My Poor, Poor Car

To get right to it, someone broke into my car. It was parked at home in our complex’s “secured” parking. The perp broke my back quarter panel window, popped the lock, opened the driver-side door, grabbed my mp3 player and the face to my stereo and took off. No one saw this happen, including myself. I didn’t learn about it until Megs called me at work after she saw the damage this afternoon when she first went out to her car. Here are some pictures:

Burglary I

Burglary II

Burglary III

After reviewing the damages, I called 1) the police, 2) my apartment manager, and 3) my insurance company. None of them were of much help, which is about what I expected. I don’t carry full coverage on such an old car, so the stereo is a bust. The mp3 player should be covered under my renter’s insurance policy, though.

So yeah. Great way to start my birthday weekend. =(

2 Responses to “My Poor, Poor Car”

  1. Cindy says:

    Oh no!!! Booo to people that break into cars (especially those that potentially live in your complex!). I hope that getting your car fixed works out easily and not so expensively! Hope you had a good evening all the same with the crew.

    Cindy : )

  2. Kimi says:

    Hey, you shouldn’t be mocking people when you haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks! 😛

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