Nuh-naah, nuh-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-naahh!!

September 30, 2005

KATAMARI HATS!!! Everyone must go see Serenity this weekend at the theater. The hope is if we get a strong enough opening weekend box office number, there will be more. =) California remains on fire, but at least the smoke smell and the falling ash are not at prevailent. There should be no danger of […]


Tired Business

September 27, 2005

Last weekend was pretty tiring. There was this big event over at the Disney Studio Lot in Burbank to promote the latest addition to Toontown–kart racing. We invited guests/end-users to come and see celebs play Toontown kart racing on stage then drive around the plaza in little go-karts made up to look like Toontown karts. […]


Earthquake Again

September 22, 2005

Another earthquake down here today. Looks like about a 4.9 up south of Bakersfield. Here I was, just minding my own business reading Slashdot when I felt a’rumblin’ and a’shakin’ going on. The lights swayed a little bit and that was it. These things are so familar here, it gets about as much watercooler conversation […]


Company Visits

September 21, 2005

Last week Marshal was down in LA with his girlfriend Roxie, so they came by to hang out with Megs and me in North Hollywood for the weekend. We had a good time at Tokyo Delve’s Sushi Bar on Friday night. Sake Bomb! On Saturday we went to the La Brea Tar Pits, which Megs […]


It Is Now Safe to Shutdown Your City

September 13, 2005

Just in case you don’t read national news, let me inform you that a good chunk of Los Angeles lost power yesterday afternoon for a couple hours. This included my office and apartment, so from lunch until a little after 14:00 it was just hang out time with a deck of cards. Not much to […]


Beep beep

September 7, 2005

Been a few days since my last update. My apologies folks, it won’t happen again. Since I last wrote, Labour Day has occured. It was a fairly relaxing weekend with a bit of gaming, a bit of anime watching, and a bit of home cleaning. The biggest thing to happen was on Sunday when Megs […]