Roll With My Crew

June 27, 2006

Last weekend Megs and I gathered up some of our friends in the area and had some quality hangin’ out time. Friday we went to Cindy’s new apartment and watched a bunch of Friends episodes on DVD. Saturday we got together with Cindy, Jacques and Other Megan and went out to the Burbank mall for […]


Finally with the Pics

June 22, 2006

So enough about my brain. I finally got around to posting my E3 pics and the pics from Vegas, so go check ’em out at your lesiure. The big picture viewer page still needs some adjustment, but at least you can see the pics and read the captions. I know I said I’d write about […]



June 21, 2006

OK, this is just neat. I managed to get a CD-ROM from Long Beach Memorial Medical Center containing CT scans my head. Now, CT scans are actually a lot of flat pictures that make up a three-dimentional image, so there’s actually 62 seperate images, but here’s one that I thought looked cool. I also have […]


Scary Link

June 16, 2006

Here’s your frightening link for the day folks. Betcha didn’t know that David Hasselhoff was a pop star, did you? Go ahead, click it! You know you want to… This evening Megs and I are goin’ to some kind of local blogger show thing. Not sure exactly what it is, but Wil Wheaton is gonna […]


Got No Excuse

June 14, 2006

I really have no excuse for not posting sooner. I’ve been putting it off until I fixed the Pics section, but that’s been taking too long. I’ve got the old pics up and running again in much the same fashion as before. I still wanna re-tool the old pics entry system cuz it was kinda […]