Pluto Downgraded

August 28, 2006

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard that an international group of astronomers has reclassified the planet Pluto. Here is my employer’s reaction.


Snakes–On A Plane, No Less!

August 18, 2006

Last night Megs and I were bored so we went to go see 22:00 showing of the now infamous Snakes on a Plane. If you haven’t heard about it yet, then you don’t spend enough time on the Internet. And yes, the movie is as bad as its descriptive title suggests, which is why it’s […]


Pictures Are Up!

August 10, 2006

I’ve finally got pictures from the wedding and the honeymoon uploaded for your enjoyment. We don’t have the professional pictures back from the photographer yet, so these are just the ones that I Anna and I took with personal digital cameras. My thanks to Anna for adding her pictures to our collection, and if anyone […]


Home And Tired

August 5, 2006

We are back at our apartment in North Hollywood now. This will be a short entry. We’re pretty tired. These are short sentences. Ha. Ha. This is as funny as I can get right now. We just finished opening all the wedding gifts we had waiting for us on our return, so our thanks to […]


Leaving London

August 5, 2006

Well, all good things must come to an end. We’re on the plane home about to take off, so I must be brief. Overslept a little this morning so it’s been a bit rushed, but it all worked out. We had a great time, but it will be nice to see our friends and our […]


London, Day Three

August 4, 2006

Man, are we tired! We spent nearly all day walking around the British Museum, which is just HUGE! Megs took lots of pictures, and I took few. I took a lot last time I was there. Still an impressive place. After the Museum we were bored, so we went over to Leichster Square and got […]


London, Day Two

August 3, 2006

Today was a lot of touring about London. We took one of those double-decker tour buses around the city and stopped off at St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, Shakespear’s Old Globe Theater, and Oxford Street for some shopping. St. Paul’s is a LOT of stairs, but the view from the top of the […]


London, Day One

August 2, 2006

Today we arrived in London and promptly ditched the car at the airport rental return. Not going to be driving around London! Underground all the way! Took the tube into the city and found our “hotel”. It’s got to be the smallest room I’ve ever stayed in. Barely big enough for the double bed, it […]


Outside of London

August 1, 2006

We’re now in Warwick, which is getting fairly close to London. We spent nearly all day today getting from Dublin to here. We had a close call with the ferry in that we almost bought passage on an 8-hour freight crossing to Liverpool! We instead took a 1.5 hour trip to Holyhead, Wales. At least, […]