Get My Life Back

September 26, 2006

Jury duty is finally over.  We pronounced the defendant guilty of murder of the first degree.  Not an easy thing to decide, and it was surprisingly stressful in the courtroom when the verdict was read out loud, even though we had just filled out the form minutes before.  I was the foreman, so it was […]


I Can’t Believe I’m Still on Jury Duty

September 25, 2006

The subject says it all, really I’m forgetting where I work. I’m going to start putting down “juror” on forms that ask for my occupation. We’re down to deliberating, and that’s probably all I can say on the matter. I really, really hope we’ll be done tomorrow one way or the other, but I honestly […]


Still in Court

September 15, 2006

As my headline suggests, I’m still on jury duty.  I have today off from the court so I’m at work now, but I’ll be back downtown Monday morning to continue with the trial.  Obviously I still can’t discuss any details of the trial until it’s over, but I will say that it’s been both interesting […]


Hanging with Friends in LA

September 10, 2006

Just wanted to take this opportunity to mention how cool it is to have more friends down here in the LA area to hang out with.  Megs and I hung out with Cindy, Matt, and Anna on both Friday and Saturday evenings, and we all had a great time.  I’ll probably have to get some […]


More Jury

September 7, 2006

Well, I’m back home now from my first day of jury duty. They’re not done with the jury selection process for this trial I’ve been assigned to, so I gotta go back at least tomorrow to see that through. I obviously can’t discuss any details of the case itself, but being as this is LA, […]


Jury Duty

September 7, 2006

So here I sit in the jury assembly room waiting on further instruction. It’s as exciting as I’ve been led to believe. It’s also ass-early in the morning and I’m posting this from my cell phone, so if I sound brief, there you go. There’s quite a few of us here–a couple hundred I’d say. […]



September 4, 2006

As some of you might be noticing, this site has undergone another major change. I finally came to the conclusion that I don’t have the resources to keep up with all the new features that are being introduced into the blogging world on my own, so why re-invent the wheel? This site is now by-and-large […]