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Our Cable is Weak!

Thursday, June 30th, 2005

Last night’s cable experiment show’d no promise. I don’t know what those guys were doing to the cable in our building, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on our crappy picture. So I kept my appointment with Adelphia and this morning a tech showed up to check it out. Seems our cable signal is about 2db when it should be closer to 12db. Don’t know why it’s rated in decibels, but I know 2 is a lot lower than 12. The guy said that yeah, that’s no good. He said that was all he could do and he’d have to hand it off to maintenance to get the signal up. I look forward to having a more powerful signal whenever they get ’round to taking care of this. CBS has always looked like crap, so I think this has been a degenerating problem over time.

In World of Warcraft news, I’ve accomplished my long-term side goal with my main character, which is to tag in with all the Alliance airports in the game. I can now fly anywhere that gryphons go. The last two for me to get were Moonglade and Winterspring, which were kinda hard to get because the cave to get to both these lands is guarded by pissed-off Furbolgs. Now, these aren’t your usual corrupted evil Furbolgs, which is kinda why they were so pissed off. Seems people keep mistaking them for corrupted evil Furbolgs and attacking them, so I had to prove that I wasn’t an asshole by doing a quest for them to let them know I was a nice guy. After this, they let me pass, although I get the feeling that they still don’t like me much.

One Lonely Poster

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

I’d forgotten how much everyone else’s blogs dry up over the summer when folks are away from school and the convenient Internet access. But I’m still here! In the corporate world one day is pretty much the same as another, summer or otherwise.

Our Internet connection went out at our apartment the other night and we were at a loss! It was out nearly 48 hours by the time it miraculously fixed itself. Still not sure what’s going on, but it coincided with a significant drop is signal quality for the television picture quality. The Internet came back and the picture improved yesterday, but it’s still not perfect. The higher numbered channels still have a bit of snow on them and I’ve got a guy coming out tomorrow to check it out. Thing is, there were guys working on the cable for our building today, so if that’s related and now it’s all fixed, then problem solved. I’ll check the picture quality when I get home and if it’s good I’ll call Adelphia and cancel the appointment.

My Weekend Has Gone

Monday, June 27th, 2005

Last weekend was a nice time with family. Matt came over on Friday after work, and after dinner at Sizzler’s and groceries from Ralph’s we spent the rest of the night playing World of Warcraft. Oh, the excitement. Saturday dad dropped by and we all went out to lunch at The Olive Garden where I had some three-meat raviolli, which was tasty as usual. The rest of the day was more games, ‘cept this time we played new characters on a new server, which was interesting. Sunday we went out to Burbank for a movie and then more games, followed by dinner, after which I took Matt home.

Megs recently found out she doesn’t have LSAT prep class next weekend, so we suddenly have a three-day weekend to use for something. Once we know what we’re doing I’ll tell you about it. Also, I’ve heard Uncle Paul is fairing well after his knee sugery so good news there. Dad’s staying with him for a while this week.

Pictures Will Be Here Eventually

Friday, June 24th, 2005

So many requests for pictures… Don’t worry, folks. I’ve taken some before and after pictures for just this occassion, I’m just holding back until a later phase, which is forthcoming. Figure on sometime mid next week.

For the record, I am now level 50 in World of Warcraft. And yes, I do feel special! ^_^

Glad it’s Friday. The weeks seem longer in tbe summer time I think. This weekend Matt’s gonna be up for a visit and I think Dad’s dropping by at some time too. I’ve set up the spare computer for Matt, so we are a go for crazy World of Warcraft action!

Speaking of Warcraft, it’s come to my attention (Angelix) that our guild, the Pirates of Science, may be tightly made up of only real world comrades, but it’s small. Later quests involve groups of adventurers of sizes greater than six, which is our current maximum if everyone’s online. We’re thinking of forming some kind of partnership with another guild, leaving our guild to join another one, or recruiting more people. We’ve met some cool people in the Knights of Honor guild, so maybe we can hook up with them somehow. People going inactive in a guild is fairly common the more that time goes on, so I was thinking of forming a new guild made up entirely out of the remaining hardcore folks from other guilds. I don’t know how feasable that is, but I think it’s a cool idea.

In non-WoW news, Megs has started her LSAT prep course, which holds classes on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 – 12. She’s been studying every night this week, so best of luck to her with that!

Lastly, Uncle Paul recently underwent knee surgery, which I understand is really quite unpleasant. Best wishes on a speedy recovery to him from all of us here at ChrisWeb.


Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

The big news in my life recently is that I shaved my beard down to a goate last night. The interesting part is everyone’s reaction here at work. Only one person said right out “hey, you shaved your beard down to a goate”, which you’d think would be the most obvious response–not the case. When people who know one another see each other, the brain simply recalls up a mental picture of what that person looks like and doesn’t pay much attention to the details like hair, clothes, etc. This is why nine times out of ten I can’t remember what someone was wearing yesterday. But when something more drastic changes, such as shaving one’s beard down to a goate, the brains of others go “hey! something’s really different! but what?” This is why I got responses like “Did you get a haircut?” (about three days ago), “Are you not wearing glasses today?” (I’ve never worn glasses), “Did you grow a beard” (Yes! Overnight!), and my favorite “You look… sad.” I had no idea my beard was cheery, but my goat is depressed. Overall, though, impressions have been positive. At least, once everyone’s brain was on the same page.

Friends, Family, Movies, and Earthquakes

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

io lot Friday afternoon. I sound so Hollywood, don’t I? Anyways since I know he lurks here on my site, I shall say only nice things about him. Seriously, it was good to see him and to catch up a bit. It’s kinda strange talking about what I’ve been up to, since he’d already read about most of it on the site.

Friday evening Megs’ step-dad Erv was in town on business so we went out to dinner with him over in Burbank at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro. I’m really glad Megs got to spend time with family. I’m lucky in that I’ve got family at hand down here whenever I feel homesick, so it was more of a special occasion for her. Good times.

Lastly, Megs and I went with Ozzzy to go see the new Batman flick over at the big AMC 16 in Burbank. My official review is that this movie totally rocks. It revitalizes the franchise, and it’s a well-made film to boot! If you like action movies at all and are even passingly familiar with the Batman world, go see this movie now!

Happy Summer Solstice, everybody!”

I Need a New Belt

Thursday, June 16th, 2005

The subject says it all, really. My belt buckle broke off on my old one, so I guess it’s time to get another. My other belts appear to have shrunk when I wasn’t paying attention. Funny how all my waistline clothing conspired to do this at the same time.

I’d forgotten how much the summer months dry up my comments here. Apparently there are no more readers of Chrisweb out there, and hence no more feedback. I’m always hesitant to post another rant after receiving no comments on the one previous, but since Shelby was kind enough to leave a note I am able to move on.

Strangely enough I have NOT been playing World of Warcraft lately. Why, you might ask? Because my character is bugged and I cannot log in! Arrrgh! Maddening, and Blizard support isn’t the speedy response unit I’d hoped for. Ah well, my service ticket is in, so it’s just a matter of waiting for it to get dealt with.

Megs and I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith last weekend and it was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. A good action comedy in the same vein as True Lies. The plot was weak, but the characters and dialog was fun so it worked out for the best. If you’re unsure what else to see and you’re looking for something entertaining, go see it.

The Week Drags On

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. Feels like it should at least be Thurday, but it’s not. The week drags on.

I hope these little writings of mine bring some level of brief entertainment to those of you out there who read them. I provides me about 10-20 minutes entertainment writing them and I like to read everyone else’s blogs to keep up. It’s how I start my day and how I keep up with the daily goings on of those folk who are goodly enough to post stuff. For instance, it seems Chris Wells is buying a house! How exciting for him! Shelby is working on learning more C++ than she already knows, which is also cool. Kim says she’s going to post a rant someday. We’ll see. Kelly is dead, I assume. She hasn’t posted in quite some time, so I can only assume the worst. I’d say Matt is dead too (even longer between posts by far), but I talk to him all the time in WoW, so that joke doesn’t fly. Carl got his hair cut and even posted pictures on his Livejournal. It’s much shorter now. Megs went to a LAN party, but then you already knew that. Annie thinks boys are dumb. News flash– they are! Lauren is far too busy these days with school and moving, but she seems to get by. Sean has been doing the anime convention circuit lately and continuing to work at Intel, so all’s well there. As far as I know all Pratt’s done in the last six month is visit Canada, but that was quite some time ago, so I must assume his demise as well. Poor guy, he was to be President/Emperor some day.

So yeah, there’s my morning blog recap. Does that make this a meta-blog? Is it bad when people spend time writing about other writers? What if they write about this post? Since my blog is purely proprietary and not tied in with Blogger, Moveable Type, Livejournal, or whatever, it rarely gets linked, so we’ll see.

Last night I reached level 48 in World of Warcraft. *DING!* and w00t to that! I recently learned the netiquette for leveling in WoW is to type *DING!* to your party/guild so that all may reply with “grats” to acknowledge your glory and achievement. Grats of course short for “congrats” or even “congratulations”. Depends on how well you know one another. I used to get really annoyed at all the shorthand in the game, e.g. “ne 1 4 vc???” -> “Anyone for Van Cleef”, but sometimes it has its place when typing long sentences can get you killed. Nothing more frustrating finding that rather than cast a critical heal or shield you just typed “8” or “-” about a dozen times to your guild at the end of a sentence. But yeah, I ding’ed last night and was properly grat’ed by Matt and Jacques at the time.

In conclusion, TV in the summer sucks. All the good shows are in repeats or off entirely, and the “new exciting summer season” some of the networks are touting actually translates to “crappy reality shows that weren’t good enough to be a mid-season replacement.” Thank God for Netflix and WoW!

Family Disney

Monday, June 6th, 2005

So it turns out that my aunt, uncle, and three young cousins were actually coming last weekend, and not this coming weekend like I had originally thought. No matter, everything worked out just fine. Saturday morning, I got up at 6 and headed out to Anaheim where I met up with Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Brent, and my three younger cousins, Bethany, Anna, and Marissa. There are pictures of everyone in this gallery. It had been a long time since they had been to Disneyland, and Marissa had never been before, so it was pretty exciting going with all of them. Kim met up with us early on and we went on quite a few attractions throughout the day. About 15:00 Grandpa Gallagher joined up, and I took off about 17:30. Busy day! I spent the rest of the evening making lasagna and playing World of Warcraft with Megan.

Going back further, on Friday Megs and I went to go see Madagascar over at the big AMC theater in Burbank, and I must say we enjoyed it quite a bit. Lots of quick gags, and the charaters were genuinely funny. I’ve heard that some of my other family members are luke-warm to it, but I still liked it, and I’d recommend it to all my friends and family.

Sunday was the first weekend day I haven’t had to be anywhere for a while so I stayed home. I spent the day playing World of Warcraft with the guild (Megs, Matt, Jacques, Megan M., Shelby, and Eric) and doing my laundry. Not that I haven’t enjoyed the past few weekends, but it was nice to just be able to lounge around the apartment in my sleepwear for most the day.

Successful Weekend

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

I feel like I should write something about last weekend’s activities, in which Megan and I joined Matt, Kim, and Jacques out at Harvey Mudd College where Jacuqes goes to school. Brining out computer equipment, we set up in the dorms and were ready to play by the time it started getting dark on Friday. It was a Blizzard weekend with games of Starcraft, Warcraft III, and World of Warcraft dominating our time. Our greatest accomplishment was defeating this silly little mod map for Warcraft III called Zoator Tower Defence 2.0, which we’d been working on for the past couple years on and off. A great cheer arose after we finally survived the onslaught of level 40. Another accomplishment of note was getting Megs to level 40 in World of Warcraft, thus allowing her to purchase a mount. Jacques girlfriend (also named Megan) also was able to purchase a mount over the weekend, so as soon as we get Jacques and Matt some kind of ridable transport our guild will be ready to rock at 60% normal walk speed. Lastly, Kim, Megs, and I were almost able to defeat the unstoppable duo at Starcraft that is Matt and Jacques. Considering the only time the three of us play Starcraft is at these get-togethers I’d say we’re showing marked improvement.

We spent the entire Memorial Day weekend out there playing games, so I don’t have a whole lot else to write about. Our cat did fine in our absense–we left out plenty of food and water. She didn’t mess any of the carpet or furniture, for which we were grateful.

Megs and I are also slowly getting caught up on this season’s television shows. World of Warcraft has forced on some heavy dependance on the ReplayTV, but we’re slowly clearing it out. The only show we’ve left to watch is most of this season of Alias. Show’s we’re current on: Lost, Desperate Housewives, The Simpsons, Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls (at least the last part of the most-rencent season when we started watching it), The West Wing, The O.C., Scrubs, Enterprise, and Joan of Arcadia. A moment of sadness and remorse for the last two shows, which have unfortunately been cancelled. Just saw the last two Enterprise episodes last night. An end of an era, but at least they were able to give the franchise some closure. Some shows aren’t given the opportunity to tie up loose ends before the plug gets yanked (Joan), so at least we got our little Enterprise-through-the-ages montage. I thought that was nice, as were the scenes from Enterprise-D with Riker and Troi. I thought the new CGI 3D model version of the Enterprise-D looked cool, too–Star Trek didn’t start using CGI for its ships until Voyager.

Wow, I sound like a bum. I don’t post for a week and all I’ve got to show for it is time spent playing video games and watching TV. Not like some people who went to nice bed-n-breakfasts on the coast, or went medieval camping, or aquired keys to three houses, or went to anime conventions, or coached football, or traveled for work. Nope. Just sat around and stared at screens. Bonus points if people can figure out all the folks to whom I am referring in that list there.

Not much planned for the rest of the week. Going grocery shopping tonight, I think. Nothing planned this weekend, which should be a nice change from the past couple weeks. I think I’ve got some family comming into town next week sometime, though. I should call on that…