The King of Pop

April 24, 2007

So, I’ve made a couple of small adjustments to the ol’ site here. First off I have my nice sketchy picture of Yours Truly over there on the sidebar. Good to be back. Secondly, I’ve re-instated the random tagline feature up there at the top under “ChrisWeb”. Refresh to see a new one! “King of […]



April 20, 2007

Here’s some pics of the coolest Lord of the Rings doll house you’ll see all day. Via Fark.


Go Team Venture!

April 16, 2007

Venture Brothers Season 2 is out on DVD this Tuesday! Awesome show, check it out.


Workin’ Late for the Mouse

April 10, 2007

Well, it’s gettin’ on later at night now, but I’m still at work. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. First of all, I really like my job, secondly I didn’t get here until after 11:00, and lastly Megs isn’t even home from school yet. Right now I’m waiting as some video renders out […]


Four Eyes

April 3, 2007

So I got some new “computer glasses” at the optometrist the other day. I was waiting to get some pictures before I mentioned it here. I think they look pretty decent, if I do say so myself. It’s supposed to put less strain on my eyes since I sit in front of a computer for […]