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Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

So yeah, last weekend Megs and I made a whirlwind trip up to Oregon and back for Thanksgiving. Here’s the “quick” run-down:

  • Flew out of Burbank instead of LAX, which we were quite glad of as we watched the SIX HOUR TRAFFIC STOPPAGE to LAX on the TV’s in the terminal. Truck flipped or something earlier in the day.
  • Got into Portland Wednesday evening and spent the night with Megs’ folks. Busy day, so we went to bed.
  • Next morning Erv’s brother Rudy arrived with his family.
  • Later in the afternoon Nina showed up with her kids and Joe. There may have been some Gnome-related incident as well before they left.
  • Dinner of turkey, ham, potatoes, and all that goodness!
  • Megs and I borrowed her Mom’s BMW Z3 convertible and went for a drive around the Portland Speedway to see the Christmas light display they set up there. It stopped raining long enough for us to put the top down and everything!
  • Next day mom flew in to PDX where she conveniently left her car. She picked Megs and me up and took us down to Eugene.
  • Spent the evening at mom’s place where we played Super Nintendo, I tried to get Kim’s laptop to behave, Megs schooled Matt at two-player Tetris DS, and we all had some most-excellent lasagna.
  • Next day Megs, Matt, mom, and I went over to campus to check out Kim’s studio where she was working on her final project.
  • While on campus, Megs, Matt, and I dropped by and visited Drew and Mel. Their place looks awesome after the remodel!
  • Kim drove Matt, Megs and I over to dad & Estelle’s place where we all had an excellent taco/fajitas/burrito bar
  • After dinner us “kids” played Settlers of Catan, a fun board game. I won. =P
  • After Catan, we watched the Patrick Steward version of A Christmas Carol, which was quite good.
  • Kim and Matt went back to mom’s house, dad and Estelle went to bed, and Megs and I watched March of the Penguins. Good film.
  • Next morning dad and Estelle drove us back to PDX where we caught our flight home. Our cat was happy to see us again.

Apparently I meant “quick” run-down ironically. Oh, and there are pictures!

Patrick Stewart Alphabet

Monday, November 20th, 2006

It seems that no one is reading my page anymore these days, judging from the complete lack of comments. Still, I thought folks might get a kick out of this link Jacques just sent me. It’s a video of the Patrick Stewart Alphabet. Engage!

Last weekend Mom stopped by for a bit on her way down to Long Beach. We hung out Saturday night and watched the first disc of Battlestar Galactica season 2. Sunday I drove mom down to her folks’ place where I tried to fix their Nintendo and make sure the VCR was hooked up to record stuff right. This reminds me, I need to do some research on their TV model. It seems to have a V-Hold problem, but like most modern TV’s there is no vertical hold knob. Regardless, it was good to see Grandma and Grandpa Gallagher.

For Thanksgiving weekend, Megs and I are flying up to Oregon to spend two nights in Portland and two nights in Eugene/Springfield and thus canvas all of our immediate families. It’ll be a busy few days, but it’s gonna be nice all the same. Always good to get back to the homeland.

Lastly, here’s the pictures from our trip to Disneyland last week.

Revamped Pics

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

As you may have noticed with yesterday’s post, I’ve revamped the pics section a bit. Most of all I’ve finally managed to get all the captions from the old database imported into the new one. Also, the new system allows comments on individual pictures! Now you can mock me to my face, so to speak. How exciting! Please check out this most excellent feature and let me know what works and what doesn’t. Also, let me know if I have any captions out of place. There might be a few crossed wires here and there.

Back to Catalina

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Last Friday Dave, a co-worker of mine, graciously offered to fly Megs and me out to Catalina for lunch in his plane. It’s a tiny little Cessna, but it was way cool! Got to hold the controls for a little bit, too! We took some pictures and they’re posted here.

Speaking of pictures, remember how I mentioned going out for Megs’ birthday? Well, all the embarrassing evidence can be found here. Actually, that’s not all the embarrassing evidence, but I don’t want to host a lot of video on my page…

Voting and Script Kiddies

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

No, the two subjects have nothing to do with one another other than they’re the two things I felt like talking about today.

Yesterday as most of you know was Election Day here in the U.S., and I availed myself of my local polling place and did my civic duty by inking my dots of preference (throw more dots!!!), so that’s done and done. No fancy touch-screen machines for us in L.A., just the usual Ink-A-Dot system, however they did have a machine there to scan the completed ballot and make sure it’s filled out right or something. Not sure exactly what it does, but it sits on top of the big black box we used to deposit the ballots into and I’m guessing it does this for me now or something. Gash-dern’d new fangled tek-naw-la-gee! PH34R!!!!!

And how about Rumsfield? I must admit, I didn’t see that one coming.

So, with regard to part two of my stupid headline, I find myself writing a lot of various shell scripts at work these days. I must say that I enjoy it. Some folks even ask me to do this thing for them. The term “script kiddie”, by the way, is not generally a nice thing to call someone on teh interwebz. It’s an older term usually referring to someone–often a young person–who doesn’t really know how to program or hack computers, however they can run (often harmful) scripts they get off the net, so they think they’re hot stuff. So I call myself this in jest, mostly because I like the phrase “script kiddie”. It sounds funny to me.

If this were LiveJournal, I’d include a line for “Listening to:” here. It would say I’m listening to an obscure Canadian rock band doing covers of NES games. I’m betting none of my readers would be surprised by this.

Disney Party

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

It looks like we’re going to be able to get a quite a crew together for a good old-fashioned romp at Disneyland on the 12th. There’s gonna be eight of us together all told, most of whom are from Eugene and now living down here in So Cal. I need to remember to take my camera with me this time. Hopefully this time of year should be less crowded. I wanted to be sure we got down there before Thanksgiving, because after that we get into the Christmas season and it gets real crowded real fast.

Speaking of friends from Eugene, Mel was in town these past couple days for a conference, so Megs, Cindy, Anna, and I went out for dinner with her. We hadn’t seen her since the wedding, so that was awesome. She called Megs up the other day and was all “So I’m in California.” “Cool, where abouts?” “Universal City” “ZOMG! Ur in our town!!!1” Or something like that. Anyways, she was literally about 7 minutes away from our apartment. Small world, eh?

Everyone keeps asking me how Megs is “enjoying” law school, so I’ll post up here about it. She’s doing well, but it’s a lot of work with some long days and nights. She did well on her midterms and is currently working hard to keep up with the class work.

Lastly in link goodness, it seems life is really gonna suck on the freeways shortly. More so than usual, anyways. And here is the funniest Pac-Man joke ever.