June 23, 2005

The big news in my life recently is that I shaved my beard down to a goate last night. The interesting part is everyone’s reaction here at work. Only one person said right out “hey, you shaved your beard down to a goate”, which you’d think would be the most obvious response–not the case. When people who know one another see each other, the brain simply recalls up a mental picture of what that person looks like and doesn’t pay much attention to the details like hair, clothes, etc. This is why nine times out of ten I can’t remember what someone was wearing yesterday. But when something more drastic changes, such as shaving one’s beard down to a goate, the brains of others go “hey! something’s really different! but what?” This is why I got responses like “Did you get a haircut?” (about three days ago), “Are you not wearing glasses today?” (I’ve never worn glasses), “Did you grow a beard” (Yes! Overnight!), and my favorite “You look… sad.” I had no idea my beard was cheery, but my goat is depressed. Overall, though, impressions have been positive. At least, once everyone’s brain was on the same page.