Gone Bug Fixin’

So I’ve got a few bugs assigned to me at work, so I’m grindin’ away on ’em. Right now I’m waiting for my model tree to finish rebuilding, but after it’s done I get to try to figure out why the avatar isn’t playing the kneel emote when /kneel’ing. After that, I’ve got some random client exception that I don’t have a stack trace on to track down, and then I get to figure out why some other custom anim isn’t working. Ah, the glamorous life of a game programmer!

Last weekend I went up to mom’s place to celebrate Grandma Gallagher’s birthday. We all had a nice time and dinner/dessert was excellent! I took a few pictures, so if I get ’em posted, I’ll link ’em here.

Not much else to say. Life continues and I’m right along with it. I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier
(early to bed, early to rise, etc), but it’s hard when insomnia says “no, no, no!” If anyone has any killer tips on how to make oneself fall asleep, I’m all ears.

I leave you now with the Star Wars Galactic Empire’s strategy for all things (via Cracked):

Always Death Stars

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