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Cube Gallery: HUGE SUCCESS!

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Megs has posted up some pictures of the cube creation process. Check out the gallery here.

I’m also trying to share with the world, so if you can, please Digg it here.

EDIT: Holy crap! As of Jan 1st at 17:30, we got over 1700 diggs in 24 hours and made it to the Digg front page!

Do Not Incinerate

Monday, December 24th, 2007

My wife is amazing. Megs made me my very own Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube for Christmas! She and Uncle John have been working on this since around Thanksgiving, and I had no idea it was coming. I’ll take and put up more pictures later this week, but I just couldn’t wait until later to share! Below are a couple of pictures I took at mom’s house.

High-angle Cube

Front view cube

Christmas Time is Here

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Christmas is less than a week out at this point, and nearly all of our holiday-related business is done. Got the Christmas cards out, the shopping done, tree decorated, plans laid, etc. Even queued up a bunch of Christmas music on my FauxPod to listen to while wrapping gifts and filling out Christmas cards.

Speaking of plans, they go something like this: sometime before Christmas Megs and I are going to drive up to Crestline to visit mom. We’ll be staying there until the 26th, when we are planning on going down to Long Beach to visit with the extended family. In the first week of January Megs’ mom is coming to visit for a few days, and on the second weekend of January dad is going to be visiting. Fairly simple this year, and minimal travel on most folks’ part.

Oh, and Megs and I are going to New Year’s Eve party on the 31st. =)

More Than Just a Pen?

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

A simple Bic Crystal ballpoint pen, medium point, black, yes, but check out the reviews at the bottom. I promise this link will be worth your while.

Also, this blog turned seven years old last weekend! Cripes! Has it really been that long? At least my life will be well-recorded in some fashion or another.

Mom’s Back

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

The headline says it all, really. Mom is back safe and sound from her adventures in the Middle East. Got in to LAX early this morning and is (I imagine) sleeping right now.

On a related note, Dad is also back from overseas. He got in to LAX a little earlier this afternoon. A little less epic, since he travels all the time. =)

List update

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Just wanted to let any interested parties know that I’ve been adding a few more things to my Christmas list in case folks were not sure what to get.

In related news, who’s going to be around L.A. New Year’s Eve? Megs and I were thinking of hosting a party for whomever is still/back in town that night.


Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Allow me to get expository here for a moment.

My industry, video games, has been taking a lot of flack lately in the media for some of its content. That the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) doesn’t do enough to protect the children from the violent games. What I’d like to point out is that all games are rated by the ESRB, much the same as movies are by the Motion Picture Association of America’s (MPAA). Here is the the ESRB’s rating list and here is the MPAA’s rating list. First off, note that the ESRB has more ratings for minors than the MPAA does. Also, the ESRB always has what content garnered the rating listed right on the game box itself (violence, language, etc.)

But all of this is almost beside the point. It really all comes down to enforcement and who’s responsibility it is to keep inappropriate games out of the hands of minors. In this, I don’t think it should be any different than any other minor-prohibited media. If the game is rated ‘M’ (rated ‘R’ in movie-speak), then don’t complain to the game industry or the government when you find it inappropriate for your 12-year-old after you buy it for him/her. Some parents might allow their children to watch certain ‘R’-rated films or play ‘M’-rated games, and that’s really up to the family to figure out for themselves. After the ESRB rates the game and makes it plain what age group it’s appropriate for, it’s really not in their hands anymore.

I think a lot of this stems from the misconception that all video games are for kids and thus any adult-themed game is bad. This is, of course, not true. The Nintendo Generation has grown up, and most of us are in our late-20’s now. Gaming can be for everyone, young and old, but not all games are for everyone. Video games are here to stay in some form or another, and much like movies, comic books, and rock music, we can’t just call them a blemish on society and make them go away.

Bottom line: read the box, talk with your kids, and use some common sense.