing to do, keep a notepad by the bed.

Anyways, check out this wooden laptop someone made!

Better Blogging Before Bedtime

Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

I had a great idea on how to format this blog entry as well as content for it. Problem is that like most of my great ideas, it was right as I was falling asleep. I tried to commit it to long-term memory, but I only got part of it. Just pretend this entry is actually twice as clever as it seems and we should be there.

This blog was going to be in three parts: one for the usual recap of the weekend, two for … and here’s where I start forgetting stuff. I remember that it was going to have three parts and that the weekend was one, but that’s it. I’ll start there and see if anything more comes to me as I write.

Last weekend Cindy was visiting, as I wrote in the previous entry. Megs, Cindy, Kim and I all went to the Ha Ha Comedy Caf? Friday night and that was a lotta fun. A bit too expensive for the food and drinks, but we had a great time, so I guess it was worth it. Saturday we all went down to Anaheim to visit the Disneyland Resort once again. We had a great time at both Disney’s California Adventure (DCA) and Disneyland from about 11:00 to about 21:30 when we left. Cindy went to go hang out with another friend of hers in the area and Megs and I dropped Kim off at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Dead tired, Megs and I went home. Sunday was all about the World of Warcraft, as you might expect.

OH! I remembered something I was going to write about! Sunday evening I made lasagna for the first time! For those of you who haven’t made it, this is a complicated dish. First I had to boil these special lasagna noodles for a while. Then I had to prepare the tomato sauce filling by browning some ground beef, and adding pasta sauce and minced garlic. This is the easy way, but you can also use actual tomatoes and other ingredients, most of which can be found in pasta sauce. Off to the side I’ve also gotta mix up some ricotta cheese, an egg, and some parmesean. The recipe called for grated parmesean, but since I didn’t have that I just used the rest of my can of Kraft powder and that seemed to work all right. OK, once I got all that prepped, I put some of the sauce into a 2 qt. glass baking dish (yes, I have baking dishes), then some of the noodles laid flat, then more sauce, then some of the egg/cheese filling, then more noodles, then more sauce and egg/chesse filling, then finally I cover the whole thing with grated mozzerella and bake it for 30 minutes.

Phew! This was quite the undertaking, but for my first lasagna I think it came out pretty good. We still have a couple more servings for leftovers in the fridge, so it lasts well too. Might have one for dinner tonight. I was gonna have it for lunch, but we had pizza delivered at work and who am I to pass up free pizza?

I guess I’ll never know what else I was going to write about. I might have been about taking the cat to the vet to get her fixed, but I don’t think that’s right. Regardless, she’s there now and I’ll be going to pick her up in an hour or so. I had to get up earlier than usual to take her in this morning before work so I hope she appreciates it. I doubt that she will.

Oregon Houseguest

Thursday, March 10th, 2005

Tonight our friend Cindy and former co-worker from UO Housing is flying into LA to visit for a few days. She’ll be our first houseguest from Oregon, so we’re pretty excited. Megs and I miss our friends from back home, so we try to encourage folks to visit; we promised Cindy we’d go to Disneyland on Saturday. =) We’re going to try to maximize our time there so we’ll be going early in the morning and staying until late at night. Disneyland is open from 8:00 a.m. until midnight and Disney’s California Adventure is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., so we’ll probably be there from 10 to midnight. I’ve been told that if you do DCA early in the day, there’s no one else there. The only problem is California Spring Break starts next week for most folks, which means that this Saturday is the first day of the holiday. Hope it’s not too bad at the Park.

Last night our server on World of Warcraft was down. This left me feeling both sad and so full of hate. Megs and I watched TV instead. Got caught up on Scrubs and The O.C. as well as made some progress on Alias. We were caught up Lost, but we haven’t seen last night’s yet. We still have three more eps of Alias to go and one more Desperate Housewives. We’re also way behind on Joan of Arcadia, The West Wing, and Enterprise. Once we finish with Babylon 5, we’ll be able to get back with these other shows. Assuming World of Warcraft continues to be unreliable, that is.

More Comics

Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

I’ve recently started reading two more video gamer web comics: Ctrl-Alt-Del and VG Cats. If video games don’t really interest you, then by all means don’t read these. However, if you like Penny Arcade, Mac Hall, and Real Life, then you’ll probably like this one too.

Let it be known that I am now a Level 31 Human Paladin in World of Warcraft! Hear ye, hear ye.

Blog Slowdown

Monday, March 7th, 2005

For some reason I just haven’t felt like posting anything recently. Go figure. It’s probably because I really don’t have much to post about. Not that that’s ever stopped me before.

Last Friday Megs and I had a fairly quiet evening in. We ordered pizza and played WoW for 7.5 hours straight, finishing up at 3:30am. We did the Deadmines instance once more for old time’s sake and to help Shelby and Eric through. We also had time to run through the Stockades in Stormwind, which is another instance dungeon. We went through with me, Megs, Matt, and Jacques, and I must say we did very well for ourselves. We completed, I think, five Elite quests and came out with a good haul of loot and equipment. I’d certainly be up for doing that again (Shelby/Eric). Oh, and yesterday I finally broke down and bought our guild a tabard design. Now we can all buy a cool guild tabard (1GP) and sport our colours. I’m out 10GP for the design, but thanks to Shelby and Other Megan for their contributions to the cause. Donations are still welcome, I might add.

Saturday night Jacques and Other Megan came over and we watched Get Shorty followed by going out to see the sequel Be Cool at the theater. We all enjoyed the movies and had a fun time hanging out, which was the point really. We also managed to make it all day without playing World of Warcraft. On a Saturday, no less! Well, all right, Megs and I played for a few minutes after Jacques and Other Megan left, but we were really tired, so that didn’t last long. Earlier in the day we went out and ran some errands with the full intent of playing WoW later. The best laid plans, I guess.

Sunday Kim came up to visit and to go shopping at Fry’s. Megs and I helped her buy a really cool mp3 player so she can listen to music on her rail commute every day without having to lug around a bunch of CD’s and her Discman. After shopping we hung out and watched four more episodes of Babylon 5 whilst eating some delicious dinner that Kim prepared for us in the wok mom got me for Christmas. My family keeps me in good health. Why, just today I e-mailed mom and asked for some tips for more dinner entr?s, and she replied with a good list of things to make. Thanks mom!

Plans for tonight are to go grocery shopping equipped with a new list of things to get for new entr?s to try to create.

Nyarrr, Studio Lot!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

Yesterday Kim and I took a trip over to the Disney Studio Lot over in Burbank to check out the sets they’re building for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. We got to hang out in the ship cabins of the Black Pearl and a new ship as. The amazing attention to detail impressed me quite a bit; even up close things looked quite real. I always get a kick out of visiting the Lot, but this was even cooler cuz we got to get up close and personal with actual movie sets and talk with actual Grips. We were walkin’ around in the studio and one of them asked if we wanted to see inside. We were like, “Hell yeah!” Quite cool. Look for this film in the summer of ’06.

In other good news, dad got a promotion! He’s now the General Manager for the Western Region of SunGard SCT, which includes the western parts of the US, Canada as well as the Pacific Rim, which in turn includes Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia. Dad, let me know if I’m leaving anywhere out. Anyways, a big congrats to him on his success.

In World of Warcraft news (I should have a special section for this), we were experiencing massive lag last night from 500-4000ms. For those not in the know, lag–a.k.a. latency–is the amount of time it takes a signal to get from me to the server and back. Normal play is usally 100-300ms for us. Anything over 500ms is bad, so 4000ms means the game crashes is a horrible way and you die. Our friends online were not having a bad time, so we assume it has to do with our connection, and so I blame Adelphia once again for my troubles. girr. Hopefully things will be better tonight.

I’m listening to Pink Floyd’s The Wall right now, which is still an excellent album. I used to have it years ago but someone stole it in high school, and I’ve been without ever since. Megs got it for me for Christmas so it’s been re-introduced into my collection. I’ve always really liked the song “Nobody Home” so I’m listening to it now. I like that it’s slow and it builds. Everyone who has this album should give it another listen now, I think. If you don’t have it find someone who does and borrow it. Classic.