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The Train Job

Monday, August 29th, 2005

Here’s the rundown of last weekend:

Friday – Went to go see The Brothers Grimm with Reg after work. I’d say it’s worth a watch, especially compared with everything else out there right now. Interesting take on fairy tales and what-not. Like if Terry Gilliam did Shrek, but not quite as silly.

Saturday – Megs and I took the train into downtown to do a bit of shopping and exploring. We took the Metro Red Line (subway) from North Hollywood down to Civic Center station, which is by all the government buildings like the courthouse and City Hall. We walked from there a few blocks down to Little Japan where we found Kinokuniya Book Store (Japanese books) and a decent ramen place. There seemed to be some kind of mini street fair going on when we were there, so we walked down the street to check out the booths. There was also a small stage set up in the courtyard where some folks were doing kendo demos, dancing, and (we think) stand-up comedy. Hard to tell, as we don’t speak Japanese, but the bit involved a crate of bananas and audience participation. Anyways, after leaving there we took the train back home where we got Megs’ car and went down to Ventura Blvd to get the Serenity comic books, which apparently cover the time between the TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity. The remainder of our evening involved watching Desk Set and playing World of Warcraft with Papa John’s for dinner.

Sunday – Megs had her LSAT class in the morning, so in an effort to minimize travel distance and only take one car down to Long Beach, I took Metro from North Hollywood to Pasadena where I met Megs after class. Had to take the Red Line to Union Station then catch the Gold Line out to Pasadena, which is not the most direct route from North Hollywood, but it’s where the rails go. We then went straight from there to Claremont in Megs’ car to get Matt before heading down to Long Beach to hang out with Kim and the Brunners as planned. Our thanks to Grandma and Grandpa again for the hospitality.

It’s Not Unusual

Friday, August 26th, 2005

I’ve got this Tom Jones song stuck in my head and it won’t go away. One of my co-workers was singing it earlier so I had to go and play the mp3. Oh well.

This weekend we’re planning on going down to Long Beach to visit with the Brunners before Kim and Matt head back up to Oregon next week. It’s been far too long since our last visit, so this’ll be nice.

In car news, I thought I’d found the part I need online, but it turns out they don’t have it. They charged my credit card and everything before they found out, which confused me when I saw the order status as canceled. They refunded my card though, so all’s well, I guess. They also pointed me to another location on the ‘net that has the part (Chrysler part no. 4565032), however they’re closed until early October! Apparently it’s a small operation with a lotta parts. I found another place that claims to have it, but it costs almost 3 times what the first place has it listed at. I’ll wait until October, I think. I’m not even totally convinced that this part will fix my problem, but as it’s the next logical step in the troubleshooting, here I am. It might be a fried wire somewhere in the chasis for all I know. The lights do flash properly when I hit the hazzard light button, just no left turn signal when I push the switch to turn left. Right turns only. I’ve taken the swtich apart a number of times, and it’s fairly simple. Nothing obviously broken. Bah. I hate cars sometimes.

In World of Warcraft news (been a while…), I reached level 57 last night. Megs reached 49 last night as well. Ain’t we swanky? Oh yes we are. =)

You Can’t Take the Sky From Me

Monday, August 22nd, 2005

OK, enough epic news for a while. For now just know that the wedding plans progress and we’ll keep ya posted as things get more interesting.

What I really wanna tell you about is this show called “Firefly” that used to be on FOX a couple of years ago. A number of friends of ours have told us that we need to see this show, so Megs and I finally caved in and got the first three (of four) dics from Netflix. They’ve been sitting around the apartment for a while now, so we finally got ’round to watching them last weekend. I have this to say on the matter:


This is an excellent show that combines elements of a number of other shows I like such as Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Briso County, and Dark Angel. I expect it also has some Buffy elements to it, as it’s done by the same guy, but I haven’t seen much Buffy. Anyways, it’s a space drama set about 500 years in the future following around a group of rag-tag individuals on a small transport ship. Some stuff I really like about the show: interesting characters, cool ship design, and fun dialog. The show also has a totally awesome style that mixes western (as in wild west), asian, and futuristic themes. This style applies to the sets, the ships, the dialetc, the towns, the weapons, the clothes, everything!

So cool. Watch it as soon as you can.

The bad news is that FOX canceled it after 15 episodes (that’s counting the two hour pilot as two eps), so there’s only so much to see. However, there’s a feature film entitled “Serenity” due out next month that continues the story, so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Even More Epic News — Getting Married

Thursday, August 18th, 2005

Just when I thought I couldn’t top last summer’s epic news I do just that. Monday night I proposed to Megan and she said yes! We’re planning on next summer for the wedding. I think I’ve already informed most of the regular readers of this site through other channels, but if there’s any lurkers out there or people I haven’t been able to reach–surprise! Not that it’s all that shocking to anyone who knows us. We’ve been getting a lot of “Congratulations! And it’s about time!”

So yes. There it is. We are very happy about this. =)

We Are Back!

Monday, August 15th, 2005

The trip up north was MUCH too short. It was great seeing everyone we were able to see and to enjoy the Oregon terrain once again. I would have liked to have seen more folks and perhaps made a trip out to the Oregon coast, so maybe next time.

Regardless, Shelby and Eric’s wedding was absolutely wonderful! It was held at a bed and breakfast out in the Willamette Valley countryside and with a light breeze and clear skies, what more could you ask for in a location? The ceremony was short and ended with releasing two white birds, which I thought was a cool touch. The reception after was also cool and Megs and I got to spend some time talking with Wells, Jessica, Carl, Professor Stevens, Lauren, David, Andi, and Shannon. My apologies if I forgot a name or a webpage in this list, but it was great hanging with everyone, catching up with old friends and meeting new people.

In addition to the wedding, Megs and I also gotta see my folks and hers in Eugene/Springfield and Portland, respectfully. After many barbeques and a bit of shopping we surely felt the family love and were glad for the trip, rushed though it may have been. Thanks, everyone!

We Are Here!

Friday, August 12th, 2005

Just a quick post to let folks know that Megs and I are now up in Oregon. We’re currently at dad & Estelle’s place in Springfield, but later we’re gonna go over to Eugene for a bit. Tomorrow is the wedding, which is why we’re here. I need to remember to take pictures when I’m there.

It’s really good to be back up here. I enjoy the clear skies, the clean air, and the potable tap water. The lack of cars and freeways is kind of strange, but I’m happy to report I still know my way around town. It’s good to be back.

Can’t Complain Too Much

Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

I guess I can’t complain about folks not posting enough on their blogs when I haven’t posted as much as I usually do.

What I can complain about is my car. It’s been a while since I last bitched about the thing, so I feel I’m way overdue. Currently my turn signals are dead, which while not preventing the vehicle from driving, does present a safety issue. My mechanic believes it’s the switch itself, which wouldn’t be such a big problem if a replacement switch actually existed. He didn’t have one in stock, his parts guy didn’t have one, the dealer didn’t have one, and all the junkyards he could call didn’t have one. After an exhaustive national search, he was unable to find a replacement part for me. Apparently, Dodge no longer makes this particular part. I’m gonna go hit up the local junkyards and see if I can find a wrecked Daytona I can swipe one from, but it’ll be a little while until I can find a free day to go dump diving.

This weekend Megs and I will be up in Oregon for Shelby and Eric’s wedding. It’ll be a really quick trip, so my apologies, but we won’t be able to see anyone when we’re up there. Just the wedding and immediate family. We leave Burbank early Friday morning, arrive in Portland around 09:00, then drive straight down to Eugene. Family time at dad & Estelle’s place Friday afternoon, out with the wedding crew Friday night Family time at mom’s Saturday morning/early-afternoon, the weddding Saturday evening/night. Sunday is family time with Megs’ folks up in Portland and then we fly back down arriving in Burbank around 22:00 Sunday night. Whew! It’ll be good to be back in Oregon, but much too brief.

So anyways, it might be the 20th by the time I get a chance to go searching for a turn signal.

Funny Stuff Late at Night

Saturday, August 6th, 2005

So it’s 4:15 in the morning, but I just came across something really weird and funny. It’s the random Vin Diesel “fact” generator. Apparently people can submit facts to this and we can read them for our enjoyment. Check it out.

Oh, and in actual news I’ve got Matt, Jacques, and Other Megan visiting again for more computer gaming action! We played a cool round of Starcraft in which Megs, Megs and I won against Matt and Jacques; epic conquest. We then played a lot of World of Warcraft, as per usual. My primary character, Sesal on Hyjal server, is now level 56 and my alt I’ve been playing, Rhasputin on Stormscale server, is level 15. Good times.

So now it’s sleep for me. Until later…

First Post for August

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

So, the big news is that I’ve finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I won’t say any more about it for fear of spoilers, but for those of you who have read it, you may now discuss it with me without fear for your lives. My thoughts on the book itself can be found in the forums here. It’s the big SPOILER WARNING thread.

Lessee, what else? As I mentioned in my last post, Megs and I re-arranged the living room last weekend. I’m still very happy with it, as it now feels much cosier. I spent a good 3-4 hours on one of the futons Sunday night reading Harry Potter, so it must be good. If you missed it, the video (YouTube) of our apartment, futons and cat can still be found on the site. This is my first video taken with the digital video camera and posted on the web site, so I’m kinda pleased to have it up.

Lastly, it sounds like I may be going to SIGGRAPH later this week, which should be cool. It’s a big conference/expo about computer graphics, and years ago it used to rival E3 for sheer scale and impressiveness. The event is apparently not as cool as it used to be, but I’m still happy for the chance to go. Field trip!

[EDIT:] OK, this is a little weird. For the past few weeks I’ve been getting “comment spam” on one of my old blog posts. I don’t know why, but for some reason my Feb 18, 2005 entry seems to attract strange ads for viagra and financing. I’ve been deleting the comments as they come in, but I think I’ll start leaving them up for everyone’s amusement. We’ll see what collects over time.