Happy Birthday, Megs!!!

October 30, 2007

Today is my lovely wife Megan’s birthday! Everyone please wish her a happy one!


Finally Home

October 22, 2007

Ugh. What a day. Our flight was delayed out of both Seattle and San Francisco. I felt like crap for half the day. And to top it off, our flight couldn’t land in Burbank due to turbulence, so we had to divert to LAX, a place I despise. Us passengers formed an unruly mob and […]


Wedding Done

October 20, 2007

We just got back to Cindy’s apartment after the wedding. We’re really tired now, but it was a lovely celebration. Got to see some old friends and had a great time. Karen’s jazz band was there to play live music, so that was great, too. All in all, I’m glad we came. We head back […]


Made It!

October 20, 2007

Well, it’s 3:00 a.m., but we’ve made it to Cindy’s apartment in Seattle. Only got lost a couple of times with the rental car, and our flight was only a little delayed. Speaking of rental cars, they were out of econo boxes, so we got a Mustang! Cool beans. It’s been a while since I […]


Seattle Bound

October 18, 2007

Did I mention that Megs and I are going up to Seattle this weekend? I feel like I should have, in case I did not. Some friends from college are finally getting married, so we’re gonna be there for that. In other news, I’ve been playing a lot of Valve’s famous Orange Box lately. If […]


Free Games

October 15, 2007

Hey, anyone out there have Steam, yet need Half Life 2 and/or Half Life 2: Episode 1? I’ve got a free copy of both to give away. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this probably doesn’t apply to you.


Blogging > Performance Connection

October 11, 2007

Well, once again it’s that time of year when I gotta go figure out the new SAP system for measuring progress. It seems that every year or two we have yet another new system for performance reviews. This time I’m retroactively going back and putting in info for last year on what I hoped to […]


From Last Week

October 3, 2007

Check out this interview of Ed Helms on Conan last week. The interview is all right, but the really great part starts at about six minutes and forty-five seconds in. Check it out.