Still at Work

January 30, 2006

Well, once again I’m still at work as the night progresses. Thursday night I was here until 22:30, and Friday until 21:30. It’s now coming up on 21:00 and I’ll probably be here at least a little while longer after that. Still, I don’t really mind too much. I like my job and it’s good […]


Disney Buys Pixar

January 24, 2006

The headline really says it all, but I thought I’d share with folks who may not have already heard. The Walt Disney Company today purchased Pixar Animation Studios for $7.4 billion, which I think’s cool cuz everyone knows Pixar makes some good stuff and if Disney wants to remain a world leader in family animation […]


Mother-in-Law-to-Be Weekend

January 19, 2006

Megan’s mother, Susan, visited us down in California last weekend, and we had a nice time hanging out and doing this and that. The three of us went to IKEA, The Griddle pancake house on Sunset Blvd., and Venice Beach. Megs and her mom also went wedding dress shopping, however I was intentionally left at […]


Feelin’ Kinda EPIC

January 13, 2006

Last night was the conclusion to a long chain of events in World of Warcraft leading up to my acquisition of an Epic Mount. This was a major pain-in-the-ass series of quests, but it’s worth it in the end. Having an “Epic Mount” is kind of a status symbol in the game world that shows […]


Mo News

January 11, 2006

This coming weekend Megan’s mom is going to be staying with us in L.A., so this evening I plan on tidying up a bit around the apartment. This is becoming a tradition of mine–whenever company is expected, I go and clean stuff. That way when they walk in the door, the first thing I can […]


Posting From Home

January 7, 2006

Thought I’d try something different and actually post a blog entry from home. I know it’s crazy, but it just might work! First off, I wanted to share with the world that Matt’s blog has moved once again (as in a week or two ago). The new address is linked here. Go post something and […]


ChrisBack 2005: A Year in Review

January 5, 2006

lina Island. They were quite nice places to visit and I hope we can go with friends and/or family the next time. I’ve got some pictures posted, too. NERD MUSIC: Went to not one but TWO concerts featuring video games this year. The first was called “More Friends” and featured the music of the Final […]