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The Week Drags On

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. Feels like it should at least be Thurday, but it’s not. The week drags on.

I hope these little writings of mine bring some level of brief entertainment to those of you out there who read them. I provides me about 10-20 minutes entertainment writing them and I like to read everyone else’s blogs to keep up. It’s how I start my day and how I keep up with the daily goings on of those folk who are goodly enough to post stuff. For instance, it seems Chris Wells is buying a house! How exciting for him! Shelby is working on learning more C++ than she already knows, which is also cool. Kim says she’s going to post a rant someday. We’ll see. Kelly is dead, I assume. She hasn’t posted in quite some time, so I can only assume the worst. I’d say Matt is dead too (even longer between posts by far), but I talk to him all the time in WoW, so that joke doesn’t fly. Carl got his hair cut and even posted pictures on his Livejournal. It’s much shorter now. Megs went to a LAN party, but then you already knew that. Annie thinks boys are dumb. News flash– they are! Lauren is far too busy these days with school and moving, but she seems to get by. Sean has been doing the anime convention circuit lately and continuing to work at Intel, so all’s well there. As far as I know all Pratt’s done in the last six month is visit Canada, but that was quite some time ago, so I must assume his demise as well. Poor guy, he was to be President/Emperor some day.

So yeah, there’s my morning blog recap. Does that make this a meta-blog? Is it bad when people spend time writing about other writers? What if they write about this post? Since my blog is purely proprietary and not tied in with Blogger, Moveable Type, Livejournal, or whatever, it rarely gets linked, so we’ll see.

Last night I reached level 48 in World of Warcraft. *DING!* and w00t to that! I recently learned the netiquette for leveling in WoW is to type *DING!* to your party/guild so that all may reply with “grats” to acknowledge your glory and achievement. Grats of course short for “congrats” or even “congratulations”. Depends on how well you know one another. I used to get really annoyed at all the shorthand in the game, e.g. “ne 1 4 vc???” -> “Anyone for Van Cleef”, but sometimes it has its place when typing long sentences can get you killed. Nothing more frustrating finding that rather than cast a critical heal or shield you just typed “8” or “-” about a dozen times to your guild at the end of a sentence. But yeah, I ding’ed last night and was properly grat’ed by Matt and Jacques at the time.

In conclusion, TV in the summer sucks. All the good shows are in repeats or off entirely, and the “new exciting summer season” some of the networks are touting actually translates to “crappy reality shows that weren’t good enough to be a mid-season replacement.” Thank God for Netflix and WoW!