Bury The Lead

December 29, 2005

Last Thursday evening mom and Kim arrived at our place around 22:30 and we had a nice time hanging out and chatting into the night over some wine and crackers. This is the most family members I’ve hosted at once, so that was nifty. They left sometime Friday morning to head down to Long Beach. […]


Holy Crap, Snow!

December 22, 2005

So, just hours before we were about to fly out of Portland on Sunday it started to snow. We were downtown getting lunch with some of Megs’ family when it just started coming down. Light fluffy stuff, but it made the roads all slippery and our flight delayed by quite a bit. We ended up […]


Off Again

December 16, 2005

Once again, Megs and I are flying up to Oregon for a brief stay.  We’re just going to be in Portland this time, so sorry folks in Eugene. =( Most of the presents I bought online for folks this year has arrived, and I spent some time last night wrapping up stuff.  I look forward […]


When We Go Shopping

December 12, 2005

Since we’re going to be out of town next weekend, Megs and I figured we needed to do the bulk of our Christmas shopping last weekend.  We hit up the Glendale Galleria, the Burbank Empire Center, and Burbank Media Center.  Three good-sized shopping areas and boy were we tired.  I bought only a couple things […]


Christmas Time is Here

December 9, 2005

So it seems that Christmas is creeping up on us, so Megs and I are planning on going out shopping this weekend. Yes, we will be braving the legendary malls of Southern California, specifically the Burbank Town Center Mall.  We might also hit up the local Westfield and/or Galleria.  So many malls to choose from!  […]


Can’t Stop the Signal

December 6, 2005

Our cable is back!  Yay!  I hereby proclaim today to be "Cable Day", a day of celebration and merriment!  I believe I’ll spend it online and/or watching Comedy Central.  So, here’s what it turns out happened: Late last week, our downstairs neighbor got a new cable drop put into his bedroom closet so he could […]


No Internet and No TV Makes Chris something, something…

December 5, 2005

…Go crazy!  Ahh!  I really dislike being stuck home all weekend with no cable TV and no Internet.  Especially when I have a cold.  Gah!  I couldn’t even post this entry until I got to work today.  Here’s the latest breakdown on the situation: Seems like the cable is physically broken somewhere between my apartment […]



December 2, 2005

It would seem that Megs and I have a cold.  It may be strep throat or tonsillitis or something, but we’ll live.  I still feel crappy, but not totally useless.  I’m at work right now because a) I have stuff that needs doing here, and b) the cable is out at home, and being sick […]


Wedding Blog Online

December 1, 2005

I have created a wedding blog and information site that Megs and I will both be posting at over the next 8 months or so until the Big Day.  It can be found at http://wedding.chrisweb.us, so please go check it out and leave a comment to let us know what you think.  I’m rather pleased […]