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No Cat

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

I was supposed to take Cindy to the Burbank airport this afternoon and then take care of her cat while she’s gone, but her flight got moved to LAX, so now not only did I not take her to the airport, but I don’t have keys to her place. I can’t even ask her apartment manager to let me in because her building is behind two layers of locked gates, so thus I cannot knock on the manager’s door. My sooper sekrit plan to resolve this is to have her mail me her keys. If she mails them from LAX before she leaves, they should get to me by tomorrow or Friday. If she mails them from Eugene, they should still get to me before her cat starves. She usually leaves enough food our for him for a few days when she goes places. I’m a genius!

You might be wondering why I’m writing about this. Well, I felt like writing here and nothing interesting has been happening to me. I’ve been going to work for long hours, then playing Warcraft when I get home. Woo hoo. I’m currently level 63 and I have more gold now than I ever have before. The expansion is great!

Car Repaired Once Again

Monday, February 26th, 2007

As I mentioned in my previous post, my car had a problem with its windows recently. I’m pleased to say that it has been promptly fixed and for only $152. I always count myself lucky if I can get in and out of the mechanic for under $200. The power window has never been stronger/faster! Good times in all its open-and-closed glory!

Just the car update. That is all.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Last Friday I finally got around to going to see The Tonight Show with Jay Leno down at the NBC Studios in Burbank. I figured I’d lived less than 5 miles from the place for almost three years now, I should probably go and see the thing, so when Cindy said that she had some friends coming to visit and they were gonna go see the show, I jumped at the opportunity as well. Friday morning I got up at 6 to be down at NBC by 7 so I could get tickets when the window opened at 8. I had a nice chat with some of the other folks in line, which helped pass the time in the brisk February morning. After that I went to work for a few hours (I’d worked longer days earlier in the week to compensate for short-timing it Friday), the I took off to grab Megs and get some lunch. We then waited around in line again outside of NBC until they’d let us in. Tickets do not guarantee admission, so you gotta get there early, especially if you want good seats.

The show itself was fun, and Jay was real nice. He came out before the show dressed in a plain blue shirt and jeans and took photos with some of the audience. The guests were an animal handler, William H. Macy, and John Mellencamp. The animals were really cute–there was this little fuzzy mammal and a cheetah! The King Snake was a little less cute, but still interesting. Mr. Macy seemed like a nice, normal fellow and he did a good job promoting what looked like a really bad movie–“Wild Hogs”. Mr. Mellencamp did a nice little song on solo acoustic guitar. All in all, a fun afternoon.

After the show, Megs and I went back the apartment to switch cars. Apparently my car decided to finally kill my driver side window, so now it won’t go up anymore. It’s been going slower and slower for a while now, so I can’t claim to be surprised by this. Technically it’s been living on borrowed time for years anyways. A while back I took it in to get the window fixed, but after taking it apart the dealership found out they had the wrong part, so they put it back together for me and gave it back. After all this, the window started working again, so I effectively got it fixed for free. Still, nothing lasts forever. =)

Anyways, after dealing with the cars, Megs and I went out to the mall and saw Music & Lyrics, which had a fairly predictable romantic comedy plot line (don’t they all?), but it was still surprisingly enjoyable. A lot of fun dialog, which goes a long way in my book. I think it’s one of Megs’ new favorite movies.

Saturday I went in to the office for a while to take care of a few things that needed doing. We’ve got a big demo on Monday that we just heard about, so I set up an impromptu computer lab in a spare conference room for this purpose. I’m actually back in the office right now finishing up that. Should go well, I think.

Saturday night I went out with Matt and Anna to a club down in West Hollywood, and that was a lot of fun. Megs, unfortunately, had to stay home to work on her paper which is due Monday. Work, work, work! I’m glad I’m not in law school. 😛

OK, that’s a long one. I’ll try to post more often, but I just enjoyed my last headline so much I had to leave it up for a while! 😉

Dad is Old

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

The subject says all that needs saying, really. Today is Dad’s big day, for today he turns FIFTY! That’s a five with… uh… one zero after it! 50! Everyone give him a hard time.

Naturally since today is Dad’s birthday, as always mine was two days ago. Didn’t do all that much on the actual day, what with it being a Monday and all, but Megs did take me out to dinner after work. I had some excellent ravioli and most of a bottle of wine (Megs had a glass of it). After that, we watched last Sunday’s Battlestar Galactica episode and I played WoW until about 1 am. Good times!

Last Saturday was more of a get-together for birthdays. I’m the 12th, Dad’s the 14th, and Grandma is the 21st, so we had a big ol’ family thing down at Grandma and Grandpa’s place in Long Beach. I received some nice presents from everyone, so thank you all very much. I also purchased a new swanky wide-screen monitor with help from family, and it’s very nice. =D It’s an LG L204WT in case anyone’s curious.

Lastly, this weekend Megs’ mom is going to be in town so we’re gonna hit up The Park once again because we can! Happiest Place on Earth or Bust!

Gah, Brain Freeze!

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

I’ve been meaning to write something here for days, but I keep clamming up when it comes time to put something to paper, so to speak.

First off, I’m back from San Francisco. It was a lotta fun and Disney sure knows how to have a good time when off the clock. I believe the event itself also went well. There was also some press coverage. After the show I took a couple of vacation days and hung out with Matt and dad in Santa Cruz.

Dad & Matt in Santa Cruz

It was nice to relax for a while. We watched a bunch of Venture Bros. episodes that I had brought with me.

Oh, and before I forget, I want to re-link something that Megs had linked in the comments of Kim’s blog.

There. I think that’s enough linkage for one day. I’ll try to post more often.