No Cat

February 28, 2007

I was supposed to take Cindy to the Burbank airport this afternoon and then take care of her cat while she’s gone, but her flight got moved to LAX, so now not only did I not take her to the airport, but I don’t have keys to her place. I can’t even ask her apartment […]


Car Repaired Once Again

February 26, 2007

As I mentioned in my previous post, my car had a problem with its windows recently. I’m pleased to say that it has been promptly fixed and for only $152. I always count myself lucky if I can get in and out of the mechanic for under $200. The power window has never been stronger/faster! […]


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

February 25, 2007

Last Friday I finally got around to going to see The Tonight Show with Jay Leno down at the NBC Studios in Burbank. I figured I’d lived less than 5 miles from the place for almost three years now, I should probably go and see the thing, so when Cindy said that she had some […]


Dad is Old

February 14, 2007

The subject says all that needs saying, really. Today is Dad’s big day, for today he turns FIFTY! That’s a five with… uh… one zero after it! 50! Everyone give him a hard time. Naturally since today is Dad’s birthday, as always mine was two days ago. Didn’t do all that much on the actual […]


Gah, Brain Freeze!

February 8, 2007

I’ve been meaning to write something here for days, but I keep clamming up when it comes time to put something to paper, so to speak. First off, I’m back from San Francisco. It was a lotta fun and Disney sure knows how to have a good time when off the clock. I believe the […]