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Facebook Fights My Blog

Friday, February 27th, 2009

I feel bad for neglecting good ol’ ChrisWeb here. I’ve been spending more time updating my Facebook status and doing silly memes over there, however that generally only updates the 149 Friends I have on Facebook and not the world at large. For the record, I only befriend people I know in real life on Facebook, so it’s not like I’m sharing personal information with random weirdos on the ‘net. Only the random weirdos I know personally.

In any event, not a whole lot going on with me. Megs and I have both survived the February Cold/Flu of Suffering, so we’re back to our nominally-healthy selves. Work has been good, and we just released another content update for Pirates this week. Check it out! Tell your friends!

Changing subjects, I still really love my Blackberry Curve. It’s a sweet little device and does all the things I want out of a cell phone. I know it’s no iPhone, but honestly, I think I prefer it. It has an actual physical keyboard and it’s still smaller. I don’t need to play silly iPhone games, even if it does “have an app for that”. In case folks didn’t know, there are apps for the Blackberry too! My favorites are Google Maps (with GPS!) and Facebook. Man, I’m such a Facebook fiend these days!

Oh! And the other day I bought The Secret of Mana on the Wii Virtual Console. I forgot how great this game is! It was also really ambitious for its time, 1993. Sure, the AI and pathing are crude now, and sprite-based orthographic games are certainly not in vogue as much as they were 16 years ago, but at the time it was pretty damn advanced! Having worked in the video games industry for almost five years now, I can appreciate how much work this was, especially since it was all done in 65816 assembly code! ASSEMBLY!!! This was basically a supped-up 8 or 16-bit version of the good ol’ 6502 that the original Nintendo ran on. Hardcore.

Lastly, what is more awesome than a unicorn puking a rainbow? If it’s needlepoint:

Unicorn Rainbow

Unicorn Rainbow