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Status Update

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

So, how’s everyone doing out there? I know I’ve got a least a few of you who frequent this site, and I’m curious as to what your goings on are of late. Not all of you keep a blog of your own, and some who do don’t update very often. Still, I’d like to know that everyone is all right and keeping entertained.

Life down here in Los Angeles is still good. The weather has been back and forth between warm and cold; sunny and rainy. I guess it’s actually spring now, who knew? There’s rumors that Cindy, Anna, and Matt (not brother Matt, different Matt) might be moving to Los Angeles at some point in the near future, so Megs and I are quite excited about that possibility! We never get to see enough of our friends, so the more the merrier!

I don’t have any fun or cool links for you this time. Oh, and on a personal note, I’m doing well. Been dealing with some stuff, but I’m coming out on top, so it’s good. Sorry for being so vague, but not everyone knows all the details and for now I think I’m going to keep it that way. It’s all about me stuff, and has nothing to do with Megs, the wedding, my job, or anything like that. Internal mental stuff is all. Old news. But yeah, doing better.

OK, enough vague weirdness. I can’t believe it’s already almost April! Time sure does fly, especially as you get older. I think of it as a percentage thing: When you’re 5, another year is approximately 20% of your life! When you’re 25, a year is only 4% of your life, so it doesn’t seem to take as long. That percentage only gets smaller, so the older you get the faster time appears to be going past. On the plus side, now that I’m 25 I can rent cars. Oh yeah, livin’ large!

Used to be Funny

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

I was reading through some of my old blog entries here from back in late 2002, and it occurred to me that I used to be more entertaining. Not sure what happened with that. Have I grown up and become more serious since I’m now out in the real world, or is my daily routine just really boring now? I suppose I could write about something other than the daily goings on of my life, but I don’t know what. The play-by-play has sort of become a theme around here.

So, I’m trying to cut caffeine out of my diet. This is a new thing for me; it was suggested by Shelby, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. This is Day One, so it’s probably too early to see any results. My hope is that I’ll become less edgy and maybe stop tapping my foot so much. I would estimate that my average daily intake of caffeine used to be 200 mg – 400 mg, but it’s hard to say. I’d have 2-4 cups of really dark tea (steep for 30 minutes) and maybe a Coke or two, so that adds up. Let’s see how well I cope with cold turkey! =)

Last weekend Megs and I went to Disneyland again where we met up with Darren, Ben, and Justin from work. We all had a good time, even though there were crowds and both the fireworks show and Fantasmic were canceled due to inclimate weather. Still, always fun going to The Park. At this point I’ve honestly lost track of how many times I’ve been since moving to California. I think I’m up to about a dozen or something.

Have I mentioned Battlestar Galactica yet? *checks* It would appear that I haven’t. OK, for those of you going through Firefly and Enterprise withdrawal, and for those of you who still miss Babylon 5 and are in need of some quality sci-fi programming, check out the new Battlestar Galactica. There’s currently one and a half seasons out on DVD, so go check ’em out. Make sure you start with the miniseries–disc one in the season one box set–so you don’t miss anything. It’s more of a long pilot episode than a miniseries. Anyways, the show itself is great with real characters and real drama. I highly recommend it. I think season two just finished airing on the Sci-Fi Channel a couple weeks ago, but there’s going to be a season three, so now’s your chance to catch up! There are many copies…

Fully Functional

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

OK, it seems like my site’s back up and running again. The RSS feed is feeding again and the forums are back with all the old data still in place.

Awesome! “Come Sail Away” by Styx just came up on shuffle on my playlist. Good times. =D

Got my confirmation email from the good folks at E3. My pass has been confirmed and it should be mailed to me in early April. Also good times. E3’s not until May, but it should be informative. Both Sony and Nintendo are expected to drop some big news, so I’ll be there to catch it! And this time I’m bringing a camera that’s not also a phone.

“Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with meeeeeee!”

*weird synthy stuff*

Aaaaaaand, we’re back! Not much going on this coming weekend. I think Megs and I are gonna go to Disneyland with some of the folks from work. It’s been over a month since the last time I went, so I guess I’m due. Other than that, it’s just been the same ol’ grind. Work’s been kinda busy on and off, but nothin’ too stressful. I’m doin’ all right. What more can I ask?

“Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with meeeeeee!”

*guitar solo fades as song ends…*

ChrisWeb Forum Hacked!

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

For some reason–I have no idea why–it appears that my forum has been hacked by anti-Denmark hackers. I’m going to leave it up for now for entertainment purposes until I figure out what’s going on, but it’s pretty weird.

In more fun news, you may have already seen Kelly’s post yesterday in my comments, but I thought I’d repost the Ultimate Showdown link she shared. Contains much graphic cartoon violence, but it’s got a funny song and a funny concept.

[Edit Mar 14, 18:01 ]: Forums still broken, but no longer hacked.

Site Problems

Monday, March 13th, 2006

As some of you have noticed (and emailed me about), there was a problem with my web site over the past couple of days. Apparently my hosting company moved my site to a new server on Saturday and didn’t tell me about it until this morning. I’ve spent the past hour or so trying to get things back up and running, so please let me know if there’s any weirdness going on. The wedding site is down, and I’m pretty sure Kim & Co. can’t post news over at K-Net at the moment. I’ll probably have to reset all K-Net user passwords since my hosting company seems to have lost the password file for K-Net. If you are a K-Net user (Kim, Kelly, Annie, Mirm), please send me an email so I have your email address to send your login information to.

OK, enough tech talk. First up, I have a cold, so I feel all bleh right now. Nothing too serious, but enough so I’m not feeling tip top shape today. Seems to be going around.

Over the weekend I managed to manually upgrade our ReplayTV DVR from 40GB to 300GB, which as you may guess ups our TV show recording capacity quite a bit. Currently we have 137 hours free or something like that. The upgrade procedue itself was fairly painless: 1) open DVR, 2) remove hard drive, 3) plug old hard drive and new hard drive into PC 4) use special software to copy old drive to new drive 5) put new drive into DVR and enjoy lots and lots of free space.

OK, I’m gonna go check on some stuff. Later.

[Edit Mar 13, 18:22]: OK, the wedding site is working now, and the girls should be able to post over at K-Net, once they get their new login information from me. Annie and Mirm, I still have yet to hear from you on this. Kim and Kelly, you should have the information from me via email by now.

Also, it appears that RSS is down. Not sure how long this’ll be for, since it seems to be a problem server side.

I’ll Be A Dentist

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

Google prepares for “Phase Two”.

In other (real) news, I went to the dentist today. Got my teeth cleaned and a lotta digital x-rays. Nifty stuff. I got a few cavities, so I’ll be going back in a couple weeks for that, though. =( At least insurance covers most of it. Being responsible for one’s own health-related bills sucks.

Oh, and cuz I know you all really care, I’ve been playing In The Groove on the PlayStation 2. It’s sorta like Dance Dance Revolution, but made by another company. Got a few differences, but it’s still a “step on the arrows at the right time” kinda game. Nice change of pace, I guess. I’ve also been playing Final Fantasy VI on the computer emulator because my SNES is back in Eugene. It’s nice though, cuz with the emulator you get the advantage of being able to save anytime and being able to fast-forward through boring parts. Anyways, I’m almost up to the part where Kefka destroys the world. Good times!

Cool Link

Monday, March 6th, 2006

Totally awesome! A live-action Simpsons opening! I got the link from Wil’s site.

Good Times

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

So, Carl’s visiting this weekend, and it’s been fun so far. He got in Friday night and we’ve been hanging out and doing L.A. stuff since. Today, we went down to Hollywood to go to the Griddle on Sunset Blvd. for a late lunch, but we forgot that the Oscars are this weekend, so when we tried to go west from the Highland and Hollywood subway station we had some trouble because the red carpet was in the way. It was all security fenced off and stuff. I took a couple of pictures with my cell phone of the setup, so I’ll see if I can’t get them posted soon. Stupid Oscars.

Tonight was fun, however. We went to Tokyo Delve Sushi, which as usual was good fun. I must admit, we’re all a little toasted right now, so I thought it’d be an ideal time to post an entry here. Currently Carl’s posting on his LiveJournal and Megs is out in the living room watching South Park: The Movie. I think I might go watch Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country in the bedroom until I fall asleep. That is, after I finishing IM’ing a buncha people. =)