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Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

So, the powers that be were filming a commercial for our little Pirates Online game at our office today. Sort of like that ESPN ad where there’s mascots and sports stars all working in an office together. It should air during The Wonderful World of Disney on ABC weekend after this, I think. Anyways, I hung out “on set” for a bit after work today and it was neat to watch. Takes a lotta people to film just about anything, so it was real crowded. We had the guys who played Pintel and Marty (both in character) plus a monkey in our lobby, which was very strange.

Anyways, if you see any “developers” in the ad, that’s not us. Those are actors, because apparently computer programmers don’t photograph well or something. That is actually our office, though! =)

So Tired!

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Oy! So Tired! Megs and I helped Mom move a lot of her stuff to her new house yesterday, and boy are my arms (and legs) tired! Anyways, I just called mom and she’s doing good. Kinda stressin’ about the movers and the carpet guys on this Tuesday, but I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end. It’s a nice little house on a beautiful plot of land up in the mountains. It’s also about 10 degrees cooler up there, which we can really appreciate since it’s been hotter than hades does here in The Valley! Luckily, it’s supposed to become significantly cooler out in the next few days, so there’s that to look forward to as well.

Not too much going on this week. Got a couple new hires and some new interns starting at work, so I’ll be working on getting their hardware all up and running, but other than that it should be same ol’, same ol’ at the office. Megs is still on her summer break (part one) and is going to be taking care of various errands and tasks that built up over the last term. Check out her blog for more details as they unfold.

Missed it by That Much

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Weeeeell…. it looks like I may have missed a couple of days of posting, but then, so have most of my cohorts. I’ll try to keep going anyways.

Right now, Megs and I are up in Crestline helping Mom move. Again. This time to a more permanent house over near Lake Arrowhead. We’re currently filling boxes and putting them in a U-Haul. At least, that’s what everyone else is doing. I’m stalling by writing a blog entry. Soon, someone will notice what I’m up to and make me go work, but I’m in no rush. =)

Tonight Megs and I will be heading back to The Valley to hang with Matt & Anna. Sort of a celebration of the end of Megs’ spring term of law school. After all this moving of boxes, it’ll be nice to sit back with a beer and relax.

All right, gotta go. Stay strong, America!

Megs is Done with Finals

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

The headline says it all, really. So yay! Grats to Megs for completing another term!

Now, it’s time for a little Team Fortress 2! =D

Baby Me

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Here I am at a little over one year old in dad’s lap at the computer:

Me as a baby at the computer

Just to further prove that I’ve been using computers my entire life. Look how into it I am! I’m not even looking at dad or the camera. So focused on the machine…

Also, it’s a little scary how much I look like dad. Actually, I looked more like that two years ago when I was the age he is in this picture, 25. Freaky.

Another Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Today was Mother’s day, so to celebrate I went down to Long Beach to see Mom and both Grandmothers. Megs had to stay home to study for her last final (Tuesday), but Kim joined me at the Brunners’ and we had ham & cheese sandwiches. I also got a nice stack of “thank you” letters from the 3rd graders at Uncle John’s school. They seemed to enjoy my little talk on career day, so that was very nice.

Over at the Gallaghers’ we watched Food Network and had Cornish game hens for dinner. Very nice! Got out the old rotissemat thing and cooked ’em up good. Mom also gave me a photo which I will scan and post up here tomorrow, so keep on comin’ back! I’m gonna keep on posting as long as I can, even though the post-every-day-of-the-week week thing is officially over now.

Grand Day Out

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

Megs had her hardest and second-to-last final today, so we decided to spend the afternoon out and about. First we went down to Hollywood to hang out and The Grove and do a little shopping at the Nike Store, the Apple Store, and the Barnes & Noble store. Got some books, a case for my iPod and some workout shorts. There’s a really nice view from the parking garage there; you can see downtown L.A., Santa Monica, the Hollywood sign, everything. Real nice day today, too.

After The Grove, we went to Fry’s and got some DVD’s. We now have the rest of Cowboy Bebop, whereas before we only had discs 1-4. We also got Battlestar Galactica: Razor, the made-for-TV mini movie thing. Lastly we went to Target where they had Arrested Development on sale for $19.95 per season, so we got all three. Great, funny show.

In addition to being out and about, we also got to meet some of our neighbors a little better. The two young women next door to us both do hair & makeup in the film biz, and the guys down the row are part-time actors. They’re all friends now, so I’m trying to get us into their little community. Must be my RA nature coming out again. =) We’re talking about doing a open-invitation complex-wide BBQ sometime this summer.

Lastly, I made sun tea! It’s something I have to do on the weekends, because the only direct sunlight I can get hold of is out our front door in the afternoon. Tastes so good! I make two quarts at a time in the little plastic thingy I got at the grocery store. Three black tea bags go in, great tea comes out. Amazing!


Friday, May 9th, 2008

Dude, I totally got promoted at work the other day! I am no longer Chris Brunner, Production Assistant. I am now Chris Brunner, Assistant Technical Staff! This means I’ll be doing less production stuff with Excel and Outlook and more programming with Python and emacs. It’s what I enjoy doing, so it works out well for me. It’ll be a slow transition, but I’ve already been slowly transitioning for months now. I’m sort of going to be the “art asset integration guy” or some such. Artists make cool stuff in Photoshop and Maya, then I take those files and put them in our game. Good times. I’ll probably be doing general workstation IT for a while, too, but I don’t mind. It keeps me sharp for when various family members call for assistance. 😉

In other news, Mom closed escrow on her house! She has her keys and major moving day is next Saturday, May 17th, so if anyone in the area would like to help move boxes, I can probably promise pizza or something. Plus the undying gratitude of my family.

That’s all for me for now. Have a great weekend, everybody!

My Wife is Nuts

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Megs is “giddy-stupid” at the moment, or so she tells me. She’s just had her first of three finals today, so she’s a little loopy at the moment. She believes she did well on this one, so kudos to her. Her next final is on Saturday (yes, Saturday) and her last is next Tuesday. She also tells me that (the hit ABC program) Lost tonight was “epic” and I need to watch it. I was busy playing TF2, so I’ll watch it later. I have much more important news to write about on Friday, so keep that dial tuned to Radio ChrisWeb!

Net Neutrality

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

I always liked Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR). I like that he’s standing up for the basic principles of the Internet. For those who haven’t heard the term, “net neutrality” basically means that all packets on the Internet are created equal and should be delivered without thought as to who sent them or where they are going. Many Internet service providers are currently trying to make it so that sites that paid would get priority traffic — but how do you prioritize one service’s packets without de-prioritizing other sites’ packets? This is an issue that matters to me a great deal, and I’m glad someone is standing up for it.