Last Post For July

July 31, 2005

This was a fairly lazy weekend here in North Hollywood. Megs and I re-arranged the furniture in the living room a bit, and I’m quite pleased with the results. For those of you who’d like to see the new look, and for those of you who have never visited, I’ve taken the liberty of putting […]


GTA vs Football

July 27, 2005

Here is an interesting article in the LA Times I found linked over on Slashdot about the recent national attention violent video games have been receiving lately. I think it’s an interesting opinion on the situation with “the kids today” in our nation.


Hot LAN Action!

July 25, 2005

Last weekend Megs and I had company! Kim, Matt, Chris “Ozzzy” Osberg, and Megan “Other Megan” Marshal all accepted our invitation to visit us for some exciting computer gaming action! The battles on the screens were nothing compared to our ongoing battle with the weather. It was hellova hot out last weekend, and it’s still […]


Damn, It’s Hot Out!

July 22, 2005

I did not sleep well last night. It was so bloody hot out that even the sheet was too much. Today I was a bit more proactive in countering Mother Nature by turning on the A/C unit before I left for work this morning. I’ve got fans to help move the air around, but when […]


Right-Click on My Computer

July 21, 2005

OK, so get this–I’m gonna write about computer stuff! No kidding! I’ll do it, too! So, the other day I had not one, but TWO seperate and independant computer issues at home. I couldn’t be satisfied with just having my Internet be back, nooooo I had to go and add more pain for myself. I’m […]



July 19, 2005

For the literal meaning of the headline, check out the definition in the Urban Dictionary. I say it here because on Friday I went to Medieval Times for dinner and a show. You sit in this arena and while you eat people fight each other using horses and swords. There’s a bit of a story […]


Internet: Out of Order

July 19, 2005

In case you’re wondering why I may not have posted recently, it might be because I’ve recently had no Internet access at home for a week after the morning of the 8th of July. This isn’t why I’ve not posted lately (I usually post from work), but I noticed that my last post was the […]


Oil Change

July 8, 2005

Today on my lunch break I got the oil in my car changed. They replaced the filter and put fresh Mobil Synthetic 10/30 in the car. Oh man, my life is so gosh darn EXCITING these days! In other thrilling news I made chicken curry w/ rice and veggies last night. It came out quite […]


Video Games Live

July 7, 2005

Last night Megs and I went to see a show at the Hollywood Bowl called Video Games Live. In this show the LA Philharmonic Orchestra perfomed various video game tunes for our enjoyment. There were big screens showing video game scenes along with smoke and lasers for added effect. They also had some “actors” on […]


Out and About

July 6, 2005

Over the past Independance Day weekend, Megs and I decided to get out of the city for a while, so we went up to the mountains near Palm Springs to go backpacking overnight. There’s this tram thing that hauls you up from 2643′ to 8516′ in the mountains, and after riding that we hiked another […]