Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

November 28, 2006

So yeah, last weekend Megs and I made a whirlwind trip up to Oregon and back for Thanksgiving. Here’s the “quick” run-down: Flew out of Burbank instead of LAX, which we were quite glad of as we watched the SIX HOUR TRAFFIC STOPPAGE to LAX on the TV’s in the terminal. Truck flipped or something […]


Patrick Stewart Alphabet

November 20, 2006

It seems that no one is reading my page anymore these days, judging from the complete lack of comments. Still, I thought folks might get a kick out of this link Jacques just sent me. It’s a video of the Patrick Stewart Alphabet. Engage! Last weekend Mom stopped by for a bit on her way […]


Revamped Pics

November 16, 2006

As you may have noticed with yesterday’s post, I’ve revamped the pics section a bit. Most of all I’ve finally managed to get all the captions from the old database imported into the new one. Also, the new system allows comments on individual pictures! Now you can mock me to my face, so to speak. […]


Back to Catalina

November 15, 2006

Last Friday Dave, a co-worker of mine, graciously offered to fly Megs and me out to Catalina for lunch in his plane. It’s a tiny little Cessna, but it was way cool! Got to hold the controls for a little bit, too! We took some pictures and they’re posted here. Speaking of pictures, remember how […]


Voting and Script Kiddies

November 8, 2006

No, the two subjects have nothing to do with one another other than they’re the two things I felt like talking about today. Yesterday as most of you know was Election Day here in the U.S., and I availed myself of my local polling place and did my civic duty by inking my dots of […]


Disney Party

November 3, 2006

It looks like we’re going to be able to get a quite a crew together for a good old-fashioned romp at Disneyland on the 12th. There’s gonna be eight of us together all told, most of whom are from Eugene and now living down here in So Cal. I need to remember to take my […]