Our Cable is Weak!

Last night’s cable experiment show’d no promise. I don’t know what those guys were doing to the cable in our building, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on our crappy picture. So I kept my appointment with Adelphia and this morning a tech showed up to check it out. Seems our cable signal is about 2db when it should be closer to 12db. Don’t know why it’s rated in decibels, but I know 2 is a lot lower than 12. The guy said that yeah, that’s no good. He said that was all he could do and he’d have to hand it off to maintenance to get the signal up. I look forward to having a more powerful signal whenever they get ’round to taking care of this. CBS has always looked like crap, so I think this has been a degenerating problem over time.

In World of Warcraft news, I’ve accomplished my long-term side goal with my main character, which is to tag in with all the Alliance airports in the game. I can now fly anywhere that gryphons go. The last two for me to get were Moonglade and Winterspring, which were kinda hard to get because the cave to get to both these lands is guarded by pissed-off Furbolgs. Now, these aren’t your usual corrupted evil Furbolgs, which is kinda why they were so pissed off. Seems people keep mistaking them for corrupted evil Furbolgs and attacking them, so I had to prove that I wasn’t an asshole by doing a quest for them to let them know I was a nice guy. After this, they let me pass, although I get the feeling that they still don’t like me much.

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  1. shelby says:

    congratulations! I forgot to ask you whether you made friends or just forced your way through. I prefer the making friends way, myself.
    Also, I just realized that humans have the 10% reputation increase, which makes me super excited for my new alt. All that stuff would be so much easier! (You know me, I want to be friends with EVERY group in the game….)

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